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Xi Ling.

The lamps were lit, and the bright moon hung high.

Chun Feng Restaurant was as crowded as usual, but Shui Liuer stayed in her room alone and disregarded everything that happened outside.

Today was her usual rest day, so she didnt serve customers.

Besides, she still had something to do at night—she planned to make a trip to Xiahou Residence.

She originally told Jian Fengchi that she would go the next day, but after some thought, she felt that it would be more discreet to take action at night.

This was because Xiahou Rong had already returned to Xi Ling and had stayed in his residence the past few days.

A few days ago, she considered that Xiahou Rong would definitely be more alert since he just came back.

Now, he shouldve relaxed a little.

As for that persons identity… It wont be too late to verify it when I have the chance. Shui Liuer started to dress up.

For safety purposes, she naturally had to change her appearance.

She took out a thin mask.

Just when she was about to wear it, she heard a familiar voice come from outside her door.

“Wheres Liuer Get her to serve me!”

Xiahou Tingan! Why is he here! Also, he sounds like hes drunk. Hearing the noise coming up the stairs, Shui Liuer swiftly put away her things.

“Second Young Master Xiahou, you came at an unfortunate time.


Liuer is resting today, so why dont you look for another lady” advised Nanny Zhang kindly.

“I only want her to accompany me today! I dont want anyone else! Where is she Get her out!” Perhaps because he was drunk, but Xiahou Tingan was more arrogant than usual and even dared to yell out loud in Chun Feng Restaurant.

Nanny Zhang laughed as she silently blocked him and was in a very difficult spot.

“Second Young Master, its not the first time youre in Chun Feng Restaurant.

You also know the rules here.

If Ms.

Liuer wants to rest, even I cant convince her otherwise.

She has always been very stubborn.

Even if we manage to force her out, she will definitely ruin your mood.

A new lady arrived here recently, and shes very good at playing the zither too.

Why dont I bring her over for you”

However, Xiahou Tingan didnt listen to her and pushed her away.


Nanny Zhang was suddenly pushed and slammed against the barrier, causing her waist to hurt very much.

Xiahou Tingan chuckled in contempt as he continued walking forward and mocked, “Very good at playing the zither What do you know Ive heard the best zither in this world; how can others be compared to her Dont dirty my ears!”

Nanny Zhangs expression changed slightly.

She vaguely knew who he was talking about as she suppressed the anger in her stomach.

She held her waist and walked over.

“Second Young Master, you really cant do this—”

Xiahou Tingan was very annoyed as frustration filled his face.

“Why I came to your small Chun Feng Restaurant to be happy, yet I still need to mind myself around here Listen to your commands”

I already had enough at home!

“Get lost!”

Just as he was about to take action, he heard a soft and sweet voice.

“Hold on!”

Nanny Zhang looked up and was stunned.

“Liuer, why did you come out”

Shui Liuer laughed gently.

“I heard your voice far away, Second Young Master Xiahou.

Since you personally picked me, then its my honor.

I, of course, wont reject you at the door.”

She spoke as she looked at Xiahou Tingan.

“Second Young Master, please—”

Xiahou Tingan was then satisfied as he glanced at Nanny Zhang warningly.

“If youre half as understanding as Ms.

Liuer, you can save a lot of trouble.

Do you understand”

However, Nanny Zhang didnt recover from her shock as she looked at Shui Liuer in confusion and surprise. She usually rests on this day.

Even if the Emperor came, she wouldnt come out to welcome him, let alone a mere Second Young Master of the Xiahou family.

When Shui Liuer first came back then, it wasnt that nobody bullied her—some even wanted to humiliate her—but all of those people stopped in the end in various ways.

Ever since then, nobody dared to be that unreasonable in Xi Ling.

Xiahou Tingan is drunk today, and his brain is muddled, which is why he dares to do so.

However, it isnt like we cant handle it.

There really is no need for Shui Liuer to personally appear.

But Shui Liuer just smiled.

“Nanny Zhang, can I trouble you to invite Second Young Master to the room there Ill come over after tidying up.”

Nanny Zhang was very confused, but she could only do as Shui Liuer said.

Xiahou Tingan openly walked into the room.

If he were more alert and sensitive, he would detect that something was amiss.

It was a pity that he couldnt detect anything at this point.

He was even secretly delighted because he thought that his status had suppressed them.

Not long later, Shui Liuer indeed carried a pipa over.

She glanced at Nanny Zhang.

“Nanny Zhang, Second Young Master has a distinguished status.

May I trouble you to serve him our best wine here”

Nanny Zhang didnt know what she was planning, but she still did it.

Very quickly, the servants served the wine.

Xiahou Tingan opened it, and a fresh wine smell wafted toward his nose.

It was a superior Green Bamboo Leaf Wine!

Within the room, there was only Xiahou Tingan and Shui Liuer left.

Shui Liuer very gently asked, “Second Young Master, what do you want to hear”

Xiahou Tingan thought for a while.

“Play what youre best at!”

Then, he started drinking.

Shui Liuers eyes sparkled as she smiled and agreed.


After that, she plucked at the strings with her bare hands.

With this, the melodious pipa sounds were heard.

Xiahou Tingan felt agitated and stifled as he continuously drank a few cups of wine.

Shui Liuer stopped, raising her sharp brows as if in worry.

“Second Young Master, you seem to be in a bad mood.

What is upsetting you”

Xiahou Tingans head was a little dizzy.

When he heard this, he opened his mouth and said whatever was in his heart.

“Isnt it because of… the Jiang Residence!”


He harshly smashed his wine cup on the table, and his face flushed red, looking enraged.

Shui Liuers brows moved slightly, and her voice was as gentle as the wind.

“Im just a mere weak woman, and I dont understand these matters.

Second Young Master, I just hope that you can be kinder and look past this.

Dont be worried over such things…”

As if hearing a joke, Xiahou Tingan sneered.

“I dont want to either, but… The Jiang Residence is too much of a bully!”

Everyone in Xi Ling City knew that Jiang Yuchengs biological sister—Jiang Yuzhi—was discussing her marriage with Xiahou Tingan.

The strong alliance between the two families was extremely beneficial for both parties, especially Xiahou Tingan.

With this marriage alone, he had won the other young masters in Xiahou Residence by a fair margin.

What else could he be upset about

Shui Liuer only asked a few questions and found out quite a bit of information from Xiahou Tingan.

She then found out that because Jiang Yucheng was recently injured, the marriage alliance between Jiang Residence and Xiahou Residence was pushed back yet again.

They even said that they wanted to wait for the Third Princess and Jiang Yuchengs wedding.

This made the Xiahou Residence feel that the Jiang Residence didnt think highly of this marriage.

They had given in multiple times just to hope that it could be settled as soon as possible and that the matter could be completed.

However, the Jiang Residence kept going overboard.

“…They actually want us to return the Nine Clouds Yuan Recovery Pill.

What a joke!” Xiahou Tingans tongue was sticking out, and his voice was a little muffled.

“Since they already gave this item to us back then, how can they still want it back! They want the pill back to give it to Jiang Yucheng Dream on!”

Shui Liuer was stunned. Nine Clouds Yuan Recovery Pill… That was the Princesss item!


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