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Mystic Forest.

In midair, a white lion was… quietly floating.

Qin Yi and the rest looked up at it.

After a while, Lei Laosi couldnt help but ask, “Big Brother, what kind of fiend is this Why does it keep staying above us”

He originally thought that it was going to rush down, but after it circled twice in the air, it just stopped there.

It didnt move or come down.

This made the few people below dazed.

Qin Yi also felt that it was weird.

Previously, he felt that there was something amiss in the Mystic Forest; then, this white lion appeared.

After it stopped in midair, there wasnt much commotion in the surroundings.

Due to this, they could basically confirm that the previous commotion came from it.

However… Even he couldnt really tell what kind of fiend this was.

He also didnt know why it did not do anything after arriving. But from the current situation, it doesnt seem to have murderous intent and shouldnt be coming for us.

“Ignore it first,” said Qin Yi.

After all, it was a legendary fiend.

They had to be careful around it.

Lei Laosi scratched his head and muttered, “It looks like a white lion legendary fiend… but I havent heard of it before…”

When Ye Ranran heard this, she couldnt help but say, “Big Brother Lei, is that a… white lion Its body seems to be yellow”

Xue Xue—who was stopped outside by its own master—was filled with vengeance as it couldnt enter nor retreat and felt that its life was bitter.

Hearing this, its heart harshly shivered, and it wanted to run away immediately!

How humiliating! My originally snow-white fur was stained with countless layers of yellow sand, causing me to become a dirty-yellow color. Xue Xue roared with hatred.


At that moment, the woods vibrated.

However, the few people below werent too affected by it.

Ye Ranran was frightened, and she pulled on Mu Hongyus sleeves.

“Hongyu, why do I feel like its angry at me…”

“Its originally a white lion, and it became like this after it came from the Red Moon Desert.

It mustve heard what you previously said, so it naturally wont be happy.” Qin Yi turned around and explained, “Dont forget that legendary fiends have almost the same standard of spiritual thinking as humans.”

Ye Ranran shrunk her neck.

“So legendary fiends care about this so much…”

Mu Hongyu lightly patted her shoulders.

“Ranran, dont worry.

I think it doesnt have any ill intentions toward us!”

Even though it roared, they didnt feel the impact of this strength, which showed that it purposely avoided them.

Ye Ranran then felt relieved.

Suddenly, Qiang Wanzhou stood up! His action was very fast and even a little hurried, which immediately attracted their attention.

Qin Yi seemed to have predicted something.

“Whats going on”

Qiang Wanzhous eyes seemed to have millions of stars dazzling.

“I feel that shes about to come out soon.”

Xi Ling.

Imperial Palace, Huayang Palace.

Shangguan Wan leaned against the head of the bed as Chan Yi kneeled on the floor and fed her medicine.

“Your Highness, this is the last dose of medication for the day.

Please drink it,” said Chan Yi as she carefully scooped a little onto her spoon and sent it to Shangguan Wans lips.

Shangguan Wans lips turned pale as she weakly drank the medicine.

When she swallowed a mouthful of it, her thin brows immediately furrowed tightly as the bitter and bloodily sweet taste overwhelmed her, causing her to choke.

She endured this and drank the medicine.

Her stomach tumbled, and she almost spat it out!

But in the end, she still held it in.

Chan Yi didnt dare to say much as she continued to feed her diligently.

When she finished feeding the entire bowl of medicine, Chan Yis forehead was already filled with tiny beads of sweat.

She hurriedly put away her items and said flatteringly, “Physician Zuo said that your health took a turn for the better.

After finishing this medicine today, we can change to another one tomorrow.

As long as you rest properly, your body will definitely improve!”

When Shangguan Wan heard this, she was unaffected.

Gradually, her gaze even had a tinge of mockery.

She slowly caressed her face and softly asked, “Then, did he say when the scar on my face would recover”

Chan Yi looked down.

“This… Physician Zuo said that the wound on your face is a little troublesome and that it needs some time…”

Shangguan Wan coldly sneered.

“Do you really think Im an idiot”

Chan Yi paused.

“Your Highness, youre blessed, so theres definitely a way…”

“Youre dismissed.” Shangguan Wan was long tired of hearing such words, so she waved her hands in frustration.

Chan Yi could only dismiss herself.

“Ill just wait for you outside then.

If you need me, just call for me.”

Then, she respectfully exited.

The moment the door closed, Shangguan Wans expression immediately became cold and vengeful.

Actually, her face was currently filled with scars.

There wasnt a single good spot, so she couldnt make any expression.

She didnt dare to move at will, terrified that the scabs that formed with much difficulty would tear again.

She could only express all her emotions through her eyes.

During these few days after her return to Xi Ling, she felt that she was better off dead.

After experiencing all that torture that day, her body was heavily damaged.

Hence, she could only recuperate in bed during this period.

She used up quite a bit of her force, but thankfully, the Yuan meridian she tried so hard to heal wasnt affected because of this.

This comforted Shangguan Wan a little.

But in the end, she discovered an even worse thing—the scar on her face seemed to be even more serious than ordinary wounds.

No matter what method she used and what medicine she tried, there didnt seem to be any obvious effects.

Every time she thought it was going to get better, it would rot again for some reason.

As these things happened over and over again, her face wasnt lookable anymore.

This also caused her to only be able to hide in here and not go out to see anyone.

Shangguan Wan was enraged and terrified. If my face really doesnt recover… Then, what should I do in the future I can still drag it for a while now, but I need to go out next time! This is especially so because my wedding with Jiang Yucheng is getting nearer and nearer.

On the day of the wedding, I still need to see the officers and commoners…

Knock, knock…

Hurried knocks were heard.

“Your Highness, I have something to report.”

What can happen now Shangguan Wan knitted her brows.

“Come in.”

Chan Yi opened the door and hurriedly walked in, her face looking a little incredulous.

The moment she reached the front of Shangguan Wans bed, she directly kneeled down.

“Your Highness, the Prince Consort and the rest are back!”

“Why are they so fast” Shangguan Wan was stunned. How long has it been Not even half a month, right Did they successfully retrieve the Dancing Lotus

“Where are they now”

“I heard that the Prince Consort is injured and that he has already returned to the Jiang Residence to rest.

As for the rest… Theyre waiting for you at Minghua Palace.”

Shangguan Wans heart sank, and she hurriedly asked, “Did they obtain the Dancing Lotus”


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