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What Jiang Yucheng meant was that he would be using the things which had been prepared for his wedding with the late Crown Princess.

In fact, a lot of them would be excluded as the scale of a mere princesss wedding wasnt as huge as that of the Crown Princess.

Although Yuwen Wei had perfectly relayed Shangguan Wans reluctance to use the things left behind by her half-sister lest she feel emotional when she saw them, Jiang Yucheng still decided to do things his way.

While Jiang Yucheng might seem like he was doing this out of consideration to relieve everyones pressure from working on crunch time, the reality was that he didnt give a hoot about Shangguan Wans feelings.

If he were truly sincere about her, he definitely wouldnt have done things so carelessly because their wedding day was also the day of her ascension to the throne.

It would be a spectacular event and the talk of the entire Tianling Dynasty.

Its surprising that Jiang Yucheng is being so perfunctory with this wedding when he should be particularly concerned about it.

Two years ago, he even personally took care of every single matter of his wedding with the late Crown Princess on his side. The frown on Yuwen Weis face eventually disappeared as he calmly retracted his gaze and turned around to leave with his subordinates.

“Lets go.

Were on a tight schedule.”

Yuwen Wei was right about Jiang Yucheng not taking the wedding affair to heart.

In fact, the latter didnt even want to think about it because he would inevitably be reminded of Shangguan Wans scarred face as well as her resentful and vicious expression.

Although Jiang Yucheng had long found out about the kind of person Shangguan Wan truly was, she wasnt as bad as she was now.

That was why he had been turning a blind eye to her occasional tantrums.

However, not only had she become hypersensitive now, but she would also often lose her temper like a madwoman over the slightest issue.

His patience toward her had thus long run out.

Never in the world would I marry Shangguan Wan if it werent because… Jiang Yuchengs countenance darkened as he headed to a secluded corner of the Jiang Residence alone.

It was a deserted courtyard that looked cold and empty with weeds growing everywhere at the entrance.

He continued to walk straight ahead until he reached a room.

He pushed the doors open, and the two guards standing on the right and left side immediately greeted him.

“Greetings, Eldest Young Master!”

Jiang Yucheng nodded.

“Hows he doing”

“He wasnt too cooperative at first, but its all good now.

Would you like to go see him” asked one of the guards before hurrying to lead the way when he received Jiang Yuchengs reply.

“This way, please.”

The two of them then walked toward the room further inside.

If someone were to break into this place right now, they would sense the presence of several people in this seemingly desolated courtyard.

However, ordinary people wouldnt be able to break in here easily as this was where Jiang Yucheng kept his prisoners.

Furthermore, the servants working at the Jiang Residence all knew that this was Jiang Yuchengs territory and thus wouldnt come here without permission.

The doors slowly creaked open.

Once Jiang Yucheng stepped into the room, the guard closed the doors and quietly waited outside.

The room was small, and dust was everywhere as if it had been a long time since anyone had stepped in here.

Jiang Yucheng walked past the screen and into the side room.

It was a dark and cramped space that couldnt even accommodate a person lying flat, but in it was a person slumped against the wall.

Despite the foul and bloody smell lingering in the air, Jiang Yuchengs expression remained unchanged.

He had encountered such a scene too many times that he had gotten used to them.

The man slowly lifted his head upon hearing the commotion.

Having undergone a long period of torture, his originally robust body was now thin and bony.

His cheeks and eye sockets were deeply sunken in as well.

One could see that he was missing an ear under his disheveled hair and that a bowl-sized scar was in its place.

As it turned out, this man was none other than Qi Dahe—who had been imprisoned by Jiang Yucheng the other day.

Qi Dahes eyes glowed red when he saw who the visitor was.

Jiang Yucheng looked down at him condescendingly.

“How does the Messed Yuan Gravels backlash feel”

Qi Dahe opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something, but all he could manage to produce was a hoarse croak.

During his captivity, he had once tried to attempt suicide by biting his tongue, but someone found out about it before he could die.

However, his tongue was then cut off by them, so he lost his ability to speak from then on.

Metal chains could be heard clanking when Qi Dahe reached out to grab Jiang Yucheng, and as it turned out, all four limbs of his were chained up.

His hands—which were all bruised and bloody—only ended up grabbing the air.

Jiang Yuchengs voice rang coldly and mercilessly.

“Dont worry.

Ill let you out today.

Chong Xu Cabinets Cabinet Master is looking for you.”

Qi Dahe panicked, his eyes brimming with despair.

He tried his best to hide toward the back, but there was nowhere to hide in this cramped space, much less a chance for him to escape.

When Jiang Yucheng lifted his hand, orange powder scattered everywhere.

It made Qi Dahe gradually stop struggling and eventually pass out.

After that, Jiang Yucheng looked down and lifted his own sleeve to reveal a sinister-looking scar on his arm.

The red line could no longer be seen.

There were ways to get rid of this scar, although he definitely wouldnt do it.

He crouched down and examined the same spot on Qi Dahes arm, and sure enough, the same red line appeared on it.

He had gone through a lot of effort to make sure of that.

A hint of satisfaction showed on Jiang Yuchengs face as he took a few steps back and said, “Guards, take him out.”

Lately, the mood at Chong Xu Cabinet had been rather depressing as everyone couldnt help but worry about the safety of Chu Liuyue and the others who were still at Dahuang Swamp.

Rumors of their failure to return had been prevalent, and even the disciples on Qing Yuan Mountain had heard about the rumors despite most of them never leaving the mountain.

If it werent for the fact that Jian Fengchi had come to explain the situation and that the Cabinet Master wasnt too worried about it, they wouldve all rushed to Dahuang Swamp to look for their juniors.

The constant waiting was very tormenting, but this depressing mood was broken with Jiang Yuchengs arrival.

Weichi Song was tending to the herbs in the medicinal garden at this time.

When he heard that Jiang Yucheng had brought someone with him, he frowned and ordered someone to tell the latter to wait for him.

It was only when he had finished tending to the garden that he went to meet Jiang Yucheng.

As soon as Weichi Song entered the room, Jiang Yucheng stood up and said, “Ive found the person you want.”


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