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The Nine Clouds Yuan Recovery Pill was a ninth-grade pill left behind by the Tianling Dynastys ancestor back then, and it was very precious.

Rumors had it that this pill could elevate ones Yuan meridian standard, so the Tianling royal family had been taking extreme care of it.

A ninth-grade heavenly doctor hadnt appeared in the Tianling Dynasty for hundreds of years, so one could just think to know how rare this ninth-grade pill was.

Back when the Princess became of marriageable age, His Majesty had bestowed this Nine Clouds Yuan Recovery Pill upon her as a gift.

Everyone knew that His Majesty was bent on passing the throne to the Princess.

From then on, the Princess was in charge of taking care of the Nine Clouds Yuan Recovery Pill.

On the one hand, she originally had a Tianjing Yuan meridian, so she didnt even need this item.

On the other hand, the Nine Clouds Yuan Recovery Pill had extraordinary meaning.

Shangguan Yue had a silent understanding that she wouldnt give the pill away but pass it down.

But today, Xiahou Tingan actually said that the Nine Clouds Yuan Recovery Pill is in his residence! Shui Liuer hurriedly looked down and hid the emotions in her eyes.

Even if she was used to disguising herself, she almost couldnt control herself.

Even though Xiahou Tingan was currently completely drunk, she didnt dare to expose her irregularity.

She took a deep breath in, paused for a moment, and suppressed her inner ripples.

At the same time, countless guesses surfaced in her mind. When the Princess died back then, Jiang Yucheng and Shangguan Wan were in charge of everything.

The crowd naturally thought that the Nine Clouds Yuan Recovery Pill had returned to Shangguan Wans hands.

As the impact of the Princesss sudden passing was too great for the crowd, everyones attention was placed on the Princesss funeral.

Extremely few people cared about the Nine Clouds Yuan Recovery Pill.

Nobody wouldve expected that it was actually at the Xiahou Residence!

Hearing what Xiahou Tingan said, this Nine Clouds Yuan Recovery Pill was originally given to them by Jiang Yucheng.

However, he wants it back now.

The two parties couldnt come to an agreement, so they had a conflict.

Of course, Jiang Yucheng could get this item! As for why he wanted to give it to the Xiahou Residence… Only they know the reason themselves.

However, this also proves a point that Ive always suspected and investigated—the Princesss death is indeed related to Xiahou Residence! Now, for some reason, Jiang Yucheng wants the Nine Clouds Yuan Recovery Pill back…


Xiahou Tingan suddenly collapsed on the table, and the wine spilled everywhere.

He was still muttering something under his breath.

“Second Young Master Second Young Master” Shui Liuer called a few times, but Xiahou Tingan didnt really respond.

The gentle smile on her face faded away as she silently walked over.

In a blur, she heard him continuously talking: “…Its mine… Its mine… N-nine…”

Shui Liuer thought to herself, Xiahou Tingans enraged and indignant manner… Its most likely because he always thought that the Nine Clouds Yuan Recovery Pill was his in the past.

Now that Jiang Yucheng wants it back again, he naturally isnt willing.

Shui Liuers voice was even lighter, and it had a certain seduction to it.

“…Wheres the Nine Clouds Yuan Recovery Pill”

Xiahou Tingan closed his eyes, and his face flushed red as the alcohol smell rushed to the air.

Hearing this, his brows moved as he shook his finger.



The room door was pushed open from inside.

Nanny Zhang—who was waiting outside nervously—hurriedly looked in and finally heaved a sigh of relief when she saw that Shui Liuer carried the pipa out safely.

She quickly went forward.

After scrutinizing Shui Liuer, she looked past the others shoulders and peered inside.

“How are you Are you okay”

Shui Liuer smiled and said, “Second Young Master is drunk, and hes sleeping.

Dont let people come in to disturb Second Young Master.”

Nanny Zhang vaguely saw the corner of Xiahou Tingans clothes.

Upon hearing that there was really no commotion inside, she felt more at ease.

“Why dont we get someone to send him back to the Xiahou Residence—”

“In his current state, people will definitely talk about him if you send him back.

It might even cause trouble for us.

If he wants to sleep here, then let him do it.”

This kind of thing was very normal for the young masters in Xi Ling City.

As long as they didnt go overboard, their families wouldnt pursue responsibility.

“T-then… Should I get someone to tidy him up…” Nanny Zhang waved her fan gently—the alcohol smell in the room was really unbearable. Im still standing at the door.

I dont even know the condition inside! Its really hard on Shui Liuer!

“Okay then.

Get someone over.” Shui Liuer turned back to glance and placed her loose strands of hair behind her ear before she smiled.

“The current appearance of Xiahou Residences Second Young Master is really terrible.

We just need to serve him well today, and there will naturally be someone who will bring him back tomorrow.”

Hearing her say this, Nanny Zhang felt that it made sense, so she nodded.

Shui Liuer yawned as she covered her mouth with her bare hands.

Her pair of watery eyes were charming, containing a tinge of natural flirtatiousness.

“Im tired today, so Ill go back first.

The alcohol smell on my body is really strong…” Shui Liuers red lips curled up.

“Nanny Zhang, sorry for the trouble regarding the remaining tasks.”

Then, she carried her pipa back to her own room.

Nanny Zhang glanced at her and found it weird. Shui Liuer always looks down on people like Xiahou Tingan, but she seems extra patient today.

She even endured the messy and dirty state of the room.

However, she didnt think too much as Shui Liuers temper had always been hard to guess.

Nanny Zhang endured the smell and closed the door before calling someone over to tidy the room up.

The next morning, Xiahou Tingan was shocked awake by a noisy commotion.

He vaguely seemed to have heard Jiang Yuzhis voice.

He sat up with much difficulty, but he felt as if his head was so painful that it was going to explode.

At this point, someone suddenly kicked the door open.

“Xiahou Tingan, get out!”

Someone charged in with a furious face—it was Jiang Yuzhi!


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