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Chapter 780: You Want this Too

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Once she said this, the crowd was stunned.

Everyone present was invited by Shangguan Wan.

Now that everyone is here, she didnt come and called Jiang Yucheng over instead.

What exactly is going on

Something cropped up.

What could crop up that can make her give up on everyone here and invite Jiang Yucheng alone away Even if he is the Prince Consort and has an extraordinary status, this still seems rather inappropriate, right The people present are all reputable in the Tianling Dynasty.

The crowd exchanged glances and didnt look too good.

Jiang Yucheng also felt it was very strange and secretly knitted his brows.

No matter how unreasonable Shangguan Wan is, she wouldnt dare to mess around at this time.

Any single person here isnt someone she can easily offend.

Even His Majesty has to be extra courteous to the people here, let alone Shangguan Wan.

If she didnt become crazy, something mustve really happened.

He glanced at Chan Yi and discovered that even though the latter was looking down, her face was tense.

She also looked anxious.

His heart sank, and he turned around to look at the crowd.

“Everyone, sorry to trouble you, but please wait for a moment.

Well be right back.”

Even though the crowd was upset, they wouldnt directly show it and very kindly let him go.

Jiang Yucheng knew that they had offended the crowd this time, but the situation was urgent.

He didnt have much of a choice.

He turned toward the direction of Huayang Palace, and Chan Yi quickly followed him.

After the duo left, the hall fell silent again.

The crowd didnt really talk, but many of them were upset.

Shangguan Wan hasnt even officially ascended the throne, yet shes so daring to let so many people wait for her alone.

The time has reached, yet she doesnt want to appear and even called Jiang Yucheng away, leaving everyone here.

In the past, no matter if it were His Majesty or the Princess, they would never do such rude things.

The people from aristocratic families were still okay with it, but the few clans masters were especially unhappy.

During the Dahuang Swamp journey, their clans had lost a severe portion of their disciples.

They originally wanted to ask Shangguan Wan for an explanation, but who knew she wouldnt even be willing to show herself.

The low and solemn atmosphere spread around the hall.

Jiang Yucheng and Chan Yi walked quickly.

When they reached Huayang Palace, the former discovered that this place was heavily guarded.

Jiang Yucheng became increasingly uneasy and walked toward the main hall.

Reaching the entrance, Chan Yi stopped.

“Prince Consort, the Third Princess said that shed only allow you to enter.”

Jiang Yucheng nodded in frustration and pushed open the door to enter.

The moment he walked in, Chan Yi closed the door.

Jiang Yucheng froze.

What exactly happened that caused the security in Huayang Palace to be so tight

“Waner” he called, but nobody answered.

He then surveyed his surroundings but didnt see Shangguan Wan anywhere.

However, he saw a broken box of cream by the copper mirror.

He paused for a moment and continued to walk in.

If she isnt here, then she should be in the spa area.

The moment he reached the door and was hesitating whether he should enter to find her, he heard a painful moan from inside.

It was weak and suppressed, with a tinge of deep horror—it was Shangguan Wan!

Jiang Yucheng didnt pause any longer and directly pushed open the door to enter.

The moment he walked in, the hot and humid air swarmed toward him.

This was a gigantic spa, and the mist surrounded everywhere, so he couldnt see anyone clearly.

However, Jiang Yucheng came here before and knew where everything was.

Through the thick mist, he vaguely saw a figure by the side of the water.

“Waner, whats the matter”

He walked toward that person, but he smelled an intense bloody scent the moment he got close.

The more important thing was that there was a slight rotting smell amidst the bloody scent.

Jiang Yucheng was more familiar with this smell than ever.

Isnt this the strange scent from the Mystic Forest

This smell was nauseating, but Jiang Yucheng suppressed his disgust and continued forward.

Shangguan Wan was wearing two layers of thin clothes as she laid by the side of the water, her hands tightly holding the floor.

Hearing Jiang Yuchengs voice, she moved with much difficulty and said, “Yucheng…”

Her voice was hoarse and weak.

Jiang Yucheng went forward and carefully held her shoulders.

“Waner, why are you lying here Everyone is waiting for you…”

His voice suddenly stopped! That was because a pool of blood was near the water!

“Pui—” Shangguan Wans body shook, and she vomited blood again!

This didnt shock Jiang Yucheng the most.

He scanned the surroundings and stunningly discovered that Shangguan Wans exposed arm became much thinner than before.

I didnt see her for half a day, yet her arms became thin to the bones! Theres clearly something wrong!

He was extremely shocked and was about to ask when he saw a faint green light flowing from the bottom of her skin, looking very strange.

That light… Isnt that light exactly the same as the one I saw in the Mystic Forest!

“Waner, what exactly is happening to your body!” asked Jiang Yucheng anxiously.

No wonder Shangguan Wan called me over so anxiously! This situation is indeed too strange!

Shangguan Wan clutched the others hands and hopelessly cried.

“I-I dont know…”

She just wanted to wash up in the beginning, but she discovered something wrong with her body not long later.

The dark-green light surged throughout her body, and it started thinning at an observable speed.

It was like her muscles and bones were being absorbed by this thing!

Shangguan Wan had never seen such a scene and was scared to death.

Seeing that things were getting out of hand, she could only get Chan Yi to call Jiang Yucheng over.

“Yucheng, you must help me.

You must help me!” Shangguan Wan hugged his arm and cried in pain and horror as she begged him continuously.

Jiang Yuchengs eyes widened.

The face of the current Shangguan Wan is completely ruined, and her body has thinned to an unpresentable state.

Even hugging her feels extremely strange, and her entire person looks neither like a person or a ghost.

If it werent for my strong heart, I really wouldve flung her away at the first instant.

It felt like measles had grown at the place where Shangguan Wan clutched him tightly; it was very itchy and uncomfortable.

He closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and asked, “Did you use that mother tree in the Mystic Forest”

Mystic Forest.

The dark space was silent.

Force surrounded Chu Liuyue, and she was clearly stronger than before.

After digesting the absorbed force once again, Chu Liuyue gradually opened her eyes.

Her gaze became much brighter and clearer, and her body was much lighter.

Her entire body seemed to be filled with rich energy!

Shangguan Jing couldnt help but praise her.

“Liuyue, if you hang on for a while longer, you should be able to successfully break through to become an advanced stage-five warrior.”

Chu Liuyue smiled delightfully before turning around and squinting her eyes.

A dark-green light appeared from nowhere and went toward the Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed.

Chu Liuyue teased, “Where did you get such mottled energy You want that too”


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