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Chapter 742: Know

Just as Chu Liuyue and Shangguan Wan engaged in an intense battle, the crowd that was left behind was anxious.

Yang Qiners sudden self-destruction exceeded everyones imagination.

When they recovered their senses, Chu Liuyues figure had already disappeared without a trace.

In that space, only the violent aftereffects were left after the destruction.

Lei Laosi stared at the empty space as his chest heaved up and down violently with regret and anger. Your Highness was right in front of me, yet I couldnt protect her well! I just watched on as she was dragged into that empty space! We werent by Her Highnesss side two years ago, so we let those people take advantage of the situation.


The blood within Lei Laosi circulated as he raised his hand and wanted to slap himself.

“Four.” Qin Yi—who was standing beside him—suddenly spoke up.

The hand that Lei Laosi just raised stopped in midair, and he looked up to see his own big brother looking at him.

The latters eyes were calm with a tinge of warning. If we overreact now, well definitely be discovered! Jiang Yucheng, Mu Qinghe, and the rest are still behind!

Qin Yis silent warning made Lei Laosi recover his senses as he clenched his teeth and put his hand back down.

However, he clenched his fists so tightly that the veins on his forehead popped out.

“What happened just now” Jiang Yucheng quickly walked over, and his expression was stern.

Qin Yi turned around, looking calm.

“Yang Qiner self-destructed and tore open the space, which allowed the mastermind to drag Chu Liuyue away forcefully.”

Jiang Yucheng knitted his brows tightly.

“Does this mean that Yang Qiner indeed has a problem Then, who is the mastermind”

Qin Yi shook his head and looked at Song Qingnian.

Song Qingnian instantly felt like he was burned by fire.

“Why are you looking at me! What does this gaze mean!”

“Yang Qiner is from the Purple Xiao Sword Sect, and shes very close to you, Song Qingnian.

Now that this has happened to her… Is there nothing you want to say” Qin Yis tone was light, but every word and phrase was extremely sharp as they directly raised Song Qingnians suspiciousness to the highest level!

Everyone in the surroundings looked over doubtfully. Thats right! Everyone saw Song Qingnian protecting Yang Qiner clearly! If Yang Qiner is problematic, how would he not know at all

Song Qingnian angrily said, “What can I say I dont know anything!”

He originally still wanted to defend Yang Qiner, but after seeing the current situation, whatever he said would be futile.

Yang Qiner already chose to self-destruct! If thats not being guilty, then what is In addition to her weird wound previously… Even Song Qingnian knew clearly that Yang Qiner mustve been hiding something! Shes already dead.

The most important thing now is to clear myself of suspicion!

“Oh You were so close to her, so do you really not know what she said and did” asked Qin Yi in retaliation.

“I really dont know! Even if you ask me a hundred times, I still dont know!” Song Qingnian was stumped. How long has Yang Qiner been in the Purple Xiao Sword Sect I only became closer to her because shes pretty, and I got tempted.

Who wouldve expected that this would happen

“Qingnian, I believe this has nothing to do with you, but any clues are important now.

If you know anything about her being amiss, just say it.” Jiang Yucheng was the one who said this.

Song Qingnian looked at him in disbelief. This means… Jiang Yucheng clearly suspects me!

He was about to retort when he saw Jiang Yuchengs serious expression as if he cared about this incident a lot.

No, he clearly cares about Chu Liuyue! Song Qingnian understood Jiang Yucheng quite a bit.

Seeing the latters reaction, he could basically guess what his friend was thinking and couldnt help but be shocked.

At the side, Mu Qinghe silently glanced at Jiang Yucheng again. Jiang Yucheng seems gentle and well-mannered, but hes actually cold-blooded and cunning—he only cares about himself.

Shangguan Wan has been missing for so long, but he was never this anxious.

Chu Liuyue has just disappeared, and he already cant stand still…

Mu Qinghe looked down and suppressed his inner guess. Im afraid Jiang Yucheng didnt even notice this himself, right

“…I really dont know anything! If I did, why would I spend so much effort to save her just now and even speak up for her!” Song Qingnian defended himself.

Nobody could see through Jiang Yuchengs expression, and his eyes looked deep and vast. It seems like I really cant find out anything from Song Qingnian.

He looked at Qin Yi again.

“Young Master Qin, do you have a way to find out where she is now”

Once he said this, footsteps could be heard from behind.

“I know where she is.” A youngsters cold and nonchalant voice came over.

The surroundings fell into deep silence.

Qin Yi looked at the golden-haired youngster in front of him.

The latters expression was cold, and his lips were pressed against each other tightly, with only stubbornness in his eyes.

Qin Yi squinted.

Qiang Wanzhou continued, “Ill bring you to save her.”

Qin Yi seemed like he was about to smile.

“Why me”

“Because youre the strongest, and you can help her.” Qiang Wanzhou stared at him with determination.

He didnt say the remaining half of the sentence: Its also because… Chu Liuyue trusts Qin Yi!

He could clearly tell that Chu Liuyue trusted Qin Yi and Lei Laosi very much.

Though he didnt know why, he believed in her.

Qin Yi paused and nodded.


Jiang Yucheng immediately asked, “Then, where exactly is she”

The moment he asked that, Jiang Yucheng realized that he was too anxious.

His expression moved, and he added, “If we all find her together, we have a higher chance of success.”

Mu Hongyu and Ye Ranran had already walked over as if they wanted to go together.

Qiang Wanzhou glanced at Jiang Yucheng, and then his gaze slowly swept past the crowd as he said, “Shes quite far away from here.

If too many people go, it will slow us down.”

Jiang Yucheng looked embarrassed.

Mu Hongyu and Ye Ranran wanted to go too, but they hesitated when they heard this.

“You can go first then! Its more important to save Liuyue! You dont have to care about us!” Even though Mu Hongyu was filled with worry, she still said that.

She had a Faint Yuan Body and could teleport instantly, so it would be more convenient for her than the rest.

However, she didnt dare to confirm if she was capable enough.

If she became everyones burden, it would be bad.

Ye Ranran nodded seriously as well.

“Big Brother Qin, you can go ahead first!”

Since they already said that, the others couldnt say anything either.

Qin Yi raised his hand and gently slid it across, tearing a space in the air.

Then, he entered.

Qiang Wanzhou followed closely.

Lei Laosi was about to follow them when Qin Yi glanced at him and gently shook his head.

“Protect them well.”

Then, the duos figures completely disappeared.

Jiang Yucheng furrowed his brows tightly and fell into deep thought. If Chu Liuyue was really brought away by Shangguan Wan just now… I actually know where they are!

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