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It was still raining.

In the study room, Chu Liuyue concentrated her energy and breaths as she rapidly absorbed the Heaven and Earth Force from around her.

Time passed.

However, Chu Liuyue found that something was not right.

The Heaven and Earth Force was drawn into her body and flowed towards her dantian via her Yuan meridian.

However, they did not form a pearl of essence.

Instead, the force was absorbed into the small lake.

In order to become a true warrior, one had to form a pearl of essence.

In Chu Liuyues case, she had ample amounts of force in her body, so forming a pearl of essence could not be any simpler.

However, she still couldnt pool the Heaven and Earth Force together after so long!

Instead, it kept on flowing into the lake.

The energy disappeared without a trace as if it had been consumed.

The lake didnt even ripple once.

Chu Liuyue slowly realized the severity of the situation. If this goes on, does that mean that I cant form a pearl of essence and become a warrior!

A pearl of essence meant a lot to warriors!

Especially after the fourth stage, the pearl of essence was of utmost importance to cultivators!

If she did not have a pearl of essence, she could not be considered a true warrior, and her ability would be greatly restricted.

Chu Liuyue tried to retain the force and pool it together, but she could not do it.

Chu Liuyue opened her eyes and muttered, “The force of the lake is covering mine…”

Based solely on her current ability, she had no way to fight off the lakes influence over her body.

This is pressing! What on earth is this lake Chu Liuyue was sure that the lake was not deadly to her.

It would even protect and save her in times of danger.

However, would she be stuck at this stage forever if she did not figure this out

Chu Liuyue looked towards her hand.

She clearly remembered that a strange pattern had appeared on her palm when she first regained consciousness after her rebirth.

The pattern disappeared later, and a transparent but torn book page appeared in her dantian.

The book page became the floating lake in the end.

The last time the lake reacted was when she restored her Yuan meridian.

Chu Liuyue initially did not pay much attention to it, but she did not expect it to get in her way of forming a pearl of essence!

Chu Liuyue tried a few more times after this, but it all ended in failure.

The incessant sound of the rain outside the window frustrated her.

“What lousy thing is this!” Right after she spoke, Chu Liuyue immediately felt a tremble in her dantian!

A scary force burst out from the lake!

Chu Liuyues body shook suddenly, and energy rose in her chest!

She stabilized herself and quickly observed her dantian! She was stunned by what she saw.

The floating lake was rapidly transforming into a transparent book page! It was the book page that she had seen previously, but a red light was rapidly gathering on the page this time!

Chu Liuyues heart was in her heart. What does the sudden change mean

The red light on the page was gradually coming together to form a…


Chu Liuyue concentrated her energy and scrutinized it carefully.

At this time, a second word appeared!

Chu Liuyue finally saw the words on the page clearly—”Dumb, dumb!”

Chu Liuyue was speechless.

She did not expect the first words this transparent book page formed to be…

“Youre insulting me” Chu Liuyue asked in disbelief.

The book page trembled, and the words swiftly disappeared.

However, Chu Liuyues shock did not dissipate.

After what happened last time, she had speculated that the book page was a broken treasure, but she was not sure what it was exactly.

It now seemed that the book page had its own consciousness!

Chu Liuyue suppressed her surprise and coldly asked, “What exactly are you!” She felt a little unsettled about having something like this in her dantian.

A new line of text soon appeared on the book page: “The pearl of essence concentrates the Heaven and Earth powers.

One scoop will overflow.”

Chu Liuyue froze. Does that mean my pearl of essence does not have enough Heaven and Earth Force However, isnt that normal

Countless cultivators exist.

If ones pearl of essence held an unlimited amount of concentrated Heaven and Earth Force, wont things be in chaos Besides, ones pearl of essence will get stronger as the cultivator levels up.

It will carry more energy then! It is not a one-off thing!

As if reading her mind, the line of text disappeared, which was replaced by a new one: “Dumb beyond repair!”

Chu Liuyue was speechless.

Even in both her past and present lives, this was the first time she had been insulted like this.

Before she could say anything, the line of text had disappeared.

Even the book page had transformed back into the floating lake.

It seemed like the other party was ignoring her…

Chu Liuyue stared at the floating lake as she fell into deep thought. What does that line mean One scoop of the pearl of essence will overflow… Could it be that it is saying that my pearl of essence can contain more Heaven and Earth Force

At this thought, Chu Liuyue had an idea.

She began to feel the force contained in the lake.

Vast and ethereal!

Chu Liuyue held her breath and carefully tried to guide the energy, and a ripple cut through the surface of the lake.


In an instant, a scary burst of energy flew out from the lake and traveled towards Chu Liuyues limbs!

Chu Liuyue suddenly opened her eyes and pointed one finger straight ahead!


The door broke into pieces!


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