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Shangguan Wans face instantly turned cold.

“Im not crazy.

I know what Im doing.

I dont need you to teach me!”

“Do you think that you have the right to control me just because our wedding is coming Jiang Yucheng, dont forget your status!” She glared at Jiang Yucheng coldly. No matter what, he is just a child from an aristocratic family.

If it werent because of the marriage agreement with me, how would he have everything he has today One has to know that in a few days time, Im going to ascend the throne officially.

By then, Jiang Yucheng will be lower than me! How dare he be arrogant in front of me

Jiang Yucheng was so angry that he laughed. It seems like Shangguan Wan has really been too delusional with her status and power that hasnt even come.

The military power isnt in her hands.

Even if she holds the imperial power, shes just a puppet.

Besides, her foundation isnt good.

Its hard to say if she can even protect this position.

Without me, how could she be where she is today

Originally, he was too lazy to argue with her about this.

After all, it wasnt the first day he knew that Shangguan Wan was brainless.

Back then, he chose her because he felt that she was easy to control.

However, he didnt expect her to become so crazy now!

Jiang Yuchengs gaze was dark.

“There are enough people missing in Xi Ling City.

At this crucial point, I dont want to hear such news again.

Do you understand”

But facing Jiang Yuchengs repeated warnings, Shangguan Wan didnt care about them at all.

She chuckled and turned around as she leisurely removed her intricate accessory from her head.

“I knew you came for this, but theres no need for it.

Only a few disciples went missing, and nobody has found any clues even until now.

In the future, nobody will know who did it.

What are you worried about”

She wasnt afraid that Jiang Yucheng could guess that she did it.

Anyway, the two of them had done too many unspeakable things and had each others evidence.

Unless Jiang Yucheng really wanted to sink their boat, he would definitely stand at her side!

Seeing Shangguan Wans fearless expression, Jiang Yucheng tightly knitted his brows, and his blood boiled even more. Shangguan Wan indeed went crazy to recover her abilities! She doesnt even care about how much trouble the incident will cause for us at this point in time! Now, her entire mind is filled with herself!

“Besides, I did this for our good.

You also dont wish to see me being unable to lift that staff on the day of our wedding, right” Shangguan Wan glanced at him.

That was the symbol of the Tianling Dynastys emperor!

If she failed in front of all the officers and commoners, she would be thoroughly finished!

Even Jiang Yucheng would be the same! He couldnt find a third princess to get married to!

Jiang Yucheng clenched his teeth tightly and spat out a sentence: “Remember to clean your mouth!”

Then, he walked away with big strides.

Shangguan Wan nonchalantly chuckled and turned around to tidy herself up in front of the mirror.

In the depths of her eyes, a tinge of blood gradually spread around sinisterly and evilly, but it disappeared the next moment.

After Jiang Yucheng left Huayang Palace, he couldnt vent his anger and wanted to leave the place directly.

But thinking that His Majesty hadnt awakened, he suppressed his anger and went to Qingfeng Palace.

In the end, he coincidentally saw Zuo Mingxi coming out of the room.

Jiang Yucheng found it strange. Counting the days, it doesnt seem to be Zuo Mingxis turn today, right

He walked forward.

“Physician Zuo.”

Zuo Mingxi looked up and was dazed for a moment when he saw that it was Jiang Yucheng before he smiled and bowed.

“Eldest Young Master.”

Jiang Yucheng glanced at the tightly shut door and asked, “Physician Zuo, shouldnt you be resting at home today Why did you come to the palace Also, wheres your accompaniment”

Zuo Mingxi rarely came here alone.

The heavenly doctor smiled and cupped his fists.

“It indeed isnt my duty to come here today, but I suddenly discovered a method in an ancient book the day before.

Therefore, I wanted to see if it works on His Majesty and came here to take a look.

Eldest Young Master, I hope you wont find my actions outrageous.”

Jiang Yucheng nodded in understanding.

“Why would I Youve spent a lot of effort on His Majesty, and I should praise you.

Why would I blame you Then… Did His Majestys condition take a turn for the better”

Zuo Mingxi paused for a moment.

“Actually, the poison in His Majestys body has mostly been cleared.

Logically speaking, he will wake up soon.


“But what” Hearing that there was a chance His Majesty would wake up, Jiang Yuchengs eyes lit up as he hurriedly asked.

“But… His Majesty seemed to have been agitated earlier and didnt seem to want to wake up, so the entire incident dragged on until now with not much progress.

If we can invite people close to His Majesty and let them talk to him, perhaps we might be able to wake him up…”

Jiang Yuchengs expression changed slightly.

“Oh Physician Zuo, who do you think we should invite over then”

Zuo Mingxi looked like he was put in a difficult spot.

“T-this… Its…”

Outsiders might not know, but people in the palace knew very clearly.

Qingfeng Palace had been guarded very strictly, and nobody could get near it at will.

Even the younger princes were never allowed to enter the place, let alone the others.

After talking so much, only the Third Princess—Shangguan Wan—was the most suitable for this.

Why would Jiang Yucheng not know that

He retracted his expression slightly.

“So it means that if we invite the Third Princess over, theres a chance His Majesty will wake up”

Zuo Mingxi hurriedly lowered his head.

“Your wedding with Her Highness is around the corner, Im afraid—”

“Ill tell her about this myself.

Physician Zuo, you just need to care about treating His Majesty.

If His Majesty can really wake up, itll be all your work.”

Zuo Mingxi thanked him continuously and said, “Eldest Young Master, His Majestys body condition kept fluctuating previously.

The Third Princess keeps doubting the people who take care of His Majesty, including those two… So for this…”

“Dont worry—I have my own plans.

Before His Majesty wakes up, Ill try not to spread this matter around,” said Jiang Yucheng lightly.

Zuo Mingxi then heaved a sigh of relief.

“Thats good then.

Thats good… As long as His Majesty can wake up, we can rest assured about the rest… Then, Ill take my leave first if theres nothing else.”

Jiang Yucheng nodded and let Zuo Mingxi leave.

After the latter left, Jiang Yucheng personally entered the house to check.

Everything was indeed similar to what Zuo Mingxi said.

He calculated in his heart and finally returned to Huayang Palace to tell Shangguan Wan about this.

Actually, Shangguan Wan didnt care about this issue.

But after repeated persuasion from Jiang Yucheng, she could only agree perfunctorily.

Anyway, she felt that her father waking up wouldnt have much impact on her.

This was because she would become the one standing at the top no matter what!

Jiang Yucheng knew what Shangguan Wan was thinking and wanted to say more, but he didnt do so in the end. There are some things that she doesnt need to know.

As long as His Majesty wakes up, then… Everything else can be solved easily!


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