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Dugu Mobao knitted his brows and retorted, “Rong Xiu is Rong Xiu.

Chu Liuyue is Chu Liuyue.

Im not venting my anger by treating her in this manner.

I just want to make sure that she cultivates.

Dont forget that she no longer has a Tianjing Yuan meridian.

She must put in over ten-fold more effort than before if she wants to be as capable as she used to be!”

Hearing this, Lan Xiao and Diwu Zhangze fell silent together.

How would they not know this

In actual fact, Dugu Mobaos words were still more conservative.

The difference between a Dijing Yuan meridian and a Tianjing Yuan meridian was more than ten times.

It was indeed hard to start all over again from the beginning.

“Even if so, dont you think that Girlies body has an extraordinary existence” Diwu Zhangze thought for a moment and couldnt help but ask softly, “Didnt any of you think about how exactly she made that Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed concede”

Back then, they didnt directly dig out the Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed for her because they felt that the time wasnt right.

One had to know that the her back then was much stronger than she was now.

But now, she forcefully used her capabilities as a stage-five warrior to overpower that item!

It was incredulous.

“After hearing you say so, its really… Even though her cultivation level isnt high now, she doesnt seem to be weak.

She even has quite a few formidable trump cards…” Lan Xiao expressed his agreement.

“Something that can deal with the Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed… mustnt be something ordinary.

There might not even be one in the entire Tianling Dynasty, right In this case, even though she doesnt have the Tianjing Yuan meridian, it seems like she has many other benefits…”

Dugu Mobao coldly said, “No matter what treasures she has, her capabilities mustnt be any weaker than before! Diwu, Ill hand the few of them to you, and you must teach them well! I dont want them all to be Girlies burdens.”

Diwu Zhangze chuckled.

“Of course! I roughly checked their conditions previously.

Tsk, theyre all quite decent! Theres even one with a Faint Yuan Body!”

If they taught them properly, the few of them would have a bright future ahead.

“The friends that Girlie likes are naturally decent,” said Lan Xiao lazily.

“Other than her poor eyesight in choosing men, everything else is good.

Ah, right.

Big Baby, I fully support you if you still want to continue training Rong Xiu, but I think Little Xue Hua is very pitiful.

Why dont we let it off When it made an agreement with Rong Xiu back then, it was young and naive…”

Dugu Mobao coldly snorted and didnt reply.

The Red Moon Desert finally calmed down again gradually.

Chu Liuyue sat cross-legged by the lake, and her surrounding aura soared.

Very quickly, the Heaven and Earth Force started coming toward her, directly forming an energy spiral above her head.

Chu Liuyues eyes were tightly shut, and all the force within her body started moving!

The waves of force all gathered together and finally formed a terrifying power!

At this moment, Chu Liuyue gathered all her attention! She could even clearly feel that the invisible barrier of a stage-six warrior was within reach!

Then, she calmed her thoughts down and controlled that force to harshly hit against the water droplet in her dantian.


Like a wave crashing against a stone, water spilled everywhere!

The five lines on the water droplet seemed to be affected as they moved!

After not succeeding once, Chu Liuyue didnt give up and tried again.


This time, the attack was even stronger than before!

The water droplet let out a whirring sound, and the patterns on the surface rippled even more!

The clouds in the sky quickly gathered, and the sky started darkening at an observable speed! With that, silver snake-like lightning bolts swam in the thick layer of clouds.

“Hm Girlie is just breaking through to become a stage-six warrior.

Why did she cause such a big commotion” Lan Xiao—who was leisurely waiting in silence—was immediately shocked when he detected this change.

Such a change in weather would only occur when a normal cultivator was breaking through to become a stage-seven warrior.

Even if it was an outstanding warrior with a Dijing Yuan meridian, they could rarely achieve this.

If it were the past Yueer Girlie, this wouldnt be surprising.

But the key point was—she no longer had a Tianjing Yuan meridian!

“Theres indeed something wrong with her Yuan meridian,” said Dugu Mobao suddenly.

“Whats wrong” Lan Xiao was dazed.

“She indeed only has a Dijing Yuan meridian…”

We definitely wouldnt judge these things wrongly!

“I didnt say that she doesnt have a Dijing Yuan meridian now.

I meant that her Yuan meridian is different from other cultivators with a Dijing Yuan meridian.” Dugu Mobao paused for a moment and lowered his voice.

“If I havent guessed wrongly, this body of hers… The Yuan meridians grade has been improved at least twice!”

“What” This time, even Lan Xiao was stunned for quite some time.

For all the cultivators in the world, they had their respective talents from birth.

The difference in their Yuan meridians would determine the difference in their talents.

Of course, the Yuan meridian standard could be changed.

However, the requirements were very harsh, and it was extremely difficult.

And normally, one could only improve it once.

But Big Baby actually said… Girlies Yuan meridian standard was actually elevated at least twice

“How is this possible The Yuan meridian of a cultivator cant withstand such torture!”

“Its naturally impossible for an average person, but… shes different.

Perhaps the Yuan meridian in her current body wont be worse than a Tianjing Yuan meridian in the future…”

Lan Xiao suddenly thought of something and gasped.

“Youre saying…”

At this point, Chu Liuyue had no knowledge of the duos reactions.

She didnt dare to relax at all.

After a momentary pause, she proceeded with her third try.

This time, when the force harshly slammed against the water droplet, Chu Liuyue heard a crisp breaking sound.


She finally broke the barrier to become a stage-six warrior! Then, the surrounding Heaven and Earth Force started entering her limbs at an even higher speed.

The force all surged into that water droplet in the end, and the sixth line pattern gradually appeared!

When Chu Liuyue was just about to break through to become a stage-six warrior, Mu Hongyu and the rest—who came together with her—were all separated.

Diwu Zhangze purposely didnt put them together.

These few people each had their own specialties after all, and it was best to train them on their own.

The Red Moon Desert was huge and vast, so there was no need to worry about them bumping into each other.

As for Rong Xiu… Diwu Zhangze didnt need to worry about him even more.

Dugu Mobao was watching him!

But after these few years, Rong Xius strength increased quickly.

Even Big Baby had to spend a lot more effort to deal with him now.

I really dont know how he cultivated…

Hence, the crowd was separated in Red Moon Desert, and everyone faced their own challenges respectively.

And each persons combat power silently and rapidly increased in this process!


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