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Chapter 755: Explanation

This sentence was cold and hard like a sharp prick that directly broke the dead silence.

Shangguan Wan looked in the direction of the voice and furrowed her sharp brows.

The one speaking was a Black Guard wearing armor.

His face and body had bloodstains as he closely stared at her with a gaze as cold and sinister as a knife.

He was overwhelmed with anger.

Shangguan Wans face instantly turned cold.

“Who are you How dare you question me”

Who gave a mere Black Guard the guts to dare talk to me in such a manner and tone! Even the officers in the imperial court dont dare to talk to me like that!

That soldier braved himself and continued, “I am the Black Guards military officer—Tian Zhuangzhuang! Im not questioning you, Your Highness.

Im just asking! The pure gold armor was the Princesss defensive armor when she was alive, and it never broke after so many battles! Now that youre using it, it was directly damaged even though you didnt go to battle at all! Third Princess, dont you plan on explaining it”

Shangguan Wan was so angry that she laughed. Princess Shangguan Yue is more dead than she could ever be.

Now, the entire Tianling Dynasty is under my control! I could even kill a Shangguan Yue, so whats the big deal of using her armor Let alone a small Black Guard military officer, nobody in the entire Tianling Dynasty has the right to question me like this!

“Its just a set of armor.

Why should I give you an explanation” She stared at Tian Zhuangzhuang deeply and lightly said to Mu Qinghe, “Lieutenant Mu, this is the soldier you brought up Isnt he too rude”

I dont even need to use my own hands personally to deal with such an ignorant person.

With just one sentence, Mu Qinghe has to teach him a lesson!

However, the scene she expected didnt happen.

Mu Qinghe was expressionless, but his chin was tense as if it were covered with a layer of frost.

“This is indeed what the Princess had greatly treasured when she was alive.

Third Princess, you might not know, but… This pure gold armor has a special meaning to the Black Guard.

Now that its broken, we still hope that you can give everyone an explanation, even though we know that you didnt do it on purpose.”

“Mu Qinghe! What do you mean!” Shangguan Wan was shocked. Is he asking me to give an explanation or an apology Just for the pure gold armor

Mu Qinghe met her gaze directly, and his eyes were filled with persistence and determination.

He clearly wasnt planning on letting this go!

Shangguan Wan was so angry that her body trembled. The pure gold armor suddenly broke, and even I dont know whats going on! I dont even have time to feel pity for myself, yet I have to give all these people an explanation What a joke!

She angrily looked at Jiang Yucheng. Mu Qinghe is his person!

However, Jiang Yucheng seemed to be dazed as he was thinking of something.

Shangguan Wan called him twice before he recovered his senses, but there was still a sense of loss, dazedness, and worry in his eyes.

Shangguan Wan rarely saw him in such a manner and felt vaguely uneasy. However, the most important thing now is the pure gold armor!

After Jiang Yucheng reacted, he knitted his brows and glanced at Shangguan Wan. The pure gold armor is a very formidable treasure.

It has always been fine, but why did it suddenly break when Shangguan Wan wore it

Shangguan Wan became furious because of his gaze.

But considering that there were quite a few people watching them, she could only suppress her anger.

Jiang Yucheng also considered this point and didnt say anything openly as he said to Mu Qinghe, “The Third Princess had just experienced life and death, and she hasnt calmed down yet.

Even though the pure gold armor is important, its not more important than her.

You are Black Guards, so you know very clearly what your most important mission is! Dont forget your identity!”

This sentence was definitely quite heavy.

If it were in the past, Mu Qinghe definitely wouldnt continue saying anything.

But this time was different.

Mu Qinghes expression changed, and he calmly said, “Eldest Young Master, its precisely because were all Black Guards that were very persistent on this issue.

Even if I dont ask, they will do it until they get a reasonable explanation.”

Jiang Yucheng knitted his brows and looked at the surrounding Black Guards.

As expected, those soldiers had already surrounded them and looked over.

They all looked very stubborn, and it was exactly the same as Tian Zhuangzhuang, who had first questioned Shangguan Wan.

It was as if they wouldnt leave if Shangguan Wan didnt explain!

The situation was tense.

Dead silence.

At this point, Shangguan Wan finally realized that something was amiss as panic flashed across her eyes.

“What are you planning to do! Do you want to rebel!”

Mu Qinghe said, “Third Princess, youre being too serious.

They just want an explanation from you.”

Explanation What explanation! Shangguan Wan had never felt so aggrieved ever since she took power. Previously, these people clearly listened to my every word, yet they actually turned on me just because I damaged a pure gold armor! How dare they!

Qin Yi saw this scene from afar, and his lips curled up into a cold smile. Shangguan Wan—who has always been living preciously in Xi Ling City—doesnt understand that military power is always independent of imperial power.

When Her Highness was fighting with her life, how many Black Guards did she save Military power belonged to Mu Qinghe on the surface, but in actual fact, it was Her Highnesss! Its fine if they dont bring it up usually, but Shangguan Wan has now ruined the pure gold armor, which unquestionably stepped on many peoples bottom lines! They naturally wont let her off easily!

Shangguan Wan clenched her fists tightly and almost crushed her silver tooth! Shangguan Yue is dead, yet I still have to be restricted by her!

She angrily said, “Its just a stupid piece of metal.

If its gone, its gone! Whats there to explain!”

Once she said this, murderous intent rose from the surroundings.

“Third Princess, please watch your words!”

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