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Chapter 748: Came for Who

A harsh sword light flashed across.

Shangguan Wans heart harshly skipped a beat as she watched the Cloud-Sky Copper Sword directly slash the tree root.

But just as the sword was about to touch it, Qin Yi suddenly pressed Qiang Wanzhous wrist.

His action was light as if he just patted the latter, but Qiang Wanzhous actions suddenly stopped.

Rage overwhelmed Qiang Wanzhous pretty face as he held the sword hilt tightly, strengthened his force again, and tried to retaliate.

But Qin Yi was too overwhelmingly strong—he silently restrained Qiang Wanzhou completely.

He just placed his hand there, yet the latter couldnt even move.

Realizing that he really wasnt Qin Yis match, Qiang Wanzhou looked up angrily. I dont believe Qin Yi cant tell whats going on here! Why is he stopping me Even if Shangguan Wan dies a million times, it wont be enough!

However, Qin Yis expression had already calmed down, and a bottomless pit was found in his narrow eyes.

“We havent made this matter clear yet.

Dont randomly jump to conclusions.”

Then, he looked at Shangguan Wan gently.

“Well save you first.”

Shangguan Wan was elated and kept nodding.

Then, Qin Yi really waved his sleeves and flung out a rope that wound around Shangguan Wans waist.

He gently lifted his wrist, and Shangguan Wan was pulled up.

After leaving the area wrapped in dark-green light, Shangguan Wan instantly felt like she had crawled out of hell.

She turned around to look back with lingering fear, and her entire body was drenched in cold sweat. If I didnt grab the root just now and was slightly careless… I wouldve been the one who dropped down!

At this time, another wave of ripple could coincidentally be felt from the air.

A figure then came out from inside.

Shangguan Wan turned around and was instantly shocked. Its actually Jiang Yucheng!

“Yucheng!” Shangguan Wan gasped as she hurriedly rushed over and jumped into his arms.

“Yucheng, you finally came!”

Jiang Yucheng didnt notice it and was surprised by the hug as he instinctively held Shangguan Wans waist.

“…I was so scared just now! I almost died! Yucheng, did you specifically come to look for me” Shangguan Wan lay in his arms and cried. Jiang Yucheng knew my position.

Since he appeared, he mustve come for me.

After experiencing all the previous incidents, the emotions suppressed in her chest were finally unleashed when she saw Jiang Yucheng, exploding out of her body.

Horror, fear, panic… In such a short amount of time, she had been through a few life and death scenarios, and she had been on her tippy-toes.

She could finally relax now.

The clothes in front of Jiang Yuchengs chest were swiftly drenched by Shangguan Wans tears as the latter held him tightly.

Her body was still trembling slightly, clearly petrified.

Even Jiang Yucheng rarely saw her in such a state, and he softly comforted her as he gently patted her shoulders.

“Its fine.

Am I not here Dont worry…”

Qiang Wanzhou saw Jiang Yucheng—who suddenly appeared—and pressed his lips against each other tightly before glancing at Qin Yi. So he had already detected someone coming… And that person is even Jiang Yucheng! Its not hard to imagine what the consequences would be if Jiang Yucheng came and saw me killing Shangguan Wan.

But even if so… What about Chu Liuyue

Qiang Wanzhou looked at the deep gully and held the Cloud-Sky Copper Sword in his hands tightly.

Jiang Yucheng hugged Shangguan Wan and comforted her, but his gaze swept around as if he were searching for someone.

A tinge of undetectable worry could be seen in his eyes.

Qin Yi saw it clearly and couldnt help but secretly laugh as mockery flashed across his eyes.

He then lightly said, “Eldest Young Master Jiang, you came here really quickly.

We just arrived, and youve already chased up to us.”

Jiang Yucheng froze.

His cultivation level wasnt as good as Qin Yi, and he was even injured.

Logically speaking, it was impossible for him to be so fast.

The key was that he wasnt with the two of them, yet he arrived at this place.

Without a proper reason, it wouldnt make sense.

“Not long after you left, I received Waners cry for help.

Hence, I rushed to this place,” explained Jiang Yucheng briefly.

He didnt intend to continue quibbling with the duo.

No matter if they believed it or not, they didnt have the right to question him.

He and Shangguan Wan were engaged after all, and they had distinguished statuses.

Thus, it was only natural to have trump cards.

He then said as if in a self-reproaching and heartbroken manner, “Waner, why did you send the news so late We almost went crazy from looking for you!”

Shangguan Wan knew what she should do at this point, and besides, she also wanted to hide some things.

She didnt speak, but she hugged Jiang Yucheng tighter and sniffed.

Qin Yi looked at the duo nonchalantly as if he had no intentions of asking further.

“I see.”

Jiang Yucheng secretly heaved a sigh of relief, scanned the surroundings in detail, and asked, “Waner, youre… the only one here”

Shangguan Wan lay in his arms, and the crowd couldnt see her expression.

“…Mm.” Shangguan Wan nodded hesitantly, and she sounded upset.

Does this mean that… Shes already gotten rid of Chu Liuyue Jiang Yucheng was stunned, and his heart felt empty and even..

a little pained.

It was as if someone took needles and pricked his heart one by one, causing a close and continuous pain.

Actually, he had been very conflicted.

On the one hand, Chu Liuyue most likely had already guessed what Shangguan Wan was doing.

Considering all aspects, they should get rid of her.

If not, there would be many problems.

But on the other hand, he felt very uneasy and worried.

He felt upset once he thought of Shangguan Wan killing Chu Liuyue.

He originally didnt plan to come here, but he was already here when he recovered his senses.

It was as if he was possessed for some reason.

Jiang Yucheng didnt dare to overthink, but there was suddenly a pandoras box in his heart.

Once he opened it, everything would be destroyed!

Shangguan Wan naturally didnt know any of this.

She thought that Jiang Yucheng came because he was genuinely worried for her.

After all, he knew the reason why she came to Dahuang Swamp.

Thinking of this, Shangguan Wan secretly felt hatred. I havent healed the last bit of my Yuan meridian! If it werent for Chu Liuyue—

Jiang Yucheng looked down. Judging from this messy scene, there mustve been a great battle here earlier.

He slightly knitted his brows. This is weird.

It shouldve been very easy for Shangguan Wan to kill Chu Liuyue, so why did it cause such a big commotion Is it because of that red-tailed phoenix

“Since youre already here, Eldest Young Master Jiang, you can leave with the Third Princess first,” said Qin Yi.

“Ill go down and see what exactly this is.”

Jiang Yucheng followed his vision and immediately understood what Qin Yi meant. Hes actually thinking of jumping down into that deep gully glowing with a strange dark-green light


“What do you want to do” asked Shangguan Wan rather agitatedly as she suddenly raised her head. Since Ive killed Chu Liuyue, I definitely wont allow anyone to save her!

Jiang Yucheng patted her shoulders and convinced gently and patiently, “Waner, Young Master Qin just wants to—”

Jiang Yuchengs voice suddenly stopped, and he suddenly pushed Shangguan Wan away as if he saw a ghost.

The face that could be considered cute and adorable in the past was actually bloody and badly mangled.

It was as terrifying as a ferocious ghost!

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