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Chapter 800: Completely Humiliated

Weichi Song nodded.

“Thats good too.

The Third Princesss health is precious; we must take care of it.”

The palace maid didnt expect them to say this and was put into a difficult spot.

“Uh… Ms.

Chan Yi only said to invite Master Song alone… I dont dare to make my own decisions.”

In the palace, who doesnt live by Chan Yis words Chan Yi has always been very strict regarding the Third Princesss matters.

If I bring these two people over, Chan Yi wont dare to say anything given their high status.

However, my own safety would be compromised.

Jian Shuye chuckled and seemingly said jokingly, “We all know that the Third Princess trusts Chan Yi a lot and sees her very highly, but shes just a slave at the end of the day.

Do we still need to gain her permission before the three of us can see the Third Princess”

The palace maid hurriedly kneeled down.

“I dont mean it that way! B-but…”

“But what Were just worried about the Third Princesss health, so we specifically want to visit her.

If the Third Princess really doesnt want to see us when we get to Huayang Palace, we cant force her either.”

This sentence stumped the palace maid.

It was fine if it were others, but Jian Shuye and Weichi Song were both top heavenly doctors in the Tianling Dynasty.

If they suggested checking the Third Princesss health, it did make sense.

Xiahou Rong slightly knitted his brows and said, “Actually, we dont have to go.

After all, the palace still has Physician Zuo and the rest with advanced medical skills.

If we go there now, we might disturb…”

Weichi Song silently interrupted him.

“The Third Princess hasnt come out in a long while, and all of us are very worried.

The Eldest Young Master is also injured now and has to rest in bed.

If nobody comes out to take the helm, the world will fall into chaos.

Were doing this for everyones good.

Why would we harm the Third Princess”

Since he had already said so to this extent, the palace maid couldnt say anything else.

She could only force herself to agree.

Xiahou Rongs lips moved.

He wanted to stop them, but he couldnt think of any reason.

Jian Shuye glanced at him, chuckled, and said, “Officer Xiahou, you dont look very well.

Are you exhausted from the trip Why dont you quickly go back and rest”

Xiahou Rong immediately rejected this suggestion.

“Since you are all going, why wouldnt I go”

On the way back, Jiang Yucheng clearly didnt want Jian Shuye and Weichi Song to enter the palace because he didnt want them to see the Third Princess.

Now that we cant stop them, I definitely have to follow them just in case.

Hence, the few of them followed the palace maid to Huayang Palace.

Very quickly, the few of them reached the palace.

When Chan Yi—who was waiting at the door anxiously—saw the few of them coming over, she immediately froze.

The palace maid jogged over and apprehensively explained the situation to Chan Yi.

“…These few officers were worried about Her Highnesss health, so they came together and wanted to check on her.”

Chan Yi was stunned. They want to give the Third Princess a check-up How can this be The current Third Princess cant see anyone in her state! If the few of them see it… a huge commotion will arise!

She respectfully greeted the few of them before tactfully saying that it was inconvenient for Shangguan Wan to meet so many people at once.

Other than Song Luan, it would be better if the remaining few returned.

Jian Shuye sneered in his heart. Its not that she doesnt want to meet other people; instead, she clearly doesnt want to meet Weichi Song and me!

He was just curious at the start, but he could now tell that something was amiss.

Isnt Shangguan Wan guilty Even if her health is poor, it cant be so difficult to meet a few more people.

Besides, mine and Weichi Songs medical skills are definitely at the top in the Tianling Dynasty, yet Shangguan Wan is avoiding us like the plague.

It really is suspicious.

Seeing that the few of them refused to leave, Chan Yi could only say, “Physician Zuo and the rest have always been taking care of Her Highnesss health.

Do the few of you not trust Physician Zuo”

“You cant say that—”

Jian Shuye was about to retort when Weichi Song suddenly said, “We definitely trust Zuo Mingxis skills.

Since this is so, well let Her Highness rest properly.

Well leave first.”

Then, he really turned around to leave.

Jian Shuye was stumped but could only follow him.

Xiahou Rong heaved a sigh of relief and left not long later.

Very quickly, only Song Luan was left.

Chan Yi said, “Master Song, please—”

“Old Song, why did you suddenly leave” Jian Shuye caught up with Weichi Song as he knitted his brows.

He couldnt understand the latters actions. Old Song can definitely tell the problem here.

As long as we continued asking, we could definitely find out about something! However, Old Song suddenly stopped and is acting very strange.

Weichi Song said, “Since she doesnt want to meet us, why force her”

“Are you not worried” Something is definitely amiss.

Who knows what shes planning on doing

Weichi Song suddenly laughed.

“Isnt she the most worried”

Shangguan Wan is very ambitious.

Yueer only left less than two years ago, but she actually plans to replace her.

She even wants to ascend the throne directly while His Majesty is still in coma.

Everyone can tell what shes trying to do.

She wants to have all the power in her hands and is terrified that someone will fight with her.

If she didnt meet with grave trouble, why would she refuse to see people for so long The officers in the imperial court can wait for a day or two, but this definitely cant drag on.

At this point, the most anxious person is none other than Shangguan Wan herself.

Jian Shuye was dazed and suddenly recovered his senses.

“Youre saying…”

“Im old, and I cant do things as well as before.

I cant even get a Dancing Lotus back for the Third Princess.

Im truly ashamed of myself.” Then, Weichi Song walked toward the front.

“Liuyue and the rest havent left behind any traces, so Ill go back to Qing Yuan Mountain and wait for their news! As for the rest, I cant intervene!”

Jian Shuye sneered in his heart. Weichi Song is planning to spread the news of us not achieving anything during the Dahuang Swamp journey One can just imagine how humiliated Shangguan Wan would be by then! Hes indeed still a cunning fox! In the past two years or so, Chong Xu Cabinet kept getting attacked.

Weichi Song also became much more low-key than before.

I originally thought that he could never recover from this defeat, but now, there is finally some fun!

An idea popped up in his mind as he stroked his chin.

“Heh, why dont I meet Zuo Mingxi”

Perhaps I can find out about something!

Almost overnight, the news of Shangguan Wan bringing troops to Dahuang Swamp and ending up with many casualties without being able to retrieve a single treasure for His Majesty had spread throughout the entire Xi Ling City.

Furthermore, she had even specifically sent Jian Shuye and other elites to go over, but they still came back empty-handed.

Even if the palace had tried to suppress the news, there was no use at all.

After all, quite a few people had seen their appearances when returning that day.

The rumors spread everywhere in no time, and everyone partook in heated discussions.

Chun Feng Restaurant.

Jian Fengchi leaned against the chair and smiled delightfully.

“This time, our Third Princess is utterly humiliated!”

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