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Chapter 749: Shes already Dead

Shangguan Wan was suddenly pushed away by Jiang Yucheng like that.

Due to this, her expression changed, and her blood boiled.

Just as she was about to speak, she coincidentally met with Jiang Yuchengs gaze—shock, sudden, surprise… And even though he hid it quite well, there was still an apparent sense of disgust!

Shangguan Wan was suddenly stunned before she realized that her face had been scratched by the phoenix before. Is Jiang Yucheng… hating on my face!

She felt her entire body turn ice-cold, and all her blood rushed up to her head as indescribable anger burst in her heart.

Jiang Yucheng saw her expression change and realized that his earlier push was inappropriate.

Thus, he hurriedly took a step forward.

“Waner, how did your face… get injured!” He asked her sincerely, and he looked anxious as if he was very worried.

However, his face of disgust was already deeply imprinted into Shangguan Wans brain.

There was no woman in this world that didnt care about their looks, especially a princess that was born in the royal family like Shangguan Wan.

She would place more emphasis on her appearance.

From her hair to her toes, everything was intricate.

From her hairpin to her shoes, everything was perfect.

Her status was distinguished, and she was always in the spotlight.

Due to this, she had to pay extra attention to her every move and word, let alone her face.

With a disfigured face, Ill become a laughingstock when I go out!

Shangguan Wan had always been hovering over the edge of life and death and finally survived with much difficulty, so she didnt even have time to care about her face.

Now, Jiang Yuchengs reaction finally made her recall this incident, and it impacted her greatly!

Shangguan Wan sneered.

“You didnt ask me if it hurt, but you asked how the wound came about first”

Jiang Yucheng scolded himself for carrying out the wrong plan. Normally, I definitely wouldnt make such a low-level mistake, but I wasnt on-guard just now, and most of my thoughts werent on Shangguan Wan.

Due to this, I was more direct, which resulted in this situation.

He understood Shangguan Wan too well. Shes probably going to hold a grudge against me for a very long time.

Jiang Yucheng instantly felt his head ache.

He had already gone through too much previously, and he also forcefully maintained his body, so he didnt have any extra energy to deal with Shangguan Wan.

“Waner, I dont mean anything else.

Im just too worried about you…”

Shangguan Wan sneered and had a mocking expression.

Her gaze stumped Jiang Yucheng, and he was too lazy to say his remaining explanation and comforting words.

It was still okay in the past as Shangguan Wan was mostly gentle and considerate.

This was also an important reason why he liked her in the first place.

Even though he also knew that Shangguan Wan wasnt as innocent and harmless as she appeared to be, he didnt mind it.

With such a background, it was normal to be manipulative and cunning.

But these two years, she became even sharper and more sensitive.

She regularly held onto something for a long time and would cause a huge commotion over it.

Jiang Yucheng was exhausted long ago, and his patience diminished day by day.

He sighed deeply in his heart and tried hard to suppress his frustration as he tried to convince her.

“Waner, all these are superficial injuries.

They will naturally get better when we go back and use some cream on it.

Yuzhi also injured her face by accident in the past, and she recovered in no time.

Nobody can tell!”

Shangguan Wan was nonchalant and listened to his words as if she was listening to a joke. Of course, I know that the scar on my face can heal.

But Jiang Yuchengs previous push… I will never forget it!

Qin Yi was too lazy to care about them, and he walked straight over.

Qiang Wanzhou immediately followed, and Qin Yi glanced at him.

“Just stay there.”

Even I find it dangerous.

If Qiang Wanzhou comes, wont he just be seeking death

Qiang Wanzhou moved his feet and was conflicted for a while, but he still listened to Qin Yi in the end—he knew his limits. If Qin Yi goes over, he might be able to bring Chu Liuyue back.

But if I go, I will likely become a burden only.

Shangguan Wan glanced from the corner of her eyes and saw that Qin Yi had walked to the edge.

She immediately said, “You cant go down!”

Qin Yi seemed like he didnt hear it.

Shangguan Wan anxiously said, “Dangerous—its very dangerous down there! If you go, youll just be courting death!”

Jiang Yucheng also looked over and furrowed his brows. It seems like Chu Liuyue shouldve dropped down… That aura is extremely dangerous, and Chu Liuyue shouldve gone down for quite some time.

Im afraid—

Hong! Long! Long!

A loud sound suddenly came from the deep gully!

Qin Yis expression changed!

The dark-green light glowed, and strong waves flowed out from within!

The surrounding black soil started moving crazily.

Qin Yi wanted to rush in directly, but he was blocked outside by the maniacal force.

At that moment, the skies spun, and the ground shook.

The few peoples figures immediately disappeared from the spot.

At the same time, the same scenario happened below the entire Mystic Forest.


The sound of something heavy landing on the ground was heard.

After that, the noises kept coming.

Then, there were all sorts of painful moans.

These moans made Qin Yi widen his eyes suddenly.

Abruptly coming outside from the dark underground caused the bright light to prick his eyes, but he still endured the pain and rapidly scanned his surroundings.

Its still the Mystic Forest.

From the surrounding messily broken tree, we shouldnt be far from that position. He looked up, and as expected, he saw that mother tree in the distance.

Qiang Wanzhou was behind him on his right and didnt seem to be severely injured.

Jiang Yucheng and Shangguan Wan were in front of him—the two of them were quite a distance apart.

Looking around further, the surroundings were all people.

The majority of them were Black Guards, and some were disciples.

Qin Yi knitted his brows. It seems like everyone was chased out… Whose force was it just now Its actually so powerful Even I couldnt completely block it!

“Big Brother!” This was Lei Laosis voice.

Qin Yi turned around and indeed saw Lei Laosi rushing toward him.

When he reached Qin Yi, Lei Laosi anxiously asked, “Big Brother, Her—”

Qin Yi interrupted him.

“The Third Princess is fine.”

Lei Laosi hurriedly kept quiet, but his eyes were filled with anxiety and worry.

“W-wheres Chu Liuyue”

For some reason, everyone was chased out by a strong force just now.

Lei Laosi then saw his big brother at first glance and came over excitedly, but he discovered that Chu Liuyue wasnt around. Shangguan Wan was found, and Jiang Yucheng is here.

Why is Her Highness missing

Qin Yis expression became light.

“I havent found her.”

“Havent found her How can this—” Lei Laosi suddenly thought of something, and his voice trailed off as shock flashed across his eyes.

He then rapidly scanned his surroundings again, and his gaze meticulously swept past everyones face. No, no.

No, No.

Still no!

Her Highness really isnt here!

He didnt give up and walked to another side.

At this point, Shangguan Wans voice sounded out in a deadly manner.

“Everyone should already be out now.

For those that arent, could it be that theyre already—”

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