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His tall and broad figure vanished the next second.

The sun shining down on Mirror Lake—which was slowly regaining its calmness to reflect the azure sky—made a beautiful scenery.

Unknowingly, the frost on the Dancing Lotus had melted away.

Its pinkish translucent petals sparkled and danced along with the wind.

That roar had not only reached the Mirror Lake but also the Mystic Forest.

Everyone in the Mystic Forest heard it loud and clear and turned their heads in the direction of the sound with varying expressions.

Mu Hongyu couldnt resist asking, “What sort of fiend couldve made such a loud roar It must be a high-level fiend, right”

Lei Laosi chuckled as he looked over excitedly.

“High-level fiend Im afraid its beyond that level!”

Ye Ranran let out a shriek and hastily covered her mouth when she realized her outburst.

“C-could it be another legendary fiend!”

“What do you think” Lei Laosi turned to face Qin Yi.

“Its indeed a legendary fiend, but that roar sounded like it was coming from Red Moon Desert,” answered Qin Yi with squinted eyes. The Mystic Forest is basically under my control, so I can definitely sense it if any legendary fiend appears here.

Im certain that the abrupt roar came from Red Moon Desert, but Im surprised that the roar could actually reach this far, even for a legendary fiend.

That legendary fiend must be formidable…

“Red Moon Desert That far away” Everyone was surprised to hear that.

“Speaking of which, there are a lot of rumors about the Mystic Forest and Mirror Lake, but I dont think Ive heard much about the Red Moon Desert… I wonder what that mysterious place is like.” Mu Hongyu tilted her head in curiosity. I did some research on Dahuang Swamp before coming, but I couldnt find out much about the Red Moon Desert given how little information there was on it.

I only managed to get a glimpse of it when we came here, and from what I saw, it was a vast shiny desert with heatwaves rolling off it.

It was magnificent, grand, and majestic!

Qin Yis expression became serious.

“That place is off-limits; youre not allowed to step anywhere near that place! Even if you hear anything coming from there, I want all of you to ignore it.

You hear me”

Not expecting her casual remark to be met with such a serious warning from Qin Yi, Mu Hongyu hastily straightened her back and answered, “Yes!”

Red Moon Desert.

It was the time of day when the sun was its strongest.

Both the surface and the underground of the boundless desert were sizzling hot.

This place was like a giant steamer—stuffy and boiling.

A white figure was currently standing on a dune, and it was none other than Xue Xue.

To be precise, its fur was now yellowish and covered with dirt and grime.

Although it had lost a lot of weight during its time here, it had become much stronger than before.

Having met its target, the poor fiend was finally able to get some rest after running around the desert nonstop.

It couldnt help but let out a long sigh, hot tears filling its eyes as it looked at the undulating sand dunes in this desert. Im still alive…

A black figure gradually appeared in front of it.

Xue Xue—whose tears were clinging to the corners of its eyes—suddenly felt very embarrassed.

It had been so focused on training that it failed to notice its masters arrival.

A babyish voice was heard.

“The nerve of you to come here.”

The man removed his mask, revealing his distinguished and alluring face.

As it turned out, the man was Rong Xiu.


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