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Chapter 756: Injury and Death

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This sentence came from Mu Qinghes mouth.

Shangguan Wan dazedly stared at him.

Does Mu Qinghe know who he is talking to

But the next moment, she felt that the surrounding atmosphere had somehow become different.

She surveyed her surroundings and saw that those Black Guards were currently looking at her with furious gazes.

All these people were soldiers that had experienced life and death on the battlefield, and they had intense murderous auras.

It was normally fine when they hid it, but once it exploded, it was shockingly terrifying.

Shangguan Wan—who was tough—also felt a tinge of fear.

She even had a vague feeling.

If I really anger these people completely, I might not even be able to leave the Mystic Forest.

All these people were looking at her like they were looking at an ignorant person who was digging her own grave and not like the high and mighty, distinguished Third Princess..

Elder Qiuxi sensed something amiss and immediately went forward to angrily say, “Lieutenant Mu! Are you threatening the Third Princess!”

Mu Qinghe glanced at him coldly, and his eyes were filled with unconcealable, murderous intent.

Elder Qiuxis heart skipped a beat, and he suddenly felt horror as his old skin trembled.

He then unwittingly took a step back.

Mu Qinghe was a powerful leader in the Tianling Dynasty, and he was a famous God of Death! He acted swiftly and decisively, and his methods were harsh.

All these years, countless people had died in his hands.

During this one-year-plus period, he had always been very low-key—to the extent that Elder Qiuxi almost forgot how terrifying he was.

It was only at this moment when he met Mu Qinghes cold and harsh gaze that he suddenly remembered that he couldnt afford to offend this person!

Other than Mu Qinghe being extremely strong, he had also accepted many loyal Black Guards.

As the royal familys elder, his title sounded nice.

But seriously speaking, how could he be Mu Qinghes match

Thinking of this, Elder Qiuxi lost his courage.

Shangguan Wan was frustrated, and her body trembled slightly as she glanced at Elder Qiuxi.

Useless thing!

Jiang Yucheng originally wanted to put in a word for Shangguan Wan, but seeing this situation, he knew it wouldnt be good if the latter didnt lower herself.

“Waner.” His voice became stern.

Shangguan Wan bit her lips, and her feelings overwhelmed her before she finally clenched her teeth and said, “That pure gold armor had always been fine, but I have no idea why it suddenly broke.

Many people were around just now, and quite a few of them can prove that I didnt do anything.

The pure gold armor suddenly broke by itself.”

Jiang Yucheng nodded.

“Thats right.

That is what I saw.”

Following this, some people made similar reactions.

However, the crowd of Black Guards was obviously dissatisfied with this explanation.

What kind of explanation is this

From among the crowd, low voices could be heard in discussion.

“Princess had worn the pure gold armor so many times, but nothing happened.

The Third Princess only once, but it directly broke”

“Thats right! Even though Princess is no longer around, its still something she left behind.

Yet, the Third Princess just used it.

Its really…”

“Its fine if she used it properly, but the pure gold armor is completely damaged now and didnt leave behind a single trace.

The Third Princess is actually not guilty at all, and shes acting so righteously!”

Even though the crowd lowered their voices, the people nearby could still hear them—especially Shangguan Wan, who heard it crystal clear.

This way, arent they scolding me to my face! These Black Guards are outrageous! Shangguan Wan took a deep breath in and suppressed the anger in her heart with much difficulty.

She could already tell that the Black Guards respected Shangguan Yue a lot and that she couldnt do anything about them at this moment.

The pure gold armor was already damaged, and she couldnt lose anything more.

If I really offend these people… Who knows what they will do Her tone finally softened.

“Of course, I know that the pure gold armor is something that Big Sister deeply treasured.

Its also because of this that I took it out and used it.

If Big Sister were still around, she wouldnt want to see the pure gold armor being set aside, right I selfishly thought that it would be best if this item could serve its purpose, but I didnt expect this to happen…”

“I almost died a few times earlier on, so Im a bit agitated… I didnt mean what I said previously, and I already blame myself a lot for damaging Big Sisters items,” said Shangguan Wan, even choking on her words.

Not talking about others, but her acting skills werent bad.

If not, she wouldnt be able to reach her current position.

Tian Zhuangzhuang turned around, and frustration flashed across his eyes.

Only the brainless ones will believe Shangguan Wans explanation! If she werent forced to this extent, she would probably be as arrogant as before!

Similar to Tian Zhuangzhuang, most of the Black Guards didnt care for Shangguan Wans words.

Jiang Yucheng eased everyone out of the situation.

“Okay, lets just end this matter here.

Right now, its most important for us to leave the Mystic Forest!”

Half of the leaves on that mother tree had already wilted and dropped down! Without much longer, it would completely wilt!

The previous rolling leaf firs had turned the entire Mystic Forest upside down.

Who knows what would happen if the mother tree got into trouble

Mu Qinghe glanced at the mother tree and lightly nodded.

“Black Guards, listen to orders! Gather!”

“Yes!” With Mu Qinghes command, the crowd immediately answered.

All the soldiers ran over respectively, and they all gathered tidily and orderly in no time.

For those that were severely injured, some people were looking after them at the side.

They had seen even worse scenarios than this when they battled.

They could naturally handle such situations.

Mu Qinghe surveyed the surroundings.

“All military officers, report your remaining numbers!”

Tian Zhuangzhuang straightened his back.

“Reporting… Black Guard first team, 63 of us remain!”

There were a total of ten teams when they came, and each of them were led by a military officer and had 100 soldiers.

It was pretty severe for only 63 people to survive out of a hundred.

The other military officers also reported their own teams strength consecutively.

Amongst them, four of the military officers had died.

Every sentence Mu Qinghe heard made his expression colder by a shade.

Even though he had already guessed this number earlier, he was still affected when he genuinely received confirmation.

Every sentence they uttered would cause the surrounding atmosphere to be more tense.

When the last person finished speaking, the entire forest fell silent.

Before coming, the Black Guards had 1,000 people.

Now, they were left with 617.

Among them, close to 400 were saved by Chu Liuyues group of people.

Without them, the consequences would be unimaginable.

They just made a trip to Mystic Forest, and almost half of them died.

The other clans werent in a better situation as basically one-third of them died.

At this point, Shangguan Wan said, “We cant stay here any longer.

Lets go to Mirror Lake!”

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