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Chapter 747: Shes Better off Dead!

Shangguan Wans hands began reaching for Chu Liuyues slender neck as if she could end the latters life with just a light twist of her neck.

Being shrouded by the terrifying aura, Chu Liuyue couldnt move at all.

A murderous look streaked across Tuan Zis eyes as it charged toward Shangguan Wan right away.

With just an expressionless look from Shangguan Wan, the gigantic net that Tuan Zi had broken free from earlier appeared right in front of it once more.

It was much trickier to deal with this time as it had been repaired and was much more closely knitted than before.

As Tuan Zi slowed down, the distance between Chu Liuyue and Shangguan Wan quickly narrowed.

Shangguan Wans exquisitely trimmed nails were just inches away from scraping Chu Liuyues skin when a rich force suddenly burst out from the latters body.

The Third Princesss indifferent expression finally cracked to reveal a hint of shock.

While she retreated to the back, her eyes remained fixed on Chu Liuyue.

“That explains your arrogance… Its because you still had a trick up your sleeve!”

She released the aura of a ninth-stage warrior earlier! To think that she has such power hidden within her! Although Shangguan Wans voice sounded the same, the way she talked was different as if it were another person speaking.

Without Shangguan Wans control and suppression, Chu Liuyue fell to the ground.

When her feet landed on solid ground, she heaved a sigh of relief and said in gratitude, “Thank you, Ancestor!”

She hadnt expected to receive her ancestors help just now.

Although Shangguan Jing didnt respond to her, he shielded her firmly.

As Shangguan Wan cast Chu Liuyue a suspicious glance, the latter looked forward and met her eyes.

Both parties fell into a quiet stalemate for a moment, and the atmosphere was so tense that it was stifling.

On the surface, this might seem like a duel between Shangguan Wan and Chu Liuyue, but that wasnt the case in reality.

All of a sudden, there was a ripple in the air.

I cant let anyone see this! Shangguan Wan immediately turned her head in shock, but she heard a soft crack as she did so. It sounds like something has cracked…

She looked down to find a crack in the middle of the stone platform.

Chu Liuyue saw it too, but she had already known about the cracks existence.

The only difference to the crack was that it was slowly growing bigger and wider.

An ominous feeling loomed over her, and she quickly summoned Tuan Zi back.

The moment she placed a hand on Tuan Zis neck, she saw a dark-green light shooting out from that crack.

The entire stone platform then began crumbling, and the roots above her began falling toward them.

Just as she jumped on Tuan Zis back, the stone platform completely collapsed, and the whole place was illuminated by the dark-green light.

A terrifying suction force then came from below.

Shangguan Wan fell into the hole.

Seeing that she was about to be swallowed by the hole, she quickly grabbed a tree root, flung it toward Chu Liuyue, and entangled it around her foot.

Chu Liuyue tried to block the attack, but she realized that neither she nor the ancestor could exert their force.

In her momentary distraction, Shangguan Wan gave the root a fierce tug.

Everything happened too quickly.

Before Chu Liuyue could even react, she was pulled toward the hole where Shangguan Wan was.

She aimed a kick at Shangguan Wan, whose face was kicked to one side, and several of her teeth fell out.

In her panic, the Third Princess had only managed to put on the pure gold armor and had forgotten about the helmet.

That said, it didnt take long before she realized that she could easily take Chu Liuyue down as long as she didnt get hurt in the head.

Both parties couldnt use their force and thus could only rely on physical combat.

Shangguan Wan fiercely grabbed Chu Liuyues ankle and pulled it, making the latter fall off from Tuan Zi.

Tuan Zi flapped its wings as it scratched Shangguan Wans face with its sharp claws out of fury.

The scratches it left on her face were shockingly deep, and her facial bones could practically be seen.

Shangguan Wan shrieked in pain and was thinking of a way to launch a counterattack when Tuan Zi speedily flew toward Chu Liuyue.

Saving master is more important! Ill definitely make Shangguan Wan pay it back the next time I see her! Tuan Zi thus followed Chu Liuyue and disappeared into the dark-green light.

Shangguan Wan clung to the tree root tightly out of fear that she might accidentally drop down into the hole where god knew what was awaiting below.

There was a ripple in the air right at that moment, and two figures—Qin Yi and Qiang Wanzhou—walked out from it one after another.

The black runes on Shangguan Wans face suddenly disappeared.

The dazed look on her face faded and was replaced with the angry and hateful expression she had earlier.

A shudder ran through her. Was I controlled by that person just now

“Shes right he—” Qiang Wanzhous words were abruptly cut off when he saw the scene in front of him.

He was visibly shocked.

Qin Yi reacted faster than him.

He realized that something was wrong as soon as he saw the collapsed platform and the dark-green light.

He rushed over at once, only to see Shangguan Wan struggling to climb back up.

There wasnt anyone else around.

Chu Liuyue isnt here! Qin Yi looked down at the abyss below, but he couldnt see anything apart from that blinding light.

Just standing at the edge alone made him feel that he was about to be swallowed by that hole.

“Where is she!” Qiang Wanzhou demanded, his eyes fixed on Shangguan Wan as he walked over.

Shangguan Wan recognized them.

Despite the fear in her heart, she stubbornly said, “You came just in time.

Come pull me up!”

Qiang Wanzhous voice got frostier.

“I ask you: Where is she!”

“What—or rather, who are you talking about Im the only person here! Quick, come help me!” Shangguan Wan feigned ignorance. I wont be able to get out of here on my own.

I need someone to pull me up.

I can sense it! This place has Chu Liuyues aura—she mustve been here before! Shangguan Wan looks like shes just been through a tough fight! A murderous look surfaced on Qiang Wanzhous face.


He drew his sword all of a sudden, and a peacock-blue flame appeared.

Grabbing the Cloud-Sky Copper Sword tightly in his hand, he swung the sword toward the root Shangguan Wan was grabbing. Since she refuses to tell the truth, then shes better off dead!

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