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Chapter 78: My Lord

Having connected the dots, Chu Liuyue found everything much clearer now!

The blast from earlier had proven that she could in fact employ the force within the lake and that its powers were the same as that of a pearl of essence! She also learned that the lake carried energy several times stronger than that of the pearl of essence!

Just a ripple was enough to trigger an explosive force.

If she put in all her force, she could trigger an even mightier attack!

Forming a pearl of essence was not necessary as long as this thing remained in her dantian.

The only solution was to treat the lake as her pearl of essence!

However, there was one problem—this thing had a consciousness of its own.

It clearly didnt listen to her orders completely.

If she was not careful with it, it could create a lot of problems!

At this time, Chu Liuyue suddenly felt an anomaly in her body.

She concentrated and looked towards her dantian.

The lake was gradually transforming into a giant water droplet that had a strange pattern on it!

It was the pattern that had initially appeared on Chu Liuyues palm!

In that instant, Chu Liuyue felt a strange connection between herself and the droplet! It was as if the droplet had become a part of her body!

Chu Liuyue used her mind to try and deploy some of the droplets strength.

A ripple—much weaker than the one before—appeared, and force traveled through her body.

Chu Liuyue could clearly sense that she had much better control over the force this time because of her connection with the droplet.

It was like it was a part of her!

She experimented a few more times and finally confirmed that she had formed some kind of relationship with the water droplet!

A vast but ethereal voice echoed in her head as if it were a voice from ancient times! “Three thousand worlds, chaotic heavens.

My lord will prevail!”

After hearing this voice, Chu Liuyue could not regain her senses for a while.

The words were arrogant beyond belief!

She had seen many strong warriors in her past life, but none of them dared say anything like this!

Mainland Xuan Wu was boundless and had countless tribes.

Who could emerge at the top!

Besides, it saidmy lord!

Was that not referring to her

This was a little preposterous…

As the voice faded, only the giant water droplet remained suspended in her dantian as if everything that had just happened was an illusion.

Chu Liuyue wanted to overlook that statement but found that the voice was imprinted in her head.

She waited for a while, then decided not to think about it.

Since this thing decided to recognize me as its master, it wont harm me.

If that is the case, I will use it as a pearl of essence for now! It took the shape of a lake earlier, and it probably became a water droplet because it formally recognized me as its master.

Chu Liuyue still remembered the tiny drop of water from the lake that sent an enormous amount of energy across her body when she was repairing her Yuan meridian.

Her ownership of the Dijing Yuan meridian seemed to be the result of that drop of water.

However, that drop of water was not even one-thousandth of the water droplet in her dantian!

At this point, red ripples suddenly appeared on the water droplet!

The water droplet seemed to be wrapped in a clear membrane, on which the red ripples were inscribed.

The water droplet was flowing, but the membrane remained still.

In this state, the water droplet resembled a pearl of essence.

For regular cultivators, their pearl of essence would change as they advanced to the next stages.

For stage-one warriors, one single line would be present on their pearl of essence.

For stage-two warriors, two lines would be present., and so on and so forth.

Chu Liuyue solemnly thought as she stared at the water droplet. Other than the fact that its form is slightly different, this thing resembles a pearl of essence.

Oh right, it has a consciousness of its own.

However, that is much more convenient for me anyway.

But… Why is there only one line present

No matter what, I have apearl of essence now! Given my ability, I should be a stage-three warrior! However, why is there only one line!

Indignant, Chu Liuyue tried to add another line to it, but the water droplet did not even react.

While staring at the line, Chu Liuyue finally realized something. Does the water droplet think Im not capable enough for a second line

“Are you looking down on me” asked Chu Liuyue in disbelief.

“I should have two lines at least, right!”

Why am I stuck with just one line After all that fuss, Im just a stage-one warrior

The water droplet did not react, but Chu Liuyue felt despised.

She glared at the water droplet for a while.

In the end, she could only open her eyes in exasperation!

“En Youre done forming the pearl of essence” Rong Xiu noticed her movements and looked over immediately.

With one look, he could sense the aura emanating from Chu Liuyue. Shes… a stage-one warrior!

Rong Xius expression was a little stiff, and he eyed Chu Liuyue for a while before asking with uncertainty, “You… Are you sure youre not going to continue breaking through”

Given her ability, she should definitely be above stage one.

Chu Liuyue gritted her teeth.

How could she admit that she could not add a second line to herpearl of essence

“Being a stage-one warrior is pretty good! It helps me keep a low profile!”

Rong Xiu had a wry smile.

“You wreaked havoc in Tian Lu Academy and the Imperial City.

However, youre now thinking of keeping a low profile Didnt you say that you wanted to hold a banquet to celebrate”

Chu Liuyue huffed.

“That goes without saying!”

Not only did she want to break off her relations with the Chu family, but she was also going to make them pay for all their insults and mockery!

Rong Xiu could not help but laugh when he saw her pouting.

“It seems like Yueer is going to treat me to a good show.”


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