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Rong Xiu shifted his gaze toward Chu Liuyue.

With a wave of his hand, a faint glowing barrier was formed on the exterior of Chu Liuyues own barrier.

He then said with a smile, “Shes busy right now.

Its best if we dont disturb her.”

Dugu Mobaos frown deepened, for it was clear that Rong Xiu had deliberately strengthened the barrier so that Chu Liuyue wouldnt be able to hear their conversation.

On the one hand, it was for the sake of not disturbing her.

But on the other hand, it was also because he didnt want her to know what they were talking about.

Dugu Mobao couldnt figure out what Rong Xiu was trying to do, so he cut to the chase by asking, “She doesnt remember any of us now, does she”

The question got Lan Xiao and Diwu Zhangze looking over as well.

Since there was no point in hiding this matter, Rong Xiu nodded.

Dugu Mobao and the rest were quite surprised to see Rong Xiu admit it so readily.

“Well, knowing that she has even forgotten about you, my mood has improved a little…” Lan Xiao stroked his chin. I was feeling rather sad about this, but theres nothing much I can say since even Rong Xiu has been forgotten.

Diwu Zhangze nodded in agreement for once.

“Same here.”

“Can you two not be so useless! Whats there to compare with him!” Dugu Mobaos face was a little dark as he said this. Are you guys comparing who Yueer has forgotten more! Were all equally important to Yueer.

While its fine that she forgot about Rong Xiu, she mustnt forget about us!

Diwu Zhangze rubbed his glabella. Big Baby just doesnt know his place.

He thinks that hes the most important person to Yueer when the reality is that hes just one of them…

Lan Xiao didnt bother to argue with Big Baby.

Instead, he followed up by asking, “Just how much has she forgotten” Itll be bad if she has lost most of her memories…

Rong Xiu paused.

“She doesnt remember anything other than the Tianling Dynasty.”

The trio froze.

“W-what did you just say” asked Lan Xiao in disbelief.

“She forgot… everything!”

Rong Xiu turned to look at Chu Liuyue with a hint of a gentle smile.

“No, she still remembers herself.” And who she loves.

Xi Ling.

The atmosphere in the Jiang Residence was tense and heavy.

Everyone carefully did their work and dared not say anything unnecessary lest they say something wrong and got themselves in trouble for upsetting their masters.

All the servants even waited on Jiang Yuzhi with fear and trepidation.

There was no end to the troubles in the Jiang Residence with Jiang Yucheng getting injured and Xiahou Tingan upsetting Jiang Yuzhi with his philandering.

By now, everyone in Xi Ling knew that Jiang Yuzhi had stormed into Chun Feng Restaurant, caught Xiahou Tingan red-handed in bed with another woman, and had thrown a hissy fit while threatening to dissolve the marriage agreement.

Both the Jiang family and the Xiahou family had been thoroughly disgraced.

Naturally, Jiang Yucheng had also heard about what happened to his younger sister.

She had come home declaring that she wanted to annul her engagement to Xiahou Tingan before locking herself in her room and smashing everything inside.

Knowing his sister all too well, he deliberately waited until the next day before he went to look for her.

Once he arrived at her courtyard, he dismissed the servants and went up to knock on her door.

“Yuzhi, its me.”

There was no response from Jiang Yuzhi.

After waiting for a moment, Jiang Yucheng said, “I know that youve suffered grievances, so Im here to help you vent your anger.

Are you sure that you dont want to let me in”

He then patiently waited for her to open the door.

Sure enough, Jiang Yuzhi came over and opened the door a while later.

It had only been a day, but she looked much more haggard and wretched than before.

Not only was her hair in a mess, but her eyes were also red and swollen with dark circles underneath.

She looked nothing like a young miss from a rich family.

He was naturally upset to see his sister in such a miserable state.


“How are you going to help me” Jiang Yuzhi stared fixedly at him with hatred and anger burning in her eyes.

“Lets go in and talk.” Jiang Yucheng then made a move to enter the room.

Jiang Yuzhi didnt stop him.

She, too, turned around and walked back inside.

It was only after Jiang Yucheng closed the door behind him that he saw the state of mess in the room—there was hardly any room on the floor for him to walk.

He frowned.

He knew how fond his sister was of Xiahou Tingan.

Even though she was usually spoiled and willful, her feelings for Xiahou Tingan were true, which was why he had agreed to this engagement back then.

It had to be noted that Xiahou Tingan wasnt the most outstanding young master of his family.

“Yuzhi, Xiahou Tingan did you wrong this time, but dont worry.

I wont let you suffer this injustice.” Jiang Yuchengs calm voice carried a hint of murderous intent.

“Since he dared to let you down, then he mustve had the guts to bear the consequences.”

Jiang Yuzhi froze.

“What are you planning to do, Brother”

“I actually wanted to pair you with the Xiahou familys third son.

Hes much more outstanding than Xiahou Tingan in all aspects, but I only changed my mind because you were fond of Xiahou Tingan.

Whoever gets to marry you is their blessing, yet that b*stard doesnt know any better.

We should just dissolve this engagement!” Jiang Yucheng gently stroked his sisters hair, but upon seeing the slight hesitation on the latters face, he said thoughtfully, “If you cant bear to have him killed, Ill spare his life and just make him a cripple.”

Grabbing her brothers sleeves, Jiang Yuzhi begged, “No… You cant do that, Brother… I only said that out of pique…”

Jiang Yucheng frowned.

“You still refuse to give up on him despite what he did to you Dont tell me that you still want to get married to him!”

Tears flowed down Jiang Yuzhis cheeks as she cried bitterly in pain.

“It cant be helped either… I-I just cant bear to give him up…”

She regretted it as soon as the words left her mouth that day, but she couldnt help but feel terrible each time she recalled that scene.

Xiahou Tingan was the only person she had truly liked for years, which was why she felt all the more miserable now.

“No buts! He doesnt deserve you!” rebutted Jiang Yucheng coldly. I can make use of this opportunity to get the Nine Clouds Yuan Recovery Pill back, but Yuzhis future husband mustnt be Xiahou Tingan!

Jiang Yuzhi sobbed.

“But… feelings cant be controlled.

You, too, knew that the Crown Princess didnt like you, but you still went ahead to form a marriage agreement with her!”


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