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That dark-green light stopped right in front of the Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed.

In that short period of time, it couldnt go forward nor move backward, being in a very awkward position.

The corner of Chu Liuyues lips curled up slightly, and cunningness flashed across her eyes. This is the Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seeds God Realm, and everything is under its control.

Judging from my previous experience, it can clearly absorb energy from the outside.

The energy in the Mystic Forest has disappeared, but there is still Red Moon Desert and Mirror Lake on the sides.

The combined energy from these two places will only be more than the Mystic Forest, not less.

If it continues to persist and absorb the energy from outside, exceeding my absorption and digestion speed of its energy, it will be very disadvantageous for me.

Besides, this ball of energy looks very messy, and I really despise it—I would rather not have it.

Its a waste for it to go with the Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed.

Shangguan Jing coughed. I dont think anyone dares to talk to the Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed like this… The Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed originally snatched the force on its own, and theres nothing wrong with it using it.

But after what Chu Liuyue said, it suddenly became cheap for some reason.

Even I feel that its inappropriate.

Indeed, that light disappeared with a bang after a temporary silence!

Chu Liuyue nodded in satisfaction.

“Thats better.”

The lips of the Tianling Dynastys ancestor twitched.

Sensing the Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seeds dangerous aura, he was worried. This girl is really becoming daring because of the water curtain…

However, Chu Liuyue didnt take this to heart as she turned around to look at the hourglass. It seems like a few months have passed, but its actually only a few days for the people outside.

I wonder how Hongyu, Little Zhou, and the rest are doing… Ive been trapped here the entire time and cannot contact them.

They should be very worried.

If only someone could help me bring the news out…

Thinking of this, Chu Liuyue suddenly recalled the voices she previously heard. One of them even clearly called my name.

If those people could help…

Chu Liuyue looked up, but it was pitch black.

She couldnt see nor hear anything.

Those few voices didnt appear for a long time.

She retracted her vision regretfully, and doubts flashed across her mind. I dont recall knowing such people, but they seem to be very close and familiar with me.

She slightly pressed her lips against each other, vaguely feeling that she did forget some things. Even I dont exactly know which portion of my memory I forgot.

This is because there are no missing parts of my memory in my mind.

To her, her memory was complete.

This caused a ripple in her heart. Also, who is the man in black by the cliff

Red Moon Desert.

The sun hung high up in the sky, and it was so bright that one couldnt open their eyes.

The sand was burning hot as if it had been roasted by charcoal.

The heatwaves spread everywhere, and the air even distorted a little because of the heat.

There was no wind in the surroundings at all.

In such a place, it wasnt an exaggeration to say that someone could become barbecued meat.

In the spacious desert, there were no figures at all.

But on the dunes that kept appearing, a burly figure quickly flashed across—it was Xue Xue!

If someone looked down from above, one could see that the dunes were arranged in an orderly manner.

With the passing of time, the dunes also silently changed as if an invisible hand was controlling everything and changed the dunes positions at will.

And Xue Xue… was running back and forth around the top of the dunes. According to what that person said, I must continuously run here.

Every time, I can only leave behind a maximum of two paw prints on the dunes.

This seemed simple, but it actually used up a lot of energy and strength.

This was because the spacious Red Moon Desert was entirely in the other partys control.

Within these few days, Xue Xue had already run quite a few rounds around the Red Moon Desert.

Its originally snow-white fur was stained with a layer of yellow sand and became a dirty sand color.

The extended running around exhausted Xue Xue.

It looked up.

There were no clouds in the sky, and the sun was shining down brightly.

Dunes kept appearing in front of it!

Even a legendary fiend couldnt endure such torture!

“Youre too slow!” A baby-like voice suddenly sounded by its ears.

Xue Xue was shocked and forcefully increased its speed again.

It had no choice.

Though the few of them could only come out during the night of a red moon, it was as easy as ABC for them to supervise it.

Xue Xue felt bitter in its heart and regretted making an agreement with Rong Xiu for the 10,000th time.

It then imagined leaving home for the 10,001st time. After I end the torture here, Ill never go back! I want to leave with Chu Liuyue! Wuwuwu, I really miss that warm embrace…

Xue Xue resigned itself to its fate and continued to run forward.

“Big Baby, arent you too harsh Look at how youre tiring Little Xue Hua.

Its thick fur is about to become wilted grass, tsk tsk,” said Lan Xiao with disdain.

“If you want to fault someone, it should be Rong Xiu.

Why are you taking it out on Little Xue Hua”

Dugu Mobao sneered.

“Cant you guess why Rong Xiu sent it over If I dont teach it a lesson, Rong Xiu will think that we can be bullied!”

Lan Xiao thought for a moment.

“Anyway, dont just let Rong Xiu go just because you already tortured Little Xue Hua.

At that time, well teach him a lesson however you want.”

Just dont let Little Xue Hua resolve his guilt.

Diwu Zhangze slowly said, “Hehe, dont you just dislike Rong Xiu When hes here, cant you do it yourself”

Lan Xiao sighed.

“Do you think Im stupid If I touch Rong Xiu, will the girl let me off when she finds out Im different from Big Baby.”

“Stupid pervert, nobody will think that youre a mute if you dont speak!”

“It doesnt matter if Im a mute or not.

What matters is that I look good.”


Dugu Mobao suppressed his anger.

“Such a major thing happened to the girl, yet Rong Xiu didnt tell us about it.

Hes originally already at fault.

Besides, hes going to raise that legendary fiend until it becomes useless.

Do you really think he sent it over to ask for forgiveness This kid is using us to train his fiend!”

Rong Xiu—who walked out of the palace—sneezed again.


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