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Many pairs of eyes were staring at them from outside.

Jiang Yuzhi felt as if thousands of swords were stabbing into her back, and she had never felt so humiliated before.

She shot Xiahou Tingan a deadly glare, and her eyes were red as every single word was squeezed out through her teeth.

“Xiahou Tingan, you said this yourself! Dont regret it in the future!”

Then, she turned around and ran outside.

The crowd hurriedly made way.

Jiang Yuzhis figure quickly disappeared from Chun Feng Restaurant.

The crowd didnt say anything for a long time.

Shui Liuers lips curled up undetectably. Things are progressing even more smoothly than expected.

I just sent news to Jiang Yuzhi to attract her over, originally wanting them to fight and bring up the Nine Clouds Yuan Recovery Pill incident.

I didnt actually expect them to cancel the marriage agreement directly! This time, Xiahou Residence isnt in the right at all.

If they still want to be in-laws with the Jiang Residence, they have no other way other than bringing out the Nine Clouds Yuan Recovery Pill.

This makes things more convenient.

Shui Liuer turned around and looked at Xiahou Tingan.

The latter was standing rooted to the ground, and his face was pale with a very conflicted expression.

The wine is so worth it.

“Second Young Master, Fourth Missy Jiang seems to be very hurt.

Why dont you go out and chase after her” advised Shui Liuer kindly.

The worry that just emerged in Xiahou Tingans heart vanished into thin air immediately, and he coldly scolded, “She can leave if she wants.

What has that got to do with me!”

Shui Liuers expression slightly changed as she smiled and said, “Yes, yes… Whatever you say is right.

Then… we shall go out first.

If you have any other instructions, feel free to let us know.”

After that, she turned around and smiled at the crowd.

“Go back to doing your jobs!”

The crowd then respectively left to busy themselves.

But after such a juicy incident, who wouldnt use it as a gossip topic

Not long later, the drama in Chun Feng Restaurant had spread all over Xi Ling City!

Shui Liuer waved to the girl in the room.

“Xiao Die, come over.”

The girl called Xiao Die bit her lips and silently picked up her clothes to wear them.

When she walked past Xiahou Tingan, she lowered her body and was very docile.

“Everything today happened because of me.

It has nothing to do with anyone else.”

Xiahou Tingan originally also knew that this incident was mainly his fault and that he couldnt blame the girl, but he immediately took pity on her after hearing her say this.

Xiao Die continued, “Second Young Master, youre a perfect match for Fourth Missy Jiang.

If conflict arises between the both of you because of me, I really cant bear the responsibility.

Im willing to seek forgiveness at the Jiang Residence… As long as Fourth Missy Jiang is willing to forgive you, Im willing to do anything.”

This condescending behavior made Xiahou Tingan feel very uncomfortable.

When he thought of Jiang Yuzhis arrogant and unrestrained manner, his blood boiled. Were not even married yet! If we really get married, who knows what will happen next time!

“Why should you go to the Jiang Residence! Stay here properly!” Xiahou Tingan thought for a moment and took out a Cosmic Ring.

“From today onward, you will follow me.

However, you shouldnt be able to enter the Xiahou Residence.

I will get someone to find a small house, and youll stay there next time.”

As if shocked, Xiao Die immediately kneeled down and kept saying that she didnt dare to accept his offer.

However, Xiahou Tingan was very insistent and left after throwing the Cosmic Ring down. I want to go and talk to Father about this! Im not getting married to her!

After Xiahou Tingan left, Shui Liuer then helped Xiao Die up and smiled happily.

“Xiao Die, its been hard on you.”

Xiao Die stood up, and her eyes were crystal clear with determination.

Her eyes didnt have the gentleness from before at all.


Liuer, dont worry.

That Xiahou Tingan didnt take advantage of me at all.”

I wouldnt want to wrong myself like that.

Shui Liuer smiled and said, “I naturally know how good you are, but Im sorry for the future trouble.”

Xiao Die said determinedly,”For Her Highness, Im willing to sacrifice myself and do anything!”

The commotion in Chun Feng Restaurant indeed spread all over Xi Ling very quickly.

When Xiahou Tingan returned to the residence, he realized that the atmosphere was amiss.

Everyone was looking at him warily and strangely.

At this point, Xiahou Tingan knew that the news had definitely reached home.

One just had to think to know what was awaiting him.

However, he had already made up his mind and definitely wouldnt lower his head to the Jiang Residence again.

Even if Jiang Yuzhi was willing to continue with this marriage, he refused to do so!

“How dare you come back!” Before Xiahou Tingan could even walk a distance, he saw Xiahou Rong furiously walking toward him quickly.

His heart skipped a beat, and he immediately opened his mouth to explain.

“Father, listen to me—”


Xiahou Rong slapped him harshly.

Xiahou Tingan staggered backward and directly fell onto the ground.

“Youre going to drive me to death!” Xiahou Rongs face was green, and his chest heaved up and down violently. This bastard!

He clutched Xiahou Tingan by the collar and dragged him to the study!

Xiahou Tingan wanted to open his mouth to say something, but his collar was clutched so tightly that he couldnt say anything at all.

He breathed with much difficulty, and his entire face flushed red.


Xiahou Rong pushed him to the floor!

Xiahou Tingan fell, and his bones were about to break.

“Father, I—”

“Youre so useless!” Xiahou Rong was so angry that his finger trembled as he pointed at his sons nose and scolded, “Do you know youve just openly handed the Nine Clouds Yuan Recovery Pill over to the other party! Why do I have such a useless son like you!”

Mystic Forest.

The days slowly passed, but there was still no movement in the forest.

The group of people was excited when Qiang Wanzhou said that Chu Liuyue was coming out soon.

In the end, they waited for a very long time, but she still didnt come out.

The few of them could only continue waiting.

However, Mu Hongyu and the rest didnt forget to cultivate during this period.

Together with Qin Yi and Lei Laosis patient guidance, they all had some breakthroughs—especially Qiang Wanzhou, whose improvement was most obvious.

Qin Yi wanted to see the seal in his body again, but it never appeared again after that day.

Even though he felt regretful, Qin Yi didnt insist on seeing it from Qiang Wanzhou. It wont be too late to talk about this when Her Highness comes out.

After all, Qiang Wanzhou listens to her every command.

After settling everything here, we can then solve these problems bit by bit.

At night, the dark-blue night sky was very quiet as a round moon hung high.

Gradually, the moon had a tinge of bright red.

Whistling sounds could be heard in the Red Moon Desert.

“I finally waited for this day… If I cant see the girl again, I will definitely age by a lot…” Lan Xiaos voice was still as charming as before.

“Lets quickly go… Hm Diwu, wheres Big Baby”

“I havent seen him either.

He was just here previously…”

Lan Xiao suddenly thought of something and silently scolded, “…He took a step ahead of us! This stupid child!”


Half of the skeletons bloodline power had almost been completely nourished in front of Chu Liuyue before it formed a blood pearl.

Almost half of the legendary three-eyed eagles body had been reformed.

Chu Liuyue stared at it closely, and her heart seemed to be tightly clutched by something.

Just as she was about to continue moving, she suddenly heard a babys voice by her ear.

“Yueer girlie!”

Chu Liuyues heart tingled. Its that voice again!

She immediately looked up!


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