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Chapter 79: Movement in the Jiuyou Tower

She finally became a true warrior after all those struggles.

Chu Liuyue heaved a sigh of relief.

It was already the middle of the night, and the rain outside had gradually stopped.

While looking at the door she had accidentally crushed, Chu Liuyue started wondering if there was a necessity for Rong Xiu to sleep here.

Suddenly, Rong Xius expression changed, and he looked outside.

The sky was gloomy, hiding everything with its darkness.

After a while, he said, “Since the rain has stopped, Ill take my leave.”

Chu Liuyue was very surprised.

“Didnt you say that you wanted to stay for the night Even though the rain has stopped, youll easily get sick if you go out now, right”

Rong Xiu could not help but smile slightly when he heard her tease him.

“This study is no longer suitable for accommodation.

Unless, you want to sleep in the same room as me”

Chu Liuyue grunted.

She completely turned a deaf ear to Rong Xius teasing.

“Youre free to go whenever you want, Your Highness.

Suit yourself.”

“Ill come and visit you another day,” said Rong Xiu as he turned to leave.

Xue Xue looked at Chu Liuyue before reluctantly following after Rong Xiu hurriedly.

“Your Highness, there are puddles outside.

You—” Chu Liuyue was just about to remind him when her eyes suddenly widened.

Rong Xiu stepped on the water surface like a light feather falling down without getting his foot dirty at all.

Upon closer inspection, she could see that there was a narrow gap between the bottom of his foot and the water surface.

He is walking on air! Only a stage-five warrior and stronger can do this! Chu Liuyue was stunned when she saw this scene.

Rong Xiu was only around 16 or 17 this year, but his capabilities had already reached such a shocking level.

Weaking Everyone has underestimated this mysterious Prince Li. Chu Liuyue had never underestimated Rong Xiu, but she did not expect him to be a stage-five warrior at least.

His talent was considered outstanding, even in Tianling Dynasty.

Just when Chu Liuyue was shocked speechless, the man and the fiend had already disappeared into the night sky.

Chu Liuyue returned to her own bedroom in the latter half of the night.

When Chu Liuyue saw the black cloak by the bed, she suddenly realized that Rong Xiu had forgotten to take it away.

Chu Liuyue frowned in contempt but still kept the cloak in the end.

She even planned on finding some time to return it to him.

She quickly fell into a deep slumber after she lay down, largely because of the many happenings in the day.

After Rong Xiu left the mansion, he walked on the marble path and turned around the corner.

Right after, someone hurriedly went forward and said, “Greetings, Master!”

It was Yan Qing.

“What happened” asked Rong Xiu lightly.

“Master, Chuan Qiong just sent us some news saying that Jiuyou Tower has strange movements,” said Yan Qing while panting and wiping off the beads of sweat on his forehead.

If it were not something urgent, Yan Qing wouldnt have dared to contact his master at this time.

However, this matter could not be delayed.

Chuan Qiong was a teacher at Tian Lu Academy.

Even though he was very experienced, he usually kept a low profile.

Nobody knew he worked for Rong Xiu.

Tian Lu Academy had an extraordinary status.

Even the royal family did not dare to mess with them.

Nobody would expect that Rong Xiu—who had been out of the city for many years—had actually planted a spy in Tian Lu Academy a long time ago.

Chuan Qiong had been in the academy for many years and never contacted them before.

This was the first time.

Thus, how would Yan Qing dare to take it slow He hurriedly rushed over anxiously.

Now, he could only secretly hope that he had not disturbed his master.

“Mm,” said Rong Xiu coldly and nodded; he did not look surprised.

“Let him continue observing it.”

Yan Qing was shocked.

“Master, y-you already guessed this would happen”

Jiuyou Tower is an important place in Tian Lu Academy.

How did Master predict that it would have some strange movements today Actually, how did he even arrange for Chuan Qiong to be there much earlier on…

Xue Xue yawned at the side as if it was frustrated.

Rong Xiu took a look and Xue Xue and suddenly asked, “What has the Fourth Princess been up to lately”

Yan Qing said hurriedly, “Fourth Princess has been making a fuss lately about going to the hunting ground.

She is even willing to pay an extravagant amount to do so.

I heard that she asked several aristocratic children to come along to hunt for high-level fiends.

Theyre going there tomorrow.”

Rong Xiu replied with an “Mm” and glanced at Xue Xue.

“You must let Fourth Princess have a good time.”

Xue Xue licked its paws, and its icy blue eyes sparkled coldly.

“Master, your cloak…” Master always wears a cloak when he goes out.

Why is it missing

Rong Xiu turned around, and the dark night sky blurred the outlines of the dark-green house.

“Ill come back and take it tomorrow.”


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