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A man with unpredictable powers and a mysterious identity and keeps mentioning his wife… Doesnt that match the description of Hundred Herbs Buildings boss

Even though the person managing Hundred Herbs Building was Yue Ling, anyone with a little keen eyesight could tell that he had someone behind him.

It was just that nobody in Xi Ling City had ever seen that person, Jiang Yucheng included.

Ive been wanting to meet this mysterious person but have never gotten the chance.

I didnt expect to meet him here!

The man in black paid no attention to Jiang Yuchengs words.

With a slight movement of his fingers, a gentle breeze brushed by, making the Dancing Lotus sway in the wind.

An invisible barrier was instantly formed around the flower.

Xiahou Rong wanted to get closer, but the power the barrier exuded was so strong that it left him gasping for air.

The group exchanged looks with each other. Getting our hands on the Dancing Lotus will be even more difficult now!

“What should we do now, Eldest Young Master” asked Song Luan worriedly. Eldest Young Master Jiangs condition doesnt seem too good with the grave injuries hes sustained.

Also, we still may not be that mans match even if we combine all our strength.

It wont be easy for us to get the Dancing Lotus.

Jiang Yucheng gritted his teeth.

Blood filled his mouth, chest cavity, and his abdomen while his vision kept turning black.

He hadnt fully recovered from his previous injuries, so his condition worsened when he sustained the new injuries.

For safetys sake, we should quickly leave and avoid a direct confrontation with this man.

But the Dancing Lotus… He took a deep breath.

“Im fine.

The Dancing Lotus is of vital importance to His Majesty, so Id like to ask all of you here to join forces to get it back…”

Jiang Yuchengs words took his companions by surprise.

“Are you sure about this The Dancing Lotus might be important, but you cant disregard yourself either!” cried Song Luan anxiously, his heart tightening at the sight of the black-clothed man in the distance.

His arm was still tingling with pain. Im definitely not that persons match.

Hes the most formidable person Ive ever seen in my life! If we continue to go against him… All of us might end up suffering instead!

Jiang Yucheng naturally didnt want to lose his life, but the Dancing Lotus was too important for him to give up on it.

He needed it to rouse the Emperor from his unconscious state, and there was no telling how long he would have to wait for the next Dancing Lotus to appear if he missed this one.

He shook his head.

“His Majestys condition is more important.

Please help me—”

Just then, the ice on the lake began forming even more quickly.

It looks like its almost time… The man in black looked down and smirked at the sight. I dont want these people to see what will happen next though.

He then raised his head and looked in their direction, a black ball appearing in his palm as he spread his hand open.

The ball grew with the wind and became a gigantic net in the blink of an eye.

“Retreat!” Jian Shuye quickly moved backward without the slightest hesitation.

Alas, their speed was no match for the black net, which had them trapped in no time.

The net condensed to a ball again before quickly flying backward.

Everyones vision was instantly blocked as darkness descended on them.

After a long time, the darkness before Jiang Yucheng and his companions finally faded, along with the restrictive force on them.

Everyone looked around their surroundings, only to realize with a start that they had been expelled from Dahuang Swamp.

“Who was that person, and how come hes so powerful” Jian Shuye drew a sharp intake of breath. We had to use two transportation formations in order to get to Dahuang Swamp, but he sent us out of there so effortlessly! I definitely cant do that.

In fact, nobody in the entire Tianling Dynasty can do it either!

“Although he drove us out of Dahuang Swamp, he didnt kill any of us,” said Weichi Song all of a sudden. Song Luan and Jiang Yucheng mightve sustained some injuries, but they arent life-threatening.

That man probably went harder on Jiang Yucheng because of how rude he was toward him, but he ultimately chose to spare Jiang Yuchengs life.

Otherwise, given his cultivation level, killing Jiang Yucheng would be as easy as killing an ant.

Xiahou Rong exhaled in relief.

“Thats a relief…”

Jiang Yucheng, however, didnt take it as well as them.

Gloom clouded his ashen face. Thats a relief Whats there to be thankful for when that man injured me so badly Do I still have to bow down to him in gratitude for sparing my life! Ive never been so humiliated in my life before!

While others thought that the black-clothed man had probably decided to spare their lives, Jiang Yucheng definitely didnt share their sentiment.

All he felt was discontent, indignation, and resentment.

Being the proud man that he was, he was reluctant to lose to people in all sorts of aspects, so he naturally felt terrible knowing how easily he had been defeated by his opponent.

That man has no regard for us! Jiang Yuchengs anger surged up his chest at the thought of this, making him cough up yet another mouthful of blood.

Song Luan hesitantly asked, “W-what should we do now You have to get treatment as soon as possible, Eldest Young Master…”

Jiang Yucheng felt even more vexed at that. Never mind that we returned without success the last time, but we still came back with nothing when we even invited these powerful people to come along this time.

What should we do with the Emperor Our wedding day is drawing near.

If he remains unconscious…

“Did you say that man is from Hundred Herbs Building” asked Weichi Song out of the blue.

After sending Jiang Yucheng and the others away, the black-clothed man walked forward and came to a stop in front of the Dancing Lotus.

As he gazed down at it, the ice in his aloof-looking eyes melted a little to reveal slight ripples of emotion in them.

“Its only been a while since Ive last been here, and yet youre being bothered by that thing” There was a hint of laughter in his deep voice.

He lightly waved his arm as he spoke, and a crack was instantly formed on the ice surface.

The Dancing Lotus gently swayed as streams of light shone from the stalk.

Upon a closer look, one would discover a silk thread—that was thinner than a hair—wrapped around the Dancing Lotuss stalk.

With a hook of the mans finger, the thread snapped and flew to his palm in a scattered mess.

One could faintly see that a greenish thing was clinging onto the thread.

His palm lit up with golden fire all of a sudden, burning that ball of thread away.

With a lazy voice, he said, “Never mind that you bullied my wife, but you even dared to play cheat.

Arent you being a little too shameless”

The ice on the lake slowly cracked into pieces, and the small floating pieces of ice began to melt.

It was all peaceful and quiet at the sparkling Mirror Lake when an earth-shattering roar disrupted this serenity out of the blue.

The man looked up. Hmm, it looks like someones training went well.


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