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Weichi Songs gaze landed on a man kneeling behind Jiang Yucheng.

From the persons skeletal body and forlorn state, it looked like he had gone through a lot of torture.

Old and new injuries could be seen on his wrists and other exposed areas.

Weichi Song frowned.

“This is…”

“This is Qi Dahe, a former subordinate of mine who went to Nan Jiang with me.

As per your request, I interrogated all the people who went there with me, and I finally found the culprit by using a bit of corporal punishment to make him spill the truth,” answered Jiang Yucheng calmly.

Just one glance at Qi Dahe was enough for Weichi Song to tell that Jiang Yucheng had used more thana bit of corporal punishment and that Qi Dahes days were numbered.

“How did you find out that he was the culprit”

“Through evidence, of course.” Jiang Yucheng lifted his chin.

“To tell you the truth, most of my subordinates who went to Nan Jiang with me returned with varying degrees of injuries.

Thus, I dismissed them after giving them their severance payment.

I only gathered all of them again to help you find the culprit, but I soon realized that there was something very wrong with Qi Dahe.

Not only has his cultivation base regressed a lot, but he even has a mark on his left arm—thats the evidence of him suffering a backlash from the Mixed Yuan Gravel!”

Weichi Songs eyes twitched when he heard that.

“With such solid evidence, theres no way he can deny that he isnt the culprit!” Jiang Yucheng then let out a disappointed sigh.

“I never thought that my subordinate would do such a thing… I nearly destroyed the entire Chong Xu Cabinet! Aside from bringing the culprit to you, Im also here to apologize to you in person.

Everything happened because of my poor management, and Im truly sorry for that.”

Jiang Yucheng spoke so sincerely that anyone who heard this would surely be moved by what he said.

However, that didnt apply to Weichi Song—who took two steps forward to examine Qi Dahes condition.

Kneeling on the ground with his hands tied behind his back, Qi Dahes eyes looked empty and void as if his soul had been sucked out.

He didnt even move when Weichi Song went up to him to check his arms.

It was like he no longer cared about anything.

Weichi Song asked, “Why does he seem a little strange”

Jiang Yucheng patiently explained, “In his struggle to escape, he got seriously injured while fighting.

He hurt his head pretty badly and thus ended up like this…”

Weichi Song scoffed. Jiang Yucheng sure can lie without batting an eyelid! His acting is top-notch too! He found himself a random scapegoat and prepared all the necessary evidence so that theres no way I can refute him.

On top of that, it just so happens that the so-called culprit cant defend himself because hes hurt.

In the end, he can make up the story however he wants, and I have no choice but to buy it.

No wonder he dared to come knocking on our door so brazenly.

He came completely prepared!

Weichi Song looked down and realized that Qi Dahe really had a red mark on his arm, and based on the other symptoms displayed on his body, it seemed like he was truly suffering the backlash of the Mixed Yuan Gravel.

From this, Weichi Song could tell that Jiang Yucheng had really gone to great lengths just to cover his trail, but he didnt let these thoughts show on his face.

Jiang Yucheng was all calm and relaxed knowing that even though all the so-called evidence and culprit could fool an ordinary person, he might not be able to fool Weichi Song—who was a wily old fox in his eyes.

But he thought nothing of that because there was no way the latter could refute all the evidence laid out here.

Even if Weichi Song doesnt believe me, he has no way to go about finding evidence to prove Qi Dahes innocence and that everything was, in fact, my doing. Jiang Yucheng was certain that Weichi Song wouldnt be able to do that. No matter what, the outcome will still be the same!

Weichi Song silently glanced at Qi Dahe before straightening his body and turning his head to look at Jiang Yucheng.

“Youre right about him suffering the backlash of the Mixed Yuan Gravel.

He must be the culprit then.

Did you ask him why he did that to us, Eldest Young Master Jiang”

Jiang Yucheng froze and then shook his head.


Weichi Songs expression became tense as if he couldnt come to terms with this answer.

But that was only normal, given that there was seemingly no reason for Qi Dahe—an ordinary person—to target Chong Xu Cabinet.

The group of people that attacked Chong Xu Cabinet also seemed to be of extraordinary status.

Weichi Song said solemnly, “There must be some other people behind Qi Dahe!”

Despite the slight twitching of Jiang Yuchengs eyes, he controlled his expression very well.

“I have the same sentiments, but Qi Dahes lips are really tight.

I couldnt get anything out of him no matter what.

In any case, Im leaving him to you.”

Weichi Songs expression relaxed a little.

“Thank you for your help, Eldest Young Master Jiang.

In that case… Can I deal with him however I want”

“Of course.” Jiang Yucheng cupped his fist in his hand.

“Although I dont know why Qi Dahe did such a thing, he was ultimately my subordinate.

I feel really apologetic to you regarding this matter…”

Jiang Yuchengs hypocritical display only irked Weichi Song though.

The latter turned around, hiding his emotions well.

“You dont have to feel that way, nor do you have to take responsibility for his actions.

Id also like to apologize for any offense caused to you… I was just too anxious at that time…”

Jiang Yucheng smiled.

“Cabinet Master sure is forgiving.

I ought to be the one apologizing to you instead.”

Weichi Song didnt dwell on this matter for too long.

Instead, he let out a long sigh.

“Well, nobody expected this to happen.

It was just like how everyone thought the Thirteen Yue Guards were loyal to the late Crown Princess.

Who wouldve thought that… By the way, didnt you issue a warrant to capture the Thirteen Yue Guards previously Is there any progress”


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