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“I-I dont think so…” Chan Yi lowered her head even more. If they retrieved it successfully, they would definitely send the news back instantly.

But now, Jiang Yucheng has already returned to the Jiang Residence to recuperate.

The rest are already waiting at Minghua Palace, but nobody has brought up the Dancing Lotus.

We can basically confirm that they didnt come back successful this time.

Shangguan Wan suddenly straightened her body as she was shocked and enraged.

She widened her eyes, and her expression was harsh.

“Nonsense! All of them are elites in the Tianling Dynasty.

How can they not have it!”

Jian Shuye! Weichi Song! Song Luan! All of them are famous characters! Even the Grand Tutor, Xiahou Rong, is also a peak stage-seven warrior! They would be terrifying in terms of skills if the few of them joined hands.

Why would they come back empty-handed!

With this movement, Shangguan Wans wounds started hurting again.

The scab on her face also split again as blood gradually flowed down, hurting her.

She gasped.

Her health was terrible, and in addition to the anger attacking her heart, she directly collapsed backward.

“Your Highness!” Chan Yi yelled in shock as she hurriedly held her up.

“Your Highness, you must take care of your body.

You cant get angry!”

Shangguan Wans face turned as white as a sheet, and her eyes seemed to be burning with fire before she pushed her maidservant away.

“Get lost! Useless trash, go away!”

Cant get angry Hearing this kind of news, how can I not get angry!

Chan Yi hurriedly kneeled down.

Actually, she was also stunned when she heard this piece of news just now.

Who wouldve thought that these few people would also fail to achieve anything when they worked together

Chan Yi had long expected Shangguan Wans reaction, but she had no choice.

The matter was too important, and she didnt dare to hide it from the latter.

Besides, how could she hide this incident Jian Shuye and the rest were still waiting at Minghua Palace!

“Y-Your Highness, you mustnt be angry! Theyre still waiting for you to go to Minghua Palace!”

It wasnt only the matter at Minghua Palace.

Now that Jiang Yucheng was resting in his residence, there would definitely be many things that required Shangguan Wan to attend to personally.

When Shangguan Wan thought of this, her mind was in a mess. Waiting for me to go over Do they want me to meet the crowd with such a face!

Shangguan Wan was enraged. I dont understand.

Everything was clearly fine before, so why did it suddenly become so rough I originally thought that I could relax and wait to get married and ascend the throne with the wedding date settled, but things keep cropping up in between continuously! My face, Jiang Yuchengs wound, the injured Black Guards… and that Dancing Lotus I cant retrieve no matter what!

Once the news gets out, they will definitely criticize me for being useless.

I previously set up the stage for myself to get a good reputation, so I purposely invited so many people to go to Dahuang Swamp.

In the end, we came back tragically.

I originally hoped that they could bring the Dancing Lotus back this time so that I could explain to the public.

However, I didnt expect it to turn into naught! Now, how much I played out the trip back then will equate to my humiliation!

Shangguan Wan suppressed her anger with much difficulty as she coldly said, “Just tell them that Im resting now and cant go out.

Invite Song Luan to see me alone.

As for the rest, they had a tiring trip, so let them go back first.”


After Jiang Yucheng returned to Xi Ling, he rushed back to his Jiang Residence instantly.

Within the room, Feng Shanyuan placed his hand on Jiang Yuchengs wrist and gradually knitted his brows, his expression looking very solemn.

After a while, he let go and stared at Jiang Yucheng, unable to conceal the shock in his voice.

“Eldest Young Master, your body—”

Didnt he just make a trip to Dahuang Swamp How long has it been Why did his injuries suddenly become so serious

“Did… you fight with someone” Feng Shanyuan asked in a very roundabout manner.

Jiang Yucheng nodded, but he didnt speak about it in detail as he knitted his brows.

“Do you have any ways of treating it”

Feng Shanyuan sighed.

“Eldest Young Master, you know your body the best, right With such a wound, you probably wont fully recover without half a year.”

It never rains but pours.

Jiang Yuchengs expression became increasingly grave. Ive already been injured recently, and it was already hard for me to recover then.

With this now… It would probably be harder! From start to end, that man only used one finger.

However, I didnt even have the strength to retaliate as I was completely crushed.

There was never a moment where Jiang Yucheng felt that he was miles apart from that person.

In comparison, he was like a tiny speck of dust—lowly and useless.

Jiang Yucheng was born to be a talent, and he was always stronger than the rest.

Since when did other people treat him like this

The more upsetting thing was that the man in black seemed to disregard him completely! The greatest contempt was nonchalance!

Jiang Yucheng felt like there was a rock stuck in his heart, and he felt stifled. Feng Shanyuan is right.

I know my condition the best.

“Is there really no other way” He darkened his face and asked again. Half a year… I definitely cant do it.

The wedding date is coming closer, and there are too many things I have to do!

Feng Shanyuan thought for a long while and finally said, “If you really want… Its not that there are no other methods, but you have to suffer…”

“Lets start then.”

Minghua Palace.

Jian Shuye and the rest sat on both sides, and the hall was silent.

Nobody expected their trip to Dahuang Swamp would have such a hurried end.

After they were chased out, they wanted to go back again.

However, they realized that the transportation formation was sealed! This way, they had no other choice and could only return.

As for the Dancing Lotus, they naturally couldnt think about it anymore.

The few of them were all important people in the Tianling Dynasty and had superb capabilities.

Who knew that they would end up in such a humiliating situation

After Jiang Yucheng was sent to his Jiang Residence to rest, they first came to the palace and planned to report the incident to Shangguan Wan so that she could decide what to do next.

Very quickly, someone came from outside.

A palace maid hurried forward and greeted the few of them one by one before saying to Song Luan, “The Third Princess is still unwell, and she cant see the few of you at the same time.

Therefore, Master Song, please go to Huayang Palace first.”

The few of them werent surprised by this.

Song Luan was originally closer to Shangguan Wan, so it was normal for her to call him over.

Jian Shuye couldnt help but ask, “How is the Third Princesss health So many days have passed, but she hasnt gotten better”

Counting from the day she came back, it had already been half a month.

They had heard that Shangguan Wan stayed in Huayang Palace during this entire half-month and didnt go out at all.

Many things were settled in Huayang Palace.

How exactly did she injure herself so severely

One had to know that with her current status, she would easily incur other peoples guesses if she didnt reveal herself for a long time.

“Coincidentally, Old Song and I are both heavenly doctors.

Why dont we go and check the Third Princesss wounds Old Song, what do you think”


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