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Chapter 750: The Pure Gold Armors Owner!

Shangguan Wan didnt finish her sentence because Lei Laosi looked over.

The latter didnt spurt out vulgarities this time and simply glanced at Shangguan Wan, but that look was extremely cold.

Lei Laosi was originally already very capable.

Coupled with this sinister and harsh stare, it was even more powerful.

Shangguan Wan unwittingly felt a chill run down her spine and was horrified as she unwittingly swallowed her remaining words.

However, she already clenched her fists tightly in her sleeves.

She looked down and hid the anger in her eyes. After I leave this place, Ill definitely find a chance to get rid of this Lei Laosi! I still remember Lei Laosi fighting with me! Ill consider both the old and new grudges together!

Lei Laosi sneered, and his expression was formidable and terrifying.

He could clearly see through Shangguan Wans thoughts.

If it werent because Im anxious to find Her Highness, I definitely wouldnt let her off so easily. Lei Laosi retracted his gaze and walked forward with large strides.

This time, Qin Yi didnt stop him.

Lei Laosi searched around carefully.

Even though he remembered Chu Liuyues figure, he still seriously searched every face every time he passed by an area.

Some had their backs facing him, and others were lying on the ground.

He walked over and patiently searched one by one.

After confirming that it wasnt her, he continued moving forward.

Shangguan Wan watched Lei Laosis back view and furrowed her brows tightly.

She then turned around and saw Mu Qinghe.

“Lieutenant Mu.”

Mu Qinghe walked over.

Elder Qiuxi also came over together, rushing over and hurriedly catching up.

When he walked in front of Mu Qinghe, he yelled emotionally, “Your Highness, I finally found you! You dont know how worried we were during this period!”

Mu Qinghe glanced at him and didnt say much as he bowed toward Shangguan Wan and Jiang Yucheng respectively.

“Your Highness, Eldest Young Master.”

Elder Qiuxi used his sleeves to wipe his tears.

“Your Highness, we can rest assured now that we see that youre safe… At least we didnt find you for nothing!”

Shangguan Wan was finally attracted by his words.

She knitted her brows and had a face of confusion.

“Elder Qiuxi, what do you mean You… were looking for me the whole time earlier”

Elder Qiuxi immediately reported whatever happened before.

Of course, he especially pointed out his worry for Shangguan Wan, and he emphasized that the crowd finally decided to look for her because he urged them.

As these people werent bound by the roots when they came down the second time, Shangguan Wan didnt know about this matter clearly.

“I see… It mustve been really hard on you…” said Shangguan Wan as she clenched her teeth and enunciated every word clearly. If these people didnt come down, Chu Liuyue wouldnt have wrecked my plans!

Just as Elder Qiuxi was talking exaggeratedly, he suddenly realized that Shangguan Wan seemed amiss, so he hurriedly kept quiet.

Then, his gaze quickly scanned past Shangguan Wans face. I wonder what exactly she experienced to end up like this…

Even though Elder Qiuxis gaze was super light and his action was extremely minor, Shangguan Wan still noticed it.

She felt even more hatred, but she couldnt act up in front of so many people.

She hurriedly took out her handkerchief and covered her face.

Even though she only revealed her forehead and eyes, one could still see her stunning scar.

However, it still looked much better compared to her rotten face.

She looked at Mu Qinghe.

“Lieutenant Mu, Lei Laosi and Chu Liuyue… seem to be pretty close to each other.

Do you know why”

Mu Qinghe shook his head and said hesitantly, “Lei Laosis group of two have always been here guarding the Nine-Colored Heavenly Pheasant.

Now that the Nine-Colored Heavenly Pheasant has broken through to become a red-tailed phoenix, it made an agreement with Chu Liuyue.

It should… have something to do with this, I guess.”

It was fine if the red-tailed phoenix wasnt mentioned, but Shangguan Wans blood boiled once it did. The legendary fiend that originally belonged to me disappeared, and it even scratched my face! Now that Chu Liuyue is dead, that legendary fiend definitely cant live either!

“This place is very dangerous.

We need to leave as soon as possible,” said Jiang Yucheng with a low voice when he walked over.

Shangguan Wan wanted to argue with him, but she saw Jiang Yucheng looking at an area with a stern expression.

She unwittingly followed his gaze and gasped—she saw the mother tree rotting at an observable speed.

The wind blew over, and countless leaves turned wilted yellow from lush green before they floated down.

The more terrifying thing was that after the leaves dropped to the ground, they silently turned into puddles of blood.

Very quickly, pools of blood gathered on the ground and started spreading toward the surroundings at a terrifying speed.

Everywhere they went past, everything silently decayed.

This gory scene made everyones mouth agape and eyes widen.

The crowd hurriedly got up and kept moving backward.

“We cant stay here anymore!”

“Lets go! Lets go!”

The crowd was in a mess, and some people seemed to be doing something faintly.

“Liuyue! Where are you, Liuyue!” Mu Hongyu, Ye Ranran, and the rest were looking for Chu Liuyue.

Many Black Guards were also looking for Chu Liuyues whereabouts.




Chu—you guys, look over here.

Well go over there!”


Almost half of the crowd was looking for Chu Liuyue!

Shangguan Wan was stunned by this scene. Wh-whats going on When I wasnt around, what exactly happened

Just as she was about to ask, she suddenly heard the noise of something cracking.

She lowered her head to look and saw an opening in the pure gold armor.

Shangguan Wan widened her eyes in shock.

Then, the crack started expanding rapidly.


The pure gold armor suddenly dissipated and became powder!

At the same time, Chu Liuyue kept falling down in the deep gully.

The surrounding light disappeared, and everything was a blur in front of her.

She couldnt see anything.

A figure chased over in the blurriness—it was Tuan Zi!

Tuan Zi flew to Chu Liuyue and supported her body as its wings vibrated.

It wanted to bring Chu Liuyue away, but there seemed to be an invisible suction force dragging them down!

The violent turbulence rushed everywhere! The lower they went, the scarier it was!

Countless tiny wounds instantly formed on Chu Liuyues body, but at this point, her body was suddenly covered in a faint layer of gold.

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