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This was because people entered the Mystic Forest once again.

Qin Yi had no way of knowing the situation in the Red Moon Desert and Mirror Lake, but he had stayed in the Mystic Forest for an extended period of time and left his traces in quite a few places.

Once anything happened, he could basically feel it.

“Someone is here.” Qin Yis words were especially obvious in this quiet atmosphere.

The few of them looked over.

“Who would come at this time” Lei Laosi knitted his brows. Even if someone barges into Dahuang Swamp, they wont come in when they see the Mystic Forests current state from outside, right

Qin Yi retracted his expression slightly.

“The other party isnt weak.”

Seeing his current reaction, the few of them became serious.

“Big Brother, how many are they”

“Should be five.” Qin Yi narrowed his eyes.

What he didnt say was that the other partys aura was rather familiar.

Lei Laosi scratched his head.

“Why dont I go first to take a look”

“No need.

They wont come here.” Qin Yi paused and stopped Lei Laosis actions.

At the same time, the few figures that just came into the forest stopped.

It was Jiang Yucheng and the rest who came again.

Other than him, there were four other people.

They respectively were Weichi Song, Jian Shuye, Song Luan, and the Grand Tutor—Xiahou Rong.

There was no need to state their motives for coming here.

His Majesty had always treated the Grand Tutor with respect, and he wasnt weak as well.

So personally and logically, he should be one of those that came.

This time, Mu Qinghe didnt bring the Black Guards together with him.

There were too many casualties previously, and he still had many things to handle.

This Dahuang Swamp was also extremely dangerous.

If ordinary people came, they would only be courting death.

Let alone not helping, they might even possibly become a burden.

The few of them stood still and looked at the scene in front with a complicated expression.

Jiang Yucheng said, “The few of you can also see that the Mystic Forest has completely ended up in this state.

You can clearly see how dangerous it was back then.”

He originally wanted to bring the few of them to Mirror Lake directly, but Weichi Song said that he wanted to check out the Mystic Forest.

Hence, they came over too.

Anyone could guess that Weichi Song still wanted to find his disciples.

Song Luan originally wanted to disagree, but the others didnt say much, so he could only go along with them.

Jian Shuye surveyed the surroundings.

“Old Song, I heard that Hongyu and the rest are still in the Mystic Forest.

Why dont we look for them and then go to Mirror Lake Anyway, it wont take up too much time.”

Anyway, its always better if we can find one more and save one more.

Since they already said this, who else could refuse

Song Luan was very upset, and he looked at Jiang Yucheng. We came to look for the Dancing Lotus, but why did we end up in the Mystic Forest looking for people

Originally, he thought that Jiang Yucheng would reject them.

But unexpectedly, the latter also agreed to it.

Helpless, Song Luan could only swallow his remaining words.

Jiang Yuchengs hands clenched tightly, and his heart became a little nervous.

Rationality told him that it was impossible for Chu Liuyue to be alive, but at the bottom of his heart, there seemed to be an indescribable desire.

If shes really alive… A bright and delightful smile appeared in his mind. Shangguan Wan has already ended up in that state.

Who knows if she can recover

At some point in time, his remaining patience toward Shangguan Wan had already been used up.

He suddenly thought of something as he looked at Weichi Song and seemingly asked unintentionally, “Old Song, did anyone inform Chu Liuyues fiancé about what happened here”


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