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Nanny Zhang and the rest hurried over.

When they saw the scene in front of them, they couldnt leave or stay as they fearfully said to Xiahou Tingan, “Second Young Master, F-fourth Missy Jiang insisted on coming in.

We couldnt stop her at all…”

Xiahou Tingan rubbed his temples as his mind was in a mess.

He couldnt understand what was going on in front of him.

“…Yuzhi, why are you here”

Jiang Yuzhi was so angry that her entire body trembled.

Her face that could originally be considered pretty was a little contorted.

She raised her hand and pointed at Xiahou Tingan furiously, her voice sharp.

“How dare you have the cheek to ask me why Im here Why dont you look at the good things youve done! Xiahou Tingan, do you even have a sense of shame!”

With Jiang Yuzhis outburst, Xiahou Tingan instantly felt humiliated.

Normally he would give in to whatever she wanted to do.

He would also tolerate it if she threw a tantrum.

However, her using such a tone to talk to him in a public space wasnt giving him face at all!

Xiahou Tingan had just woken up from his drunken stupor and was originally uncomfortable.

Now, this made him even more frustrated, and his face turned cold.

“Why are you making a scene! Cant you see what kind of place this is Is this somewhere you can go!”

No matter what, Jiang Yuzhi is the Jiang familys Fourth Missy.

With her status, she still dared to come to Chun Feng Restaurant so openly and unreasonably, not even caring how degrading this is for her!

“I cant come Why Am I interrupting your happiness” Jiang Yuzhi seemed to have completely lost her senses as she sharply argued with him.

The corner of her eyes turned red, and she was enraged as every single word she said was pushed through her clenched teeth.

Xiahou Tingan closed his eyes and looked at the door.

In just a short time, quite a few people had already gathered outside the door, watching the joke here.

He forcefully suppressed his anger and said, “Yuzhi, calm down.

Lets talk properly after we close the door…”

He requested it nicely and softly, but Jiang Yuzhi seemed to have heard a joke as she sneered.

“Close the door I think I should just close the door and let you continue with your frivolous ways!”

Xiahou Tingan knitted his brows.

“What nonsense are you—”

Before he could finish his sentence, a soft hand touched his shoulders.

A weak and tiny womans voice sounded from behind.

“Second Young Master…”

Xiahou Tingans heart harshly skipped a beat as he immediately turned around to take a look.

A lady who looked like she was 15 or 16 was hugging the blanket and leaning against the wall.

She clutched the blanket with one hand to cover her body, and the other hand was meticulously placed on his shoulders.

Her white and soft arm was like a gem as her thin collarbone had a few hints of flirtatious red marks.

It was obvious what those were!

Xiahou Tingan was stunned, and he almost jumped out of the bed! “Who are you!”

That womans hair was messily scattered all over her head, but one could still tell that she was very beautiful.

Her skin was snow white, and she had cherry lips.

With her pair of round eyes and slightly curled long lashes, she looked extremely pitiable.

This was especially so when tears were still welling up in her eyes, and it even caused others not to dare scold her.

Hearing this, she slightly widened her eyes as if in disbelief.

Her body trembled slightly, and two rows of tears flowed down her firm cheeks.

“…Second Young Master, I-I just came in to clean you yesterday so that you could rest properly.

H-however, you grabbed my hands and didnt let go… T-then…”

She bit her lips and had an expression that showed she was extremely humiliated to the point where she wanted to die.

Then, she lowered her head and didnt speak; she just kept crying.

But even if she didnt say anything, the crowd could already roughly guess what had happened.

Seeing this womans pitiful look, the scolding that reached Xiahou Tingans mouth suddenly halted.

He couldnt say anything, and his heart was in a mess. Its no wonder Jiang Yuzhi had that reaction after she came in.

No wonder she said things in such a harsh manner… I thought that I just slept in Chun Feng Restaurant while drunk, but in the end—I cant remember anything at all!

Xiahou Tingan anxiously turned around and looked at Jiang Yuzhi.

“Yuzhi, listen to me.

Things arent what you think they are—”

However, Jiang Yuzhi looked at him and that woman on the bed with vengeance.

“What am I thinking Arent things placed right in front of me! Do I still need to think Xiahou Tingan, we still havent got married yet! Yet, you dare to do such a thing outside! Youve disappointed me too much!”

The reason why Jiang Yuzhi liked Xiahou Tingan was largely due to the fact that he was gentle, constrained, and well-mannered.

He wasnt as uncultured and flirtatious as the other aristocratic children in Xi Ling City.

But now This incident would quickly spread across the entire Xi Ling City!

Seeing Jiang Yuzhis agitated expression, Xiahou Tingan knew that she was exasperated.

Hence, he hurriedly wore his clothes and walked over.

“Yuzhi, listen to my explanation—”


The moment his hand touched Jiang Yuzhis, she harshly slapped it away!

“Dont dirty my hands!” Jiang Yuzhis face flushed red, and her voice was sharp as she said every single word clearly.

“Xiahou Tingan, mine and the Jiang Residences reputation has been brought down by you! If you like to do this, go ahead! This marriage agreement—its over!”

Xiahou Tingans face burned as if he was harshly slapped in front of the crowd twice.

If it were normal times, he could tolerate it no matter how Jiang Yuzhi caused a commotion.

He could admit his mistake or beg for mercy.

As long as he could make her happy, he would do anything.

But by saying this in front of so many people, Jiang Yuzhi was undoubtedly ripping down his face and harshly stepping on it.

Is she threatening me with our marriage The long accumulated vengeance and anger instantly exploded in Xiahou Tingans heart.

His face rapidly turned cold as he said without hesitation, “Cancel it if you want! Do you really think I cant do without you! Ive long had enough of you!”

Once this holler came out, the entire room instantly fell silent.

Jiang Yuzhi was stunned, and her face turned white.

She just wanted to unleash the anger in her heart, so she only spoke about the matter of canceling the marriage agreement out of impulse.

This was because she knew that Xiahou Tingan was most afraid of her saying this.

She originally wanted to threaten and scare him, but she didnt expect him to agree diretcly!

And what else did he say

At that moment, something collapsed in Jiang Yuzhis heart.

Her body shook, and she almost collapsed onto the floor.

Someone held her up from behind and softly said, “Fourth Missy, are you okay”

Jiang Yuzhi turned back in a daze and saw a mesmerizing appearance—it was Shui Liuer.

Jiang Yuzhi immediately pushed her away with hatred. Theres no one good in the entire Chun Feng Restaurant! All of them are sl*ts and b*tches!

Shui Liuer seemed not to care as she smiled and looked at Xiahou Tingan.

“Second Young Master, it seems like you havent sobered up from the alcohol last night.

Dont you know that the truth spoken after drinking hurts one the most”

Jiang Yuzhi instantly felt like a knife pierced through her. Truth spoken after drinking! Were Xiahou Tingans words from the bottom of his heart!


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