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After all the Dancing Lotuses appeared, many rays of light suddenly dropped down from the sky and formed a faint light curtain.

That light curtain covered both halves of the Mirror Lake.

Half of it was as usual—with a calm water surface—but the other half seemed to be covered by a layer of mist as everything became blurry.

Even those Dancing Lotuses seemed to have become even more distant compared to before.

From Chu Liuyue and the others position, they could only see the blurred figures reflected by that light curtain.

If someone else came now, it would be hard for them to identify that the things behind were Dancing Lotuses.

“Whats going on…” Lei Laosi scratched his head in confusion as he instinctively glanced at Qin Yi, only to see that the latter was also knitting his brows.

The two of them had been guarding at the Mystic Forest for close to two years.

Other than not really going to the Red Moon Desert, they understood the other places pretty well.

They had come to Mirror Lake less than ten times, but they had never seen such a scene before.

Chu Liuyue watched everything seriously.

For some reason, her instincts told her that someone was protecting all the Dancing Lotuses.

However, she didnt know who had such heaven-defying abilities…

These were very precious Dancing Lotuses! An ordinary person might not even be able to see it once in their lives, yet there were so many here!

She held her breath in and looked at the faint light curtain.

There seemed to be star-like golden spots on it, but in the blink of an eye, she couldnt see it clearly.

If these Dancing Lotuses really belong to one person, then… Why did the other party let me take one away Chu Liuyue suppressed her many doubts.

“It seems like we cant casually pick the remaining ones.

Lets go first!”

When she said this, the other people expressed their agreement.

Even though Dancing Lotuses were extremely precious, such a scene was indeed too stunning.

For safety purposes, it was best for them to leave as soon as possible.

Anyway, Chu Liuyue had already successfully plucked one flower.

Any more would just be greedy.

Ye Ranran sighed deeply and said, “We can finally go back!”

Chu Liuyue paused for a moment.

“Oh yes, theres something I still havent told you… I might not be able to go back with you guys for now.”

Once she said this, everyone was shocked.

“Youre not going back with us Why not Do you still have something to do, Liuyue” The excitement and happiness in Ye Ranrans face quickly dissipated and was replaced with a tinge of disappointment.

She walked forward, crumpled her round face, and said, “If you still have any problems you havent solved, let us stay and accompany you, alright”

She had already imagined the scene of Chu Liuyue returning to Chong Xu Cabinet with them countless times. Cabinet Master doesnt know our situation here, so they all might think that something has happened to Liuyue.

If we can go back together, Cabinet Master and the rest will definitely be very surprised!

Chu Liuyue hesitated for a moment. The few of them only said that I should go to the Red Moon Desert after I was done, but they didnt mention if the rest could do so… However, they are connected to the memories Ive lost, and the more crucial thing is that its Shangguan Yues memory! No matter what, I cant expose this identity now.

She slightly shook her head.

“Its just some minor things that I can settle by myself.

So many of us havent gone back—Master and the rest should definitely be very worried.

You should go back first and tell them to not worry.

Ill be back really soon.”

But this clearly couldnt make the others feel secure.

Qiang Wanzhou—who was silent all the while—suddenly said, “Ill go wherever you go.”

His tone was as calm and nonchalant as usual, but it had a few notes of stubbornness.

Mu Hongyu nodded.

“Yeah! Liuyue, weve already waited for so many days.

We can just wait for the remaining period, right Itll always be better if were together and can take care of each other, right”

They all had lingering fears after what they had experienced previously.

Chu Liuyue could successfully escape an ordeal, but the Dahuang Swamp was filled with all sorts of dangers.

Who could guarantee that she could definitely return in one peace at the end

They would definitely be worried.

Why would Chu Liuyue not understand what they were thinking

Seeing that she couldnt really convince them, Chu Liuyue thought for a moment.

“Since this is so… Follow me then—”

Qin Yi suddenly asked, “To where”

Chu Liuyue pressed her lips against each other and looked in the direction of Red Moon Desert.


Chun Feng Restaurant.

The room was silent.

Qi Han didnt expect Shui Liuer to be this honest and directly admit that the Nine Clouds Yuan Recovery Pill was with her.

This item was very precious.

If anyone in the Tianling Dynasty had it, they would probably not dare to talk about it.

However, Shui Liuer said it directly…

“The person that day was indeed me.” Qi Han kept quiet for a moment and finally nodded.

Shui Liuers originally tense expression instantly eased up.

Since Qi Han dared to say that, it proved that he had already let his guard down to interact with them.

This way, it would naturally be much more convenient.

“Why did you steal that thing” Qi Han continued asking.

Shui Liuer laughed.

“Actually, this situation is also a coincidence.

I already planned to do this long ago, but I didnt expect for you to coincidentally be there that day.”

As she spoke, she asked rather curiously, “Oh yes, did you go for that item as well”

Qi Han shook his head.


He started investigating Xiahou Rong because he was long suspicious of the latter.

In actual fact, during this period, he would sneak into the Xiahou Residence once he had the time.

Hard work didnt fail him as he finally heard what he should that day.

But as he was too shocked and angry that day, he was negligent for a moment and made that sound.

In the end, he unknowingly helped Shui Liuer at the right time.

Originally, he wanted to start doing these things after Her Highness came back.

After all, his identity was too sensitive, and he had to be very careful in every aspect.

But Her Highness didnt come back for a long time, and the wedding between Shangguan Wan and Jiang Yucheng was slowly approaching! After much thinking, he boldly decided to investigate on his own!

Luckily, he had some results!

Shui Liuer thought of the words Xiahou Rong had said back then, and the smile on her face faded slightly.

Back then, Xiahou Rong had played a very important role in deploying the Thirteen Yue Guard outside.

“When I went to the Xiahou Residence to investigate, I met you coincidentally.

You shouldve long known that Xiahou Rong had betrayed Her Highness, right” Qi Hans face turned cold.

“Thats right.

That old fogey was disloyal and betrayed Her Highness for his own selfish desires.

Hes definitely guilty!”

“Did you get any evidence” Shui Liuer remembered clearly that Xiahou Rong mentioned a forged document back then.

“Do you know who the other person is”

Qi Han opened his mouth but didnt speak a word as he glanced at Jian Fengchi from the corner of his eyes.

Jian Fengchi laughed and leaned against the wall.

Then, he shook his fan and lazily smiled.

“Weve already talked so much.

Do you still not trust me”


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