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“Wheres your master”

Once this question was asked, Xue Xue was dazed for a moment and then quickly reacted.

In its mind, the masters calm and nonchalant gaze immediately appeared.

Xue Xue slowly widened its eyes. No wonder! No wonder Master suddenly allowed me to come when he previously refused all the while! I really naively thought that it was because Ive been working hard on my cultivation and strengthened my capabilities! I didnt expect—

I was sold out by Master! Master mustve long known that its the night of the red moon, so he purposely allowed me to come! It also clearly looks like these few people arent in a good mood.

This is the reason why Master let me come first!

Xue Xues heart ached, and it regretted it more than ever as it secretly thought to itself, I was really stupid back then to make an agreement with him.

So what if Im a legendary fiend Wasnt I betrayed all the same

Xue Xue lowered its head in defeat and looked like it had nothing to live for.

Seeing its expression, what else did Dugu Mobao not understand He couldnt help but sneer.

“Hes so decisive to send you over and let you get punished for him”

Lan Xiao touched his face, and his voice became increasingly gentle.

“Whats the use of looking too good His heart is too black.

The girl is blind to like him.”

Dugu Mobao kept quiet for a moment, and his voice became colder.

“Who are you cursing to be blind”

Lan Xiao: “…What did I say I didnt say anything.

Diwu, Little Xue Hua is quite pitiful, and it has become his scapegoat several times.

You should go easier on it this time.”

Diwu Zhangze softly said, “Do you think its up to me”

Who can stop Dugu Mobao from doing what he wants

Hearing Lan Xiao putting in a word for it, Xue Xue initially thought that it had a chance of survival.

However, Diwu Zhangzes words completely caused it to be void of hope.

The fiend pitifully lowered its head, and its large head stuck to its paws in a very uneasy manner.

After a moment, Dugu Mobao said, “Come over.”

Mystic Forest.

A long night had passed.

A bright layer of light gradually shone in the skies, and there was a hint of gold in the clouds.

This made the originally cold and miserable Mystic Forest much warmer.

However, the moods of the people in the forest didnt improve as a result.

This was because the mother tree in front of them still didnt move.

Also, Chu Liuyue couldnt be seen anywhere, not even giving a hint of coming out.

Even Qin Yi didnt know how long they had to wait.

At this moment, they still had no idea about what was happening at Mirror Lake and Red Moon Desert.

Xi Ling.

After the Black Guards sent Shangguan Wan, Jiang Yucheng, and the rest back, somebody said that sentence—which immediately caused a commotion in the entire street.

“Is that true Only three disciples from Chong Xu Cabinet went, and among them were Chu Liuyue and Qiang Wanzhou.

Logically speaking, they should have no problems with protecting themselves.

Why did they all die Where did your news come from”

“Of course, its true! When the Third Princess and the rest came back, I was at Ping Liang Square! The Black Guards and the disciples all came back, but nobody from Chong Xu Cabinet appeared.

If theyre not dead, then what are they”

“I saw it too! They really didnt come back!”

“T-this is impossible! So many people weaker than them came back alive, but they…”

“Who can predict these things accurately Three to four hundred of the Black Guards even died! Those three disciples from Chong Xu Cabinet mustve traveled together, so they all went down on the same boat… This time, Chong Xu Cabinet has really suffered a great loss!”

“Thats right! They just got a little better… And Chu Liuyue and Qiang Wanzhou—what a pity!”

Just as the crowd partook in heated discussions, a figure suddenly jumped down from above and directly went to the few people talking in front.

He grabbed the very first man who spoke by the collar.

“What did you say just now”

The man talking didnt pay attention and was suddenly grabbed by someone.

His collar was held up tightly, and he couldnt even breathe.

“Who are—”

The mans blood boiled, and he was about to scold instinctively.

But upon taking a closer look, he was taken aback.

“Young Master Jian!”

Quite a few people in Xi Ling City still recognized Jian Fengchis face.

“Y-Young Master Jian, lets talk without using our hands!”

Jian Fengchi stared at him closely and said his words properly: “Im asking you—who did you just say died!”

That man panicked and was terrified that Jian Fengchi would use his force to break his neck, so he hurriedly said, “T-the few people from Chong Xu Cabinet… Im not too sure either, Young Master Jian.

Please spare me! Everyone from the clans has returned now.

I-if you want to know, you can go and ask them…”

Jian Fengchi pushed him away, went on his toes, and rapidly went in the direction of Ping Liang Square.

Judging from the time, there should be quite a few people who hadnt walked far away from Ping Liang Square.

The man who was pushed away got up with much difficulty, and he looked in the direction Jian Fengchi left with lingering fears.

The crowd at the side became much quieter because of this.

Someone couldnt help but mutter, “Something happened to Chong Xu Cabinet, but why does Dragon Teeth Mountains young master care so much about it”

“I heard that Dragon Teeth Mountain and Chong Xu Cabinet are on quite good terms… I wonder what the reaction will be like if the people from Chong Xu Cabinet hear of this…”

Upstairs, Shui Liuer looked out from her window.

Jian Fengchis figure quickly disappeared from sight.

She slightly knitted her sharp brows. Im afraid… This is going to be a big commotion…

Jian Fengchi acted very quickly and bumped into Zhu Hong and the rest, who were returning in no time.

At first glance, the few of them were injured, and their auras were weak.

Jian Fengchis heart tightened.

“Zhu Hong!”

Zhu Hong looked up.

“Young Master!”

Jian Fengchi quickly reached the few of them and hurriedly asked, “What happened to Chong Xu Cabinet!”


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