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“The Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed has a twin!” exclaimed Shangguan Jing out of shock and fury.

It has a twin Doesnt that mean there really are two Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seeds here! Appalled, Chu Liuyue turned her head back and saw the Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed that she had been fighting with still floating in front of her. It wasnt an illusion! Im indeed surrounded by two Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seeds! Although Im prepared to fight with the Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed, I thought I only had to deal with one! Its hard enough to deal with one, let alone two of them!

While Chu Liuyue was in a daze, the two Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seeds came flying toward her at the same time.

The pressure of which made her feel as if her organs were squished together and would burst out from her chest the next moment.

Avoid them… I have to avoid them! Countless thoughts ran through her mind as she gritted her teeth in determination.

She could imagine what would happen to her if she got hit by any of the seeds. However, I can only block the attack of one seed with the black shield.

What should I do about the other one! Even the pure gold armor cracked under its pressure.

It was no match for the Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed!

A screech was heard right then, followed by a red shadow flashing across her eyes.

Tuan Zi stood in front of Chu Liuyue protectively.

“Tuan Zi!” shouted Chu Liuyue. Theres no way Tuan Zi can withstand the combined force of two Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seeds.

Not even the pure gold armor managed to do so.

Even if Tuan Zi is a legendary fiend now, I cant let it take the risk!

With a flap of Tuan Zis wings, red flames came sweeping across to form a gigantic barrier in front of itself.

A Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed swiftly flew over, effortlessly shattering the barrier when they collided together.


The barrier could be heard cracking.

Being blocked by Tuan Zi, Chu Liuyue couldnt see what was going on at the front, but she heard that loud commotion.

Her heart clenched as she hastily tried to summon Tuan Zi back into her body so that it could avoid the attack.


Tuan Zi stubbornly stood still in front of her.

By right, it needed Chu Liuyues permission for everything it did since it was in a contractual relationship with her.

There was no way it could refuse her order if she insisted on summoning it back to her body.

But now that it had become a legendary fiend, it had a certain extent of autonomy, which was why it remained protecting Chu Liuyue behind itself.

Everything happened too quickly for any of them to react though.

A dull and short flesh-piercing sound was heard, which made Chu Liuyues heart drop.

She immediately looked up and saw a bloody, fist-sized hole in Tuan Zis left wing.

The Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed was actually just a small seed that was no more than the size of an adults knuckle.

Its tips were sharp, and its middle was slightly puffy.

By right, the hole left behind by something as small as it shouldnt be this big.

This only happened because of the seeds overwhelming aura and force.

Blood and flesh splattered everywhere.

A few drops of Tuan Zis warm blood even landed on Chu Liuyues face, but before she could even react to it, she saw the Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seeds approaching her once more.

Her eyes instantly glowed red.

‘Did you swap Yueers body

Rong Xius eyebrows twitched slightly at that.

It was utterly quiet around them, and all that could be heard was the soft rustling sound of the sand.

The sun was scorching hot, and there wasnt a single breeze.

The air around them—which seemed to have become sticky and boiling hot—made it difficult for one to even breathe.

Rong Xius slight pause felt like an eternity to the trio that was waiting for his answer.

Just as he parted his lips to say something, his expression suddenly changed as he spun around on his feet to face the Mystic Forest. Her pure gold armor cracked!

“Sorry, something happened at the Mystic Forest.

I have to rush over right away!” Rong Xiu said before lifting his foot to make a move.


Sand flew up and formed a fence in front of Rong Xiu to stop him from leaving.

“Whats going on there Make yourself clear first,” said Dugu Mobao. Although we spend most of our time in the desert and can only come out once a month on the night of the red moon, we can still somewhat sense the ongoings in Dahuang Swamp.

Everything seems fine at the moment, so what made Rong Xiu want to leave all of a sudden

Rong Xiu put on the silver mask as he said succinctly, “Her pure gold armor is damaged!”

“What Thats impossible.

That thing might be powerful, but its not at the level where it can damage the pure gold armor!” Dugu Mobao froze for a second before denying it right away. We studied that thing before, and it was only after ascertaining that it hadnt grown that we allowed Yueer to deal with it on her own.

Rong Xius voice was frosty as he said, “I left my mark on the armor, so theres no doubt about this.”

The elders began to feel uneasy when they heard how certain Rong Xiu sounded.

Diwu Zhangze hurriedly said, “Go! You have to keep her safe!”

Rong Xiu nodded and vanished the next second.

“Follow him, Xue Hua!” added Lan Xiao.

Xue Xue was pretty worried about Chu Liuyue too.

Thus, it lifted its paws and took off like a lightning bolt when it heard Lan Xiaos order.

It was only after the master-fiend duo left that Lan Xiao said, “Seriously, if it werent because were stuck in this hellhole, such a trivial matter would be nothing to us too! We gave that kid a chance to play hero again!”

“What matters most is Yueers safety.

It doesnt matter who saves her.” Diwu Zhangze snorted, sounding a little angry for once.

“Its just a casual remark.

But Big Baby, werent you certain that there wasnt any problem with that thing Whats going on now” asked Lan Xiao, disgruntled.

When Dugu Mobao stayed silent for a long time, Lan Xiao snorted.

“If something is really wrong with that thing and Yueer ends up getting injured…”

Diwu and I wont even need to do anything.

Youll be eaten up by guilt yourself! “Lets see how you explain it to Yueer!”

After a while, Dugu Mobao slowly but firmly said, “Shell be fine.”


A crisp and melodious sound reverberated across the dark and cramped space.

Chu Liuyue stared at the square cauldron—which suddenly appeared in front of her—in shock for a long time.

Just as she was about to fight back, the Heavenly Square Cauldron came out on its own and blocked the Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seeds attack.

The sound from earlier was the result of the collision between the two, and it sent the seed flying backward, much to Chu Liuyues surprise.

“This cauldron is so powerful, Liuyue!” It wasnt hard to hear the excitement in Shangguan Jings voice.

Chu Liuyue sighed in relief.

“I didnt know—”

Her voice faltered when she saw a crystal-white bone slowly floating out of the cauldron.

It turned out that the collision had knocked the great phoenix dragons skeleton out of it.


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