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He indeed recognized my identity! Qi Hans heart skipped a beat, but he calmed down very quickly because he had already guessed it earlier. Since this is already an open secret, there is no need to continue acting.

Qi Han openly asked, “Why did you call me over today”

Strangeness flashed across Jian Fengchis eyes as he straightened his body.

“You admitted it just like that I thought I still needed to spend a lot of effort to get you to admit it!”

Qi Han knitted his brows, and frustration flashed across his eyes.

“Since you already confirmed my identity in your heart, you wont change your opinion no matter how much I explain, right If you have something to say, just do it.

Im very busy.”

“Pfft, you still speak as rudely as before…” Jian Fengchi shrugged his shoulders and didnt intend to continue beating around the bushes.

“When did you come back to Xi Ling”

Qi Hans voice became cold and hard.

“None of your business.”

Jian Fengchi was stumped, and his eyelid twitched. It has already been so long.

Why is Qi Hans stupid and irritable temper still the same as before

But thinking of the Thirteen Yue Guards current situation, Jian Fengchi held it in and swallowed back his scolding words.

“…Jiang Yucheng hasnt retracted his bounty for you, yet you still dare to come back Did you… come here to seek death”

This sentence wasnt a tease.

Jiang Yucheng was determined to drive the Thirteen Yue Guard into the corner.

It was really too dangerous for Qi Han to appear in Xi Ling this openly.

Even though he had greatly changed from before and ordinary people wouldnt recognize him, what if…

It was impossible for someone to totally become another person.

They would expose themselves at any time.

Besides, they were facing Jiang Yucheng—who held great power now!

“I have my own plans.” Qi Hans reply was extremely curt, and he had no intentions of continuing the conversation.

In actual fact, if it werent because Her Highness trusted Jian Fengchi a little back then, Qi Han wouldnt even say this much.

Jian Fengchi was speechless, and he rubbed his temples in pain. There are clearly 13 people in the Thirteen Yue Guard.

Why must I meet Qi Han, the one that is most difficult to deal with Anyone else would be easier to talk to than Qi Han, but there is no use thinking of this now.

Jian Fengchi silently convinced himself in his heart and tried hard to ask calmly, “Did you go to Country Yao Chen before”

This time, Qi Han didnt hide it.

“Thats right.”

Jian Fengchi squinted his eyes.

The Thirteen Yue Guard escaped from Heavens Canopy, and it was possible for them to go anywhere. Its nothing strange for Qi Han to go to Country Yao Chen, but… The timing and venue that he appeared at is a little amiss.

Jian Fengchi remembered it very clearly. That day was the day a mutiny happened in Country Yao Chen.

The palace descended into chaos, the gleam of blades, and the shadow of swords as fire rushed up to the sky.

Why would Qi Han join in on the commotion there

Thinking of the previous letter, Jian Fengchi tried to ask, “You know Chu Liuyue”

According to Qi Hans personality, he wouldnt say such words if they didnt know each other.

Even though he was using the identity of Qin Qi, he wouldnt care so much about a letter from a strangers family member.

Qi Han honestly nodded.

Jian Fengchi was smart, and they both understood each other quite a bit, so there was no need to lie.

“Then… Does she know your identity” Jian Fengchis expression became more serious.

“Of course, she doesnt,” said Qi Han lightly.

“We coincidentally met each other at Country Yao Chen.

She only knows that I took over Qin Qis identity here, but she doesnt know anything more.”

Jian Fengchi vaguely felt that something was amiss, but he couldnt point it out.

The duo fell silent.

Then, Qi Han knitted his brows.

“If you called me over today just to ask me all of this, Ive already told you the answer.

Can I leave”

Before Jian Fengchi could speak, a sweet and gentle womans voice came from the side.


When Qi Han heard this, his expression slightly changed as he turned around to take a look.

Shui Liuer coincidentally walked in.

She was wearing an emerald-green dress with a white hairpin, and she looked very beautiful.

Her every movement was like a Big Missy taught by an aristocratic family as she walked toward the two of them and stood beside Qi Han.

She then smiled, and a natural flirtatious look was revealed in her eyes.

“Qi Han, why do you want to leave when you just came We didnt even get to talk properly.”

Qi Hans lips pressed against each other slightly.

He had no beef with Shui Liuer.

“My time is a little tight.

Just ask whatever else you want to know.”

Shui Liuer sighed.

“Tell me first: Were you the one at Xiahou Residence a few days ago”

Qi Han paused for a moment and didnt say anything.

Shui Liuer smiled rather helplessly.

“If you dont trust us, then… Well speak first.”

She retracted her expression by quite a bit and seriously said, “I can tell you that I also went to the Xiahou Residence a few days ago.

Speaking of which, I still have to thank you for distracting Xiahou Rong and the rest that day.

It saved me quite a bit of trouble.”

Qi Han glanced at Shui Liuer.

The two of them stared straight into each others eyes.

Shui Liuer honestly said, “Youre right—the Nine Clouds Yuan Recovery Pill is now with me.”

Dahuang Swamp.

It was currently daytime.

Chu Liuyue and the rest had rushed their way through the Mystic Forest and finally arrived at the edge of the intersection between the forest and Mirror Lake.

The sky was clear, and there wasnt a single cloud in the sky.

The lake was very peaceful, and the wind would blow occasionally, causing a layer of ripples.

All the views were reflected within the Mirror Lake, looking like a pretty painting.

Chu Liuyue saw the Dancing Lotus shaking gently in the center of the lake at first glance.

With the sun shining down, the translucent, pinkish-white petals were like superior rubies as they glistened with a thin layer of crystal-like light.

Chu Liuyue patted Tuan Zis head and was about to go over.

Ye Ranran hurriedly said, “Liuyue, wait!”

Chu Liuyue looked at her and saw the worry on Ye Ranrans face.

“Liuyue, the Dancing Lotus is a premium herb.

Will it be safe if you just suddenly go and retrieve it” She was also a heavenly doctor, so it was impossible if one said that she had no desires for the Dancing Lotus.

After all, some might not even get to see it once in their lives.

This was also the reason that made Ye Ranran even more worried.

Chu Liuyue slightly smiled.

“Dont worry.

I know how to retrieve it.”

Seeing her calm expression, Ye Ranran was less worried.

“Then, you must be careful.”

Chu Liuyue nodded.

“Ill be right back.”

With that, Tuan Zi spread its wings and flew up.

Its speed was very quick, and it rapidly reached the center of the lake as it flew above the Dancing Lotus.

Chu Liuyue glanced at the Dancing Lotus and bit her index finger.

After that, a bright red blood pearl immediately emerged.

Tuan Zi then lowered its body, and Chu Liuyue extended her hand to pick the Dancing Lotus.

But the moment she touched the thin stem—


A crisp sound was heard!


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