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The incoming person was wearing a cotton robe without any additional accessories on him.

His long hair had dropped down, and his entire person exuded a lazy and cold vibe.

He was wearing a silver mask that covered his face.

Only his pair of eyes were as deep as the stars in the night sky, and they were like spirals that had a fatal attraction.

It seemed like one would unwittingly fall in if they took another look.

Seeing the incoming person, Song Luan and the rest were secretly shocked. This mans aura is extremely hidden and strong.

He is only stronger than us, not weaker!

Song Luan swallowed his mouthful of saliva with much difficulty.

“Wh-who are you!”

“It doesnt matter who I am.” That mans tone was relaxed as he laughed.

“What matters is that you cant touch this flower.”

He came for this Dancing Lotus! The few of them exchanged glances.

Song Luan tightly knitted his brows and couldnt help but retort, “Everything should go by the first-come, first-served rule! We came first, so the Dancing Lotus naturally belongs to us! Even if youre strong, you cant be this unreasonable, right”

His tone was already considered very restrained.

If it were someone else, Song Luan long wouldve chased after the other party and taught them a lesson.

However, they couldnt detect this mans abilities, so they didnt dare to go head-on against him.

Instead, they could only talklogic.

“Thats weird.

This Dancing Lotus is still growing finely in the lake.

How did it become yours Could it be that it belongs to whoever came here and saw the Dancing Lotus first”

That man was neither angry nor frustrated as he laughed.

It was as if he heard some joke.

Song Luans face flushed red, and he was in a difficult spot.

He also knew that the things he said just now werent logical.

They did arrive at Mirror Lake first, but in actual fact, they didnt successfully take the Dancing Lotus away.

They didnt even touch it.

This meant that it wasnt very reasonable to say that this Dancing Lotus was theirs.

Song Luan wanted to talk further, but he was silently stopped by Jiang Yucheng.

Jiang Yucheng took a step forward, cupped his hands, and very respectfully said, “Im Jiang Yucheng.

May I know who you…”

Almost everybody in the Tianling Dynasty would know Jiang Yuchengs name.

His original background—the Eldest Young Master of Jiang Residence—was actually not worth a mention.

But as he was once the Princesss fiancé, he rode on the trend and became much more famous.

On the one hand, Jiang Yucheng reported his name as he hoped to know the other persons identity.

On the other hand, he was vaguely threatening the other party.

If the other person was sensible, he would know how to back away.

That man looked up, and a slight light flashed across the depths of his eyes as he lightly said, “You dont have the right to know who I am.”

He said this sentence extremely lightly and calmly, but it was tied with a dignity that didnt allow for any objections.

Jiang Yucheng was suddenly stunned as he felt that he was harshly slapped by someone, and his face was burning.

He had never heard someone talk to him like this before!

In comparison, the other party seemed high and mighty, while he was as lowly as an ant.

His expression turned ugly, and his voice turned cold.

“Arent you too arrogant”

Even if the other party is very capable, he cant be so disrespectful.

This Mirror Lake is still the Tianling Dynastys territory! Jiang Yucheng restrained the anger in his heart as he kept searching his mind for such a character in the Tianling Dynasty.

After thinking for quite some time, he couldnt recall anything.

This was because this man in black wasnt similar to any of the elite experts he had in his mind.

Could it be… Is the other party some hidden hero, or is he not even someone from the Tianling Dynasty

“This Dancing Lotus is born and grows in the Mirror Lake.

The capable ones will get it.

If you want it, just come and fight with us for it!” boomed Jiang Yucheng angrily.

They had five people, but the other party only had one.

No matter how strong the latter was, it would be a dream to think that he could win against five people alone.

That man in black lightly sighed.

“My wife instructed me not to casually fight.”

This person is most likely afraid, but he still made himself sound so justified. Jiang Yucheng sneered in his heart.

“If you change your mind, you can just leave now.

Considering this Dancing Lotus, we wont calculate so much with you.”

If it was possible, Jiang Yucheng wanted to get rid of the other party as soon as possible and not get into any trouble at all.

The man in black chuckled softly and slowly said, “I already said previously that the flower belongs to my wife.

Do you… not understand”

His voice gradually turned cold until the last syllable was filled with harsh murderous intent! Then, he raised his hand.

It was a long, white, and distinct hand.

At first glance, it looked like it was intricately made from white jade that glistened in cold light.

After doing so, he pointed his index finger forward lightly.


Black force suddenly shot out like a sharp arrow, and an air-piercing sound was heard!

The tremendous suppression immediately fell on them as an indescribable sense of crisis overwhelmed their hearts.

Jiang Yucheng suddenly widened his eyes, and his irises shrank! At this moment, he seemed to be wrapped in murderous intent!

He retreated without thinking and tried to utilize his greatest speed to leave! But after trying once, he then discovered that his body could no longer move because he was completely controlled by the other partys suppression!

No matter what, he still had the combat power of a stage-seven warrior.

But in front of this man, he didnt even have the right to escape.

At this point, Jiang Yucheng finally understood that the other party was much stronger than he had expected.

At that moment, the black force had already rushed toward him!


That force suddenly pierced through Jiang Yuchengs chest, and blood and muscles flew everywhere instantly!

The clothes in front of his chest were immediately stained with red.

Jiang Yucheng felt his chest turn cold, and after a temporary pause, he felt excruciating pain.

“Its a pity I can only do this much…” That man in black seemed regretful. I wanted to kill Jiang Yucheng directly, but my wife hasnt taken action yet.

Thus, I have to spare his life.

“Eldest Young Master!” Upon seeing this scene, Xiahou Rong and Song Luan were shocked as they hurried over.

“Eldest Young Master, how are you”

Everything happened too quickly just now, and they didnt even have time to react when that man took action.

When they finally noticed that something was happening, Jiang Yucheng was already injured.

Jiang Yucheng held his chest as warm blood gushed out.

While doing so, he hurriedly swallowed a pill.

For some reason, there seemed to be a vague burning feeling in his stomach.

But his chest was pierced through at this point, and the hole was very bloody, so he couldnt care about the rest.

“Y-you…” He opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but when he saw the man in black, the words seemed to be stuck in his throat.

He couldnt say them.

That pair of eyes—nonchalant, cold, and distinguished!

Deep fear surged up from the bottom of his heart.

Suddenly, a white light flashed across Jiang Yuchengs mind as he looked at the other party in shock.

“Y-youre Hundred Herbs Buildings—”


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