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Chapter 758: Dancing Lotus

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“They probably refuse to believe the truth and want to continue to find Chu Liuyues whereabouts.” Shangguan Wan spoke nonchalantly, but her eyes were filled with contempt and mockery.

Jiang Yucheng saw her gaze and instantly felt frustrated and disgusted.

His gaze became much colder, and he looked at Mu Qinghe.

“They came with us after all.

How can we leave them behind on their own Go call them back.”

Mu Qinghes brows moved, and he felt strange.

Jiang Yucheng doesnt seem to be on good terms with Chong Xu Cabinet.

Why is he concerned about their disciples life and death at this juncture It really doesnt suit his usual working style.

Due to the overwhelming shock, Mu Qinghe paused for a moment and nodded.

“I will—”

“Why do you care about them” asked Shangguan Wan suddenly, interrupting Mu Qinghe..

As if she realized her words were quite inappropriate, her expression changed as she coughed.

She then added, “Oh, I mean that theyre focused on finding Chu Liuyue, so whoever goes over to advise them will do it in vain.

They might even be blamed.

Even though they came together with us, they decided to do this on their own.

Others cant intervene, right”

She looked at Jiang Yucheng with deep meaning in a seemingly smiling manner.

“Yucheng, I know youre being kind, but your kindness might ruin things sometimes.

Anyway, with Qin Yis group of two there, they wont be in much trouble.

Perhaps they might want to be with Qin Yi and Lei Laosi even more.”

“But its very dangerous for the few of them to be alone in this Dahuang Swamp.” Jiang Yucheng knitted his brows.

“Why dont we send a batch of Black Guards to accompany—”

“Accompany what” Shangguan Wan interrupted him as if jokingly.

“Yucheng, dont tell me you want to find Chu Liuyue too We understand you and know that youre doing this for their own good, but to ignorant people, they might not say it this way… You dont want to be misunderstood by others, right”

The fire in Jiang Yuchengs chest burned, and he finally suppressed it with much difficulty.

“…I know.

Youre right.

Ill just let them be.”

Shangguan Wan then stopped and looked down, but her heart wasnt this peaceful.

Previously, she purposely brought Chu Liuyue up to test him.

She clearly saw that there was a moment of panic in Jiang Yuchengs gaze.

Why is he panicking Shangguan Wan went forward step by step, but her body was tense as her hands were tightly clenched together.

The cloth covered her face, and with the scars, others couldnt easily see her expression.

However, her surrounding aura was extremely cold.

I had already suspected that Jiang Yucheng acted differently toward Chu Liuyue, and its indeed so! If it were someone else, he definitely wouldnt say a word more.

Could it be because she looked similar to that person Shangguan Wan was unconvinced and indignant! Even though we caused Shangguan Yue to die back then, I know that Jiang Yucheng did indeed like Shangguan Yue many years before.

But for some reason, his attitude toward Shangguan Yue changed overnight.

Even now, I still dont know why this was so.

I also never asked.

Jiang Yucheng does like me, but this type of like is different from the feelings he had for Shangguan Yue.

I know that many things would be different once I ask.

Im not stupid.

Besides, Shangguan Yue is dead after all.

Whats there to fight with a dead person But this time, Jiang Yucheng to Chu Liuyue… That familiar sense of uneasiness has come again.

Shangguan Wan glanced at Jiang Yucheng.

He was in deep thought, but the former didnt know what he was thinking of.

This is the nth time hes like this the entire way! Those who could cause him to be like this are Shangguan Yue from back then and the current Chu Liuyue!

Shangguan Wan originally wanted to throw a tantrum, but she still endured it.

Anyway, these two people are dead!

Shangguan Wan secretly comforted herself like this for a long time and was finally appeased.

However, Jiang Yucheng didnt care about this.

Perhaps he noticed, but he was too lazy to bother.

The two of them continued forward, but they each had their own thoughts and didnt speak.

A few hours later, the crowd finally walked out of the Mystic Forest and arrived at the edge connecting it and the Mirror Lake.

“Mirror Lake is in front,” said Mu Qinghe in a low voice.

Shangguan Wan perked up and looked forward.

At this point, the sun was setting in the west, and large clouds floated by the horizon that connected the waters and the sky.

The sunlight that shot out from the clouds tainted half the sky with a sparkling golden color.

Below this, the Mirror Lake had no ends or boundaries as it reflected the scenery of the sky.

One look across, and it was as if a gigantic mirror was placed on the ground.

The crowd gradually fell silent.

This scene was indeed a mortal paradise.

“I didnt expect Mirror Lake to have such mesmerizing scenery…”

“Yeah, it charms me at one glance! Its really the most beautiful place I have seen in my whole life!”

“It looks calm and peaceful.

It doesnt seem as terrifying as what the rumors say…” Quite a few disciples walked over and indulged in the scenery as they praised it respectively.

This place is so much better than the hell-like Mystic Forest.

But when these people were immersed in the mesmerizing view of Mirror Lake, quite a few Black Guards were tense.

They seemed to be very nervous.

Even Mu Qinghe wasnt an exception.

“Your Highness, Young Master, Mirror Lake looks peaceful, but its not any less dangerous than the Mystic Forest.

We should be careful.”

He originally wanted to say that Mirror Lake was more dangerous than the Mystic Forest, but considering the incidents that happened in the Mystic Forest earlier, he still put both of them on the same level.

“Out of the three places in Dahuang Swamp, this place has the highest death rate.” Mu Qinghes neutral sentence immediately silenced the crowd.

Quite a few disciples—who were originally looking forward to Mirror Lake—were stunned when they heard this, and they looked at each other dazedly.

Shangguan Wan was also quite shocked.

“Really But this Mirror Lake doesnt seem to be anything… Wait, whats that”

The crowd followed her gaze.

They saw a flower in the middle of Mirror Lake as it gradually rose up from the waters.

It was a palm-sized flower that had five whitish-pink petals in total.

As the sun shone down, it looked translucent.

It seemed beautiful as it swayed around with the wind in a lively manner.

Elder Qiuxi suddenly widened his eyes in shock.

“I-isnt that the Dancing Lotus”

Shangguan Wan was surprised and shocked.

“Elder Qiuxi, can you confirm that its the Dancing Lotus”

The top-grade herb rumored to be able to revive a person—Dancing Lotus!

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