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When Chu Liuyue specifically and carefully stored this skeleton in the Heavenly Square Cauldron back then, she was precisely afraid that the great phoenix dragon would chase after her once they discovered its aura.

She didnt expect that the entire skeleton would get poured out with the collision with the Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed.

Chu Liuyues heart suddenly trembled as she immediately placed the skeleton back.


That skeleton floated a few inches above the hole of the cauldron before it was shoved back by Chu Liuyue, producing an impact sound.

Chu Liuyue was stunned as she stared at the Heavenly Square Cauldron closely.

This time, that skeleton didnt come out again.

But when she thought of the scene that just happened, Chu Liuyue still felt lingering fear. At that moment, the skeleton had no coverage at all.

Will the great phoenix dragon detect it

“Yes.” The legendary three-eyed eagles voice sounded in her heart.

Chu Liuyue was shocked.


“The great phoenix dragon is one of the two largest clans with the strongest bloodlines in the world.

They have very strong telepathy with their own clan members.

Even if theyre miles away, they can still detect it without any disruptions.” The legendary three-eyed eagle sounded much more solemn.

“With the restriction of the Long Yuan Sword and the Heavenly Square Cauldron, this items aura didnt spread everywhere previously.

But just now…”

Chu Liuyues heart gradually sank.

Originally, she still had a tinge of hope, but with the current situation… She was afraid that it was dangerous.

“Then, do we have any other methods” Chu Liuyue asked with a headache. Great phoenix dragon… Without thinking, one would know that I cant be the match of such an existence!

The legendary three-eyed eagle fell silent.

Shangguan Jing suddenly said, “Actually, its not that theres no other way.

If the great phoenix dragon clan comes here, they will definitely want the corpse back.

Liuyue, why dont you quickly use this skeleton on the legendary three-eyed eagle so that it cant fight with you anymore”

Chu Liuyue was dazed. Ancestor is telling me… to help the legendary three-eyed eagle reconstruct its physical body

“This is one method, but I still lack the herbs to reconstruct its physical body, Ancestor…”

Shangguan Jing coughed.

“I remember that you already have the purplish-gold Buddha leaf, right You can do it as long as you have that! As for the rest… the Long Yuan Sword should have them.”

“What” At that moment, Chu Liuyue thought that she was hearing things.

“What did you say the Long Yuan Sword has”

The Tianling Dynastys ancestor paused, and his voice seemed to float around.

“J-just the herbs that can help the legendary fiend reconstruct its physical body… I think there seems to be some left… However, its mostly because you already have the purplish-gold Buddha leaf.

Thats the most important thing.”

The hilt of the Long Yuan Sword was a gigantic space.

The spaces interior contained all sorts of treasures and riches that Shangguan Jing took out from the Tianling God Realm.

As there really were too many, even Chu Liuyue didnt completely know what was inside.

Hearing her ancestor say this, she then knew that it even contained all these items!

“Bloody cloud crystal”


“Ink Yuan bamboo”


“Spiritual fruit”

“…I think so.”

“…” Chu Liuyues eyelids harshly twitched.

Shangguan Jing felt guilty and hurriedly explained, “Actually, this matter is a little complicated.

I also found it unintentionally back then.

Even though I used up some of them, there is still quite a bit left.

At the start, I didnt recall this either as there are too many things after all… Ahem, I didnt tell you at first because I wanted to give you more chances to train yourself up first!”

The ancestor genuinely meant this.

At the start, he really didnt remember that these things existed.

However, he finally recalled them when he saw Chu Liuyue retrieve the purplish-gold Buddha leaf.

But Chu Liuyue and the legendary three-eyed eagle werent very anxious about this matter at that time.

Hence, he didnt bring it up and wanted her to find them herself so that she could train herself up.

If she really lacked something in the end, he would bring out the items.

I didnt expect to coincidentally meet with todays situation…

“…Liuyue, you wont be angry at me, right” asked Shangguan Jing hesitantly.

Chu Liuyue was caught between laughter and tears.

“Ancestor, why would I be angry at you Youre helping me so willingly, and I cant even thank you enough.”

However, this incident happened too suddenly, and she didnt expect it at all.

Thus, she was taken aback.

Strictly speaking, these were her ancestors items after all, and he had no responsibility to give them all to her.

She was indeed elated to be able to settle her current crisis.

But hearing Ancestors words, he seems to have many of such things before and even used them Even if he needed to use them himself, there doesnt seem to be a need to leave so much behind… Doubts flashed across Chu Liuyues mind, but the current situation was urgent.

She couldnt ask in detail, and she could only suppress her inner doubts.


Another collision sound was heard!

Chu Liuyue immediately turned around to look.

This time, another one struck the black shield.

Thankfully, this impact didnt leave behind any marks on the black shield.

It was much better than the armor that was split open previously.

Chu Liuyues gaze turned cold. This black shield indeed has a higher level than the pure gold armor and is even stronger in terms of defensiveness.

She felt slightly more at ease as she looked at the other one. I can completely hand my back over to the black shield.

I just have to settle this side now…

Her gaze landed on the Heavenly Square Cauldron.

An idea popped up in her mind as the transparent square cauldron started turning slowly and flying in front.

The Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed seemed to have detected a suppression as it started to retreat.

Chu Liuyue was elated. This Heavenly Square Cauldron does seem to be able to deal with this—

The Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed suddenly rushed forward!

Chu Liuyue looked up, and then she saw another Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed flying over! She watched on as the two Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seeds were about to collide.

“Liuyue, stop them! Once the two twin seeds merge, itll be even harder to deal with them!” Shangguan Jing hollered.

Chu Liuyue directly flung out her Long Yuan Sword.

A cold gleam flashed across, and it flew between the two Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seeds.

At the same time, the Heavenly Square Cauldron slowly flew toward one of them.

The transparent fire tongue came out from within.

In the blink of an eye, the Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed was taken away by the transparent fire before settling in the Heavenly Square Cauldron.

From start to end, the entire process was very smooth like water, without any pauses at all.

It was as if… that Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed was just an ordinary toy.

Even Chu Liuyue was secretly shocked. I suspected that the Heavenly Square Cauldron could handle the Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed, but I didnt expect it to be this easy!

The next second, the second Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed was swallowed by the second fire.

Less than a few seconds had passed from start to finish.

The Heavenly Square Cauldron rapidly shrunk and landed in Chu Liuyues hands.

Chu Liuyue carefully scrutinized the tiny transparent square cauldron.

With this look, she could vaguely see the great phoenix dragons skeleton and the two Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seeds within.

However, the two seeds were separated, and they each took a side.

Chu Liuyue blinked, feeling disbelief that the Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed was defeated just like that.

Shangguan Jing suddenly asked, “Where did you get your square cauldron from”


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