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Once the blood on Chu Liuyues fingertip touched the emerald stem, it directly broke with the sound.

Then, the Dancing Lotus silently flew up and landed in the girls hands.

Chu Liuyue quietly looked at the Dancing Lotus lying in her palm and was dazed. W-whats going on… I didnt really move just now.

Why did this thing come to me by itself

Even though she hadnt personally seen a Dancing Lotus before, she had read its relevant descriptions in ancient books.

According to what they said, she needed to use fresh blood to attract it…

Anyway, it was more troublesome.

She had done sufficient preparation earlier and was afraid that something might happen, but it now seemed like… it was all for naught

Chu Liuyue blinked and realized the blood pearl on her finger had already entered the stem silently.

The five petals naturally curled in and looked very lively and clear, beautiful as always.

It seems like I plucked it rather successfully, though I didnt really do much in actual fact.

From far away, Mu Hongyu and the rest were staring at the situation in the middle of the lake closely.

Seeing Chu Liuyue just reach out and take the Dancing Lotus, the few of them were stunned.

Mu Hongyu raised her hand and weirdly asked, “Ranran, didnt you say that its rather troublesome and dangerous to pick the Dancing Lotus Why does it seem like Liuyue picked it very easily…”

“I-I dont know either!” Ye Ranran was also shocked. When Mentor mentioned these herbs in the past, he had even specifically instructed us not to blindly go up when we saw such herbs.

If not, we wouldnt even know how we died.

However, it seems like Chu Liuyue did easily pluck the Dancing Lotus…

The few of them waited nervously for a moment, but nothing strange happened in the surroundings.

Chu Liuyue directly jumped onto Tuan Zis back, and the master-servant duo came back in the blink of an eye.

“Liuyue, a-are you okay” Ye Ranran still found it strange and couldnt help asking as her gaze landed on the Dancing Lotus in Chu Liuyues hands.

It lay there quietly like an ordinary flower.

“Im fine.” Chu Liuyue was caught between laughter and tears. To think I still did so much preparation…

“The Dancing Lotus is a combat-type herb.

It turns out its so easy to pick” muttered Ye Ranran quietly as she was confused.

Chu Liuyue was also filled with doubts. The Dancing Lotus was very gentle toward me, and it even willingly broke itself and landed in my hands.

I also… feel a certain intimacy toward it as if it should be mine in the first place.

This feeling was too strange, to the point that Chu Liuyue didnt even know how to explain it.

Thinking for a moment, she could only say, “Perhaps Im just luckier.”

She then glanced at the Dancing Lotus, took out a jade box, and carefully placed it within.

“Quickly, look! Whats that!” Mu Hongyu suddenly gasped as she stared at the front in shock.

The few of them turned around.

Ye Ranran also gasped and widened her eyes.

Vulgarities burst out of Lei Laosis mouth.

“Damn! What kind of situation is this!”

Even Qin Yi, who was always calm, squinted his eyes slightly.

Qiang Wanzhou thought of something and knitted his brows.

Chu Liuyue also turned around to take a look.

This time, she was directly taken aback.

She saw a Dancing Lotus gradually grow on the vast water surface—it was magnificent and beautiful.

It was already very rare to see one Dancing Lotus.

Who wouldve thought that another one would appear in the Mirror Lake the moment Chu Liuyue plucked one away

“Wh-what exactly is going on” Even Chu Liuyue was stunned when she saw this scene. Could it be that there were originally two Dancing Lotuses here, and only one emerged previously Hence, this one only came out now

But the moment Chu Liuyue said that, the few of them saw another flower gradually appearing beside that Dancing Lotus.

Including the one that Chu Liuyue had, this was already the third one!

However… this hadnt ended! In a short hour, tens of Dancing Lotuses gradually grew out of the Mirror Lake.

The sun shone down, and the water rippled as the pinkish-white petals flowed with the wind, looking mesmerizing.

Anyone who saw this scene would be amazed, but at this point, the few of them had no mood to admire the scenery as they were left in deep shock.

As the Dancing Lotuses gradually appeared, the few of them slowly fell silent.

The surroundings were quiet.

Chu Liuyue looked at that bunch of Dancing Lotuses moving with the wind, and something flashed across her mind.

She was dazed for a moment. This scene… I seem to have seen it before And for some reason, Im not that stunned in the depths of my heart.

This is even though I was very shocked at the first look when I saw the Dancing Lotuses appear together.

It seems like… Ive seen more before

She closed her eyes and tried to recall the image that appeared in her mind, but she couldnt think of anything.

However, that familiar feeling became even stronger!

After some time, Chu Liuyue opened her eyes and stared at the scene in front with a complicated gaze. If this feeling isnt an illusion, then… What exactly did I experience to see so many Dancing Lotuses and even become used to it They said that I had forgotten some things, then… What exactly did I forget


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