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Qi Han coldly said, “You yourself know why.”

In the past, Jian Fengchi loved to go against Her Highness and would cause trouble for her once every few days.

There were even a few times he fought with Her Highness to stand up for Shangguan Wan.

With all those incidents in mind, how was he worthy of trust

Facing Jian Fengchis face, Qi Han really couldnt set aside all his doubts.

He said all of that earlier because Shui Liuer took the initiative to be honest with him.

Jian Fengchi was stumped and felt guilty as his head hurt.

He closed his fan, held the base of the fan to his temple, and sighed deeply.

“Sigh… There are always times when people make wrong decisions, right… Besides, even though I always went against the Princess back then, I never actually did anything to let her down.

I know how she treats me.

Do you really think Im a traitor”

Jian Fengchi genuinely meant whatever he said.

Not talking about others, but he had always been very grateful to Shangguan Yue for being willing to let him read so many rare books.

One had to know that all those books were priceless treasures for any heavenly doctor.

For an average person, one wouldnt even be willing to share a medical formula of a higher grade with others.

Some mentors might even withhold information from their own disciples, afraid that they would be better than them.

But Shangguan Yue never seemed to have such considerations.

As long as Jian Fengchi asked, she would basically agree to his requests and generously lend him the rare books.

Even though Jian Fengchi was carefree, he knew how much he owed Shangguan Yue.

There was a long story about why he always had conflicts with Shangguan Yue.

Ever since he was young, Jian Fengchi had shown incredible talent as a heavenly doctor.

At that time, many people said that he was the top genius in the entire Xi Ling.

He was naturally proud and always thought so as well.

But then, Shangguan Yue was born.

Her appearance had a great impact on all the so-calledgeniuses in Xi Ling—no, the entire Tianling Dynasty.

She was like a bright moon that dazzled.

No matter how outstanding the others were, they were like the stars beside the bright moon and paled in comparison to her.

Jian Fengchi was also part of that group.

From the top heavenly doctor genius, he became second.

Back then, Jian Fengchi was arrogant and regularly went to the palace to look for Shangguan Yue and compete with her.

If he lost, he would rush back to cultivate and start all over again.

If he won… Mm, he had never won before.

Thinking of this, Jian Fengchi was still filled with vengeance.

Who could stand it Other people would long resign themselves to their fate, knowing that Shangguan Yue was hard to defeat.

He didnt believe it, but in the end, he lost even more miserably and almost shut himself up.

In the end, Shangguan Yue took the initiative to say that she was more advantaged because she read more books.

With that, she willingly chose a few ancient books to lend to Jian Fengchi and let him read.

At the start, Jian Fengchi refused to accept it.

However, he was affected in the end and finally decided to endure the humiliation and admit his defeat.

He started to read the books she gave him.

After he read them, he would compete with her again.

After this, the situation became much better—he could finally tie with Shangguan Yue on several occasions.

Hence, Jian Fengchi gradually formed this habit.

Even if he had never said it before, he was indeed very grateful to Shangguan Yue in his heart.

Who knew all of that would happen later…

“If I really wanted to target you, I couldve just directly told Jiang Yucheng about this.

Why would I waste my effort to bring you over” Jian Fengchi felt very wronged. After much thinking, it should probably be because I owed her in the past and that its now time to return the favor.

Shui Liuer also helped to chip in from the side.

“Qi Han, to be honest, Jian Fengchi found me first and recruited my help to investigate the reason behind the Princesss death after the Princess got into trouble back then.”

Hearing this, Qi Han finally glanced at Jian Fengchi strangely.

He didnt expect the latter to do such a thing.

Shui Liuer continued, “You might not trust us much now, and we understand that.

But whatever we said today is true.

The Princess died an unjust death, and we must dig up the truth for her! If you dont mind, then… Lets join hands from today onward.

What do you think”

Qi Han knitted his brows and seemed to be in a difficult position. They clearly dont know that Her Highness is still alive.

But without a doubt, many things will be much more convenient if I have their help.

Shui Liuer was working in Chun Feng Restaurant and had seen all sorts of characters, especially those rich people in Xi Ling City.

As long as they went there, she would definitely be able to get some information out of them.

Who would guard against such a weak woman with a lowly background

The same could be said for Jian Fengchi—to a greater extent even.

He had a distinguished status and was very arrogant; he did whatever he wanted in Xi Ling City.

Nobody cared much about whatever he wanted to do.

The room had a temporary silence.

Then, Jian Fengchi finally said, “If I say that Ive already found out who poisoned His Majesty back then, will you agree to our cooperation”

Qi Han suddenly looked up.

“What did you say”

Jian Fengchi laughed, extended his hand, and used some of the water in the teacup by the side to write a name on the table.

Qi Han saw it clearly!

A fire burned in Jian Fengchis hand, and the marks of water immediately became dry! “Oh, right.

I forgot to tell you that this person shouldve been the one who took action on the Princesss side.”

Qi Han clenched his teeth and looked tense.

“H-how are you so sure Do you have evidence”

Jian Fengchi blinked and smiled with even deeper meaning.

“Of course… It was His Majesty who told me himself.”


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