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Below the desert, something seemed to be moving as it went toward Chu Liuyue.

Chu Liuyue was dazed for a moment and felt that something beneath her feet was suddenly moving.

She lowered her head to take a look and realized that the sand beneath her feet was actually moving rapidly!

It was as if an invisible hand was pulling her forward!

“Liuyue!” The few of them yelled from behind.

Chu Liuyue hurriedly turned around to look but shockingly discovered that their figures had completely disappeared!

“Hahaha! Theyve already been sent to different places.

If it werent for you, it wouldnt be so easy for them to come into this place!” This was Diwu Zhangzes voice.

A thought popped up in Chu Liuyues mind.

The moment she was about to speak, she heard him continue, “Girlie, dont worry.

Since theyre your friends, we naturally wont hurt them.”

Chu Liuyue then relaxed and let the yellow sand beneath her feet send her to the depths of the Red Moon Desert.

The further inside she went, the clearer the messy noises.

“Yueer Girlie is back!”

“Move aside, move aside! Dont block me!”

“Pfft! Why are you so anxious”

“If youre not anxious, I am! Move aside! Let me see what Girlie looks like now!”

Listening to the bustling commotion about herself, Chu Liuyue felt incredulous. Why does it seem like… Im very welcome here

It wasnt exaggerating to say that she had a feeling of returning home.

However, she looked up and didnt see a single figure.

Only the yellow sand beneath her feet kept moving continuously, and those voices seemed to be coming from below. Thats weird… I also came to the Red Moon Desert in the past, but I didnt see such a scene back then.

But it now seems like those few people werent lying when they said I liked coming here the most.

And it seems like… I have a lot of history in this place…

When other people came to the Red Moon Desert, it was very hard for them to proceed forward.

On the contrary, it was very easy for Chu Liuyue.

She didnt even need to walk herself as the yellow sand beneath her feet instinctively and rapidly brought her forward.

After advancing in this manner for a while, she finally stopped before an oasis.

This was a clear and clean oasis, and it was the most cooling and comfortable place in this boiling hot desert.

She walked two steps forward, stood beside the lake, and looked at her own reflection.

The chatters beside her ears instantly disappeared as they sank into a strange silence.

A moment later, a slightly high voice gasped.

“Why does Yueer Girlie seem different from before”

Upon hearing this, Chu Liuyue immediately squinted.

“Ah, its her! Those brows and eyes are hers!” yelled another excited voice.

“And the aura on this body is unique in this world! It is Yueer Girlie!”

“Its her, its her!”

“Let me see! Aiya, let me see!” The commotion resumed.

Chu Liuyue was caught between laughter and tears.

Even though the voices were very noisy, she didnt feel frustrated when she heard them and was even used to it.

Chu Liuyue took a closer look at the lake.

The lake was a faint blue color, and it glistened with the light.

At first glance, it seemed like a gigantic sapphire.

The wind coming from the water surface had a tinge of coolness and sweetness to it.

“Okay, weve seen what we need to see.

Lets disperse.

Yueer Girlie came here to do proper things!” Diwu Zhangzes voice had a tinge of solemnity.

Ripples suddenly appeared on the water surface as the talking voices gradually faded away with reluctance.

Very quickly, the lake surface recovered its calmness.

Chu Liuyue was surprised as she tried to ask the lake surface, “Senior Diwu Are you below here”

Diwu Zhangze laughed.

“Its a yes and a no.

The entire Red Moon Desert is our territory, and we can go wherever we want! But this place used to be the area you liked the most in the past, so we directly brought you over.”

Other than not being able to leave the Red Moon Desert at will, they seemed capable of doing and saying whatever they wanted here.

Chu Liuyue nodded thoughtfully. According to their capabilities, its normal to be able to do all of this…

“… Girlie, do you recall anything when you see all of these things” asked Diwu Zhangze meticulously.

Chu Liuyue was dazed and shook her head.

Diwu Zhangze paused and laughed.

“Its fine! You just came here, so its okay if you cant recall anything.

If you stay here for a long time, you might just remember everything!”

Chu Liuyue smiled lightly.

“Thank you, Senior Diwu.

Actually, I really want to know what exactly Ive forgotten.”

She vaguely felt that it was very important content, but she didnt know how to start.

If she could recall it here, it would be for the best.

“Why did you thank him He hasnt even done anything.” Lan Xiao grunted lightly and asked in a rather disdainful tone, “Girlie, its been so long.

Why are you only a peak stage-five warrior”

Chu Liuyue was speechless.

When Mu Hongyu and the rest saw that she had broken through to this stage, they were all shocked.

Even Chu Liuyue herself felt that her speed of breaking through was already very fast, but she didnt expect someone to pick on her one day.

Hearing this tone, it was as if she was unsalvageable garbage.

“Actually, I already can break through—”

“Sigh, youre just as worrying as before… Stay here first.

When you break through and become a stage-six warrior, we can start training.”

“Training What training” asked Chu Liuyue back with doubts.

“Of course, its the training you experienced here before!” Lan Xiao sighed.

“You mustve forgotten all about it.

Well start from the beginning!”

Chu Liuyue: “…”

Why do I suddenly have a bad feeling

Chu Liuyue didnt know how to react, but since Lan Xiao had already said this, she could only obediently sit down cross-legged and start to break through.

Breaking through to become a stage-six warrior didnt pose much difficulty to her now, and she could do it easily.

However… A stage-six warrior that might seem outstanding to others might not even be satisfactory for the few of them here.

Tianjing Yuan meridian… Chu Liuyue pressed her lips against each other. Ill tell everyone that even if I dont have my Tianjing Yuan meridian, I wont be any weaker than before!

“Seniors, please treat my friends nicely.” Chu Liuyue didnt worry about anything else but was afraid that her friends would get into trouble.

A cold voice sounded.

“Its already their great fortune to be able to enter here.

If you have this energy, you should think about how to strengthen yourself.” This was Dugu Mobaos voice.

Chu Liuyue immediately focused.

“Thank you for the guidance, Senior!”

Then, she immediately breathed and focused, preparing to break through.

Lan Xiao said softly in dissatisfaction, “Why are you so fierce to her Its just because Rong Xiu broke your Xuan formation again, right If youre angry, you can vent it on him!”


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