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Chapter 803: Return Books

Jian Fengchi paused in his actions and then looked up as if he wasnt doing anything.

His gaze had his usual nonchalance.

“Am I not waiting for you” His voice was lazy as he dragged out his final note, which had a tinge of flirtiness.

A faint light seemed to flash across his icy eyes as the light dazzled, and it made people sink in at one glance.

Chan Yis face warmed up for some reason.

Even though she knew that Jian Fengchi was just teasing her, her heart still fluttered.

Jian Fengchis flirtatious reputation outside wasnt for naught.

According to what Shangguan Yue said back then, he had a way of cheating girls.

Jian Fengchi had always treated this comment as a compliment.

At many times, using this method could save him a lot of trouble.

It was a pity that stupid Shangguan Yue didnt get it at all.

However, Jian Fengchi was also thankful that he didnt really do anything.

If not, he might not even be able to walk out of the palace today.

After all, Chan Yi was Shangguan Wans confidant that had been with her for many years, so she was mentally stronger than a lot of other ordinary girls.

She quickly picked herself up and said, “Her Highness has given her permission.

Young Master Jian, you can proceed to Shaoyue Palace now.”

Jian Fengchi nodded and smiled.

“Then, I have to thank Her Highness and you, Ms.

Chan Yi.”

After that, he relaxingly left.

Chan Yi glanced at the position he previously stood at and was vaguely worried.

But thinking that everything before happened very smoothly and discreetly and that Jian Fengchi had only stood there for a while, he shouldnt have discovered anything.

Hence, she temporarily set this matter aside.

For some reason, Her Highnesss mood has been very temperamental these two days.

Her taking of Physician Zuos medicine is dependent on her mood, but the surprising thing is that her body seems to have taken a turn for the better.

Theres an obvious improvement compared to the beginning. Chan Yi didnt know why, but she didnt dare to ask further as she served Shangguan Wan carefully.

According to the current situation, Her Highness should recover soon.

Jiang Yucheng was also recovering at an extraordinary speed.

With Feng Shanyuans help, his body was getting better day by day, and the wound on his chest had already formed a scab.

After a while longer, he could recover fully.

Even the wound on his stomach had signs of recovery—that scorching feeling never appeared again.

This made Jiang Yucheng heave a huge sigh of relief.

Jian Fengchi came to Shaoyue Palace alone.

This place was much colder compared to before, but there were still quite a few people serving in this place.

Seeing Jian Fengchi arrive, a palace maid quickly welcomed him.

“Greetings, Young Master Jian.”

She had clearly received instructions.

Jian Fengchi wasnt surprised as he honestly said, “I came here to return the Princesss medical books.”

That palace maid hurriedly said, “Ill bring you over right—”

“I have come here many times.

Do I still need you to lead the way Ill go there myself!” Jian Fengchi interrupted that palace maid as he directly walked in.

He seemed to be walking slowly, but his speed was extremely fast as he quickly walked in.

Seeing this, the palace maid hurriedly chased after him and said, “Young Master Jian, you cant go inside!”

Jian Fengchi paused in his tracks.

“Oh Why is that so”

“T-thats where the Princess lived when she was alive.

You…” The palace maid didnt dare to say anything that was too rude, and she stammered for a very long time.

Jiang Yucheng was nonchalant.

“Even if the Princess were still alive, she might not be able to stop me.

What, do you want to try”

Even though he was smiling, harsh coldness could be seen in his eyes.

The surrounding palace maids exchanged glances.

“Im just going to return a few books.

If youre worried that you cant explain it properly, you can just follow me in.”

“I wouldnt dare!” If the Third Princess found out, I probably wouldnt be able to keep my life.

Jian Fengchi lightly grunted.

“Since this is so, Ill leave the door open.

You can just watch from outside—is that okay”

The palace maids hesitated for a long time and thought that this was the only solution, so they agreed.

Jian Fengchi raised his feet and walked in.

It was clear that nobody had been here in a while as everything had a layer of dust on it.

Jian Fengchi sneered in his heart. Shangguan Wan always tells outsiders how much she misses the Princess and how important the latters belongings are to her, but yet she managed her residence until this state…

Even though the door was open, Jian Fengchi had his back facing the people outside.

His gaze quickly scanned the surroundings as the smile in his eyes gradually dissipated.

He looked solemn as he walked to the table, took out a few medical books, and placed them on the shelf behind.

Actually, returning books wasnt his main intention.

He did borrow a few books from Shangguan Yue a few years ago.

After all, there were many treasured books in the entire Tianling Dynasty.

Shangguan Yue also liked to keep treasured books.

Jian Fengchi regularly asked her to let him read some books and would even see her notes on top of them.

However, he frequently forgot to return them.

This caused Shangguan Yue to cause trouble for him.

In the end, this period of forgetting ended up being so long.

Nobody chased after him anymore.

He placed the books properly, and in the end, he hit his elbow and accidentally dropped the book at the side down.

He bent down and picked the book up.

He was about to put it back when he realized that there was no name on the book cover.

The pages were slightly curled, and it looked like it had been flipped through many times.

He curiously flipped the book open.

There were a few lines of words on the page.

Jian Fengchi recognized every single word, but when grouped together, he didnt know what they meant. However, this handwriting is indeed Shangguan Yues.

When did she leave it behind

Mystic Forest.

Time slowly trickled past.

A gigantic skeleton floated in the air in front of Chu Liuyue.

After a long time of nourishment, the bloodline power within seemed to have been completely released.

The bloodline power that looked like lines of blood gradually became clear, and it finally formed a blood pearl in the middle.

Even though this blood pearl was only the size of a dragons eye, it contained an extremely strong suppression.

At the start, the skeletons jade-white color became transparent bit by bit.

When the blood pearl formed, Chu Liuyue sighed deeply.

Her clothes had already been drenched by sweat, and her lips were slightly pale.

This was the great phoenix dragons skeleton, and it used up a lot of strength to refine the force within, especially because Chu Liuyue was still a stage-five warrior.

If it werent for her dantian having endless force, she wouldnt even be able to hang on.

When the blood pearl completely formed, Chu Liuyue didnt rest as she threw all the ingredients beside her in.

At the same time, an idea popped into her mind.

An ancient zither appeared in front of her.

A faint purplish-gold color appeared on the zither, and it dazzled in a lively manner.

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