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“Its just a small gift; its not much.


Liuyue, you must accept it.”

Chu Liuyue was silent as she stared at the gift boxes piled into a hill outside.

Small gift… Does Yan Ge have a misunderstanding of this term Or does he think that Zhen Bao Pavilion has too much money

But Chu Liuyue could only accept them in the end.

Considering Yan Ges determined expression, she would be looking down on him if she didnt accept them.

“Then, I can only accept your goodwill respectfully.”

Yan Ge finally heaved a sigh of relief in his heart when she finally accepted it.

Only God knew that his soul was almost frightened away when he heard that his master was choosing presents for Chu Liuyue.

He never thought that his masters rumored missus would be Chu familys Big Missy—the one he had recently struck a deal with—Chu Liuyue.

“Thats great! Thats great! I didnt expect Ms.

Liuyue to have such outstanding talent.

You really surprised me.”

This was the truth.

Who would have thought that Chu Liuyue—whom everyone thought was a good-for-nothing—could actually enter Tian Lu Academy and attain such great results

With Chu Liuyues talent and forbearance, it was no wonder his master—who did not care much for girls—was attracted to her.

Yan Ge had dealt with Chu Liuyue before during the hunting ground business deal, and he had admired her quite a bit.

Now that he knew she was the apple of his masters eye, his attitude was naturally even better.

He looked at Chu Ning and sighed emotionally.

“I heard that youve completely recovered, and youre now the imperial guards Commander in Chief.

I havent congratulated you yet.”

“Second Master Yan, youre too kind.” Chu Ning walked forward and looked at Chu Liuyue lovingly.

“If it wasnt for my Yueer…” He paused and did not continue.

Even though Yueer passed all three examinations and entered Tian Lu Academy, her most outstanding achievements were her placing second in the Xuan Master assessment, followed by first place in the warrior assessment.

Nobody seemed to mention her heavenly doctor talent.

She also did not participate in the heavenly doctor assessment, nor did she perform ideally in that category during the entrance examination since she passed it forcefully.

Chu Ning originally thought that she would enter as a heavenly doctor, but it seemed like she was hiding her talent on purpose.

Even though he did not know the reason, Yueer definitely had her reasons for doing so.

At the very least, she had a trump card up her sleeves.

Chu Liuyue smiled and said, “What are you talking about, Father Weve relied on each other for so many years, and we have finally made it past the bad days.

Its my blessing to have you with me.”

Chu Nings tears started welling up.

“Yueer is right! Today, we should celebrate properly! Second Master Yan, please head inside.”

‘Inside definitely meant the more central location.

Yan Ge personally attending the banquet meant that Zhen Bao Pavilion was willing to stand up for the father-daughter duo.

It was really rare for Zhen Bao Pavilion to do so with their current status in the Imperial City.

“Haha, Officer Chu Ning and Ms.

Liuyue are the true hosts today.

You two should head in first,” answered Yan Ge with a smile, but his gaze shifted to Chu Liuyue subconsciously. What a joke! How would I dare to walk in front of Masters missus

Chu Liuyue discovered that Second Master Yan was really weird today.

However, it was not the time to ask questions.

After seeing Yan Ges persistence, Chu Liuyue did not force him.

“Second Master Yan, make yourself at home then.”

Yan Ge immediately agreed happily.

Something flashed across Chu Liuyues mind, and she seemingly nonchalantly asked, “Second Master Yan, I heard that high-level fiends have appeared in the hunting ground.

May I know what level they are”

Yan Ge immediately felt a bit guilty when he heard that and coughed.

“Actually, we only found traces of high-level fiends in the hunting ground previously.

We havent seen what exactly they are yet.

However… I think their levels arent too low…”

Chu Liuyue nodded.

It was rare to see high-level fiends, so it was natural for Yan Ge not to want to talk about such important things in detail.

Chu Ning looked outside the door, and it seemed like nobody else came other than the people Yan Ge brought.

He could not help but say, “I cant thank you enough for booking the entire Phoenix Restaurant.

I really dont know how to return the favor.

However, there wont be many people coming today; Im afraid youre just wasting your money.”

Yan Ge chuckled and did not say a word. Waste Im afraid it wont be enough!

“Si familys Eldest Young Master, Si Ting, is here!”

The second announcement shocked the people in Phoenix Restaurant.

Chu Liuyue looked up and saw a young man in a blue robe walking over.

The face of the young man was sharp and handsome.

He exuded a cold and distinguished aura, similar to a sharp knife.

It was Si Ting!

“W-Why is he here” Chu Ning was surprised.

As the indubitable top aristocratic family in the Imperial City, the Si family rarely interfered with other families affairs.

So, why did they send someone over this time

They had even sent Si Ting, who had the highest status amongst the Si familys younger generation.

This banquet could be considered as the battle between the father-daughter duo and the Chu family.

Everyone knew that they were pitting themselves against the Chu family by coming here.

Logically speaking, the Si family had no need to get involved in this situation.

Even if they had to choose, they would choose the Chu family.

Then, why would they…

Si Ting had already walked over in the blink of an eye.

He first bowed towards Chu Ning.

“Greetings, Uncle Chu.”

Chu Ning hurriedly said, “Theres no need to be so formal, Si Ting.”

Si Ting exuded a faintly distinguished yet distant aura, but his gaze was calm and actions appropriate, which people would not be uncomfortable with.

“Did… the Si familys Master send you over” asked Chu Ning rather hesitantly.

Si Ting nodded.

“Master has been rather busy lately, so he cant come personally.

Thus, he told me to take his place.

He heard that you became a stage-five warrior, and hes very happy about it.

He said that he wants to duel with you if there is time.”

Actually, Si Ye was only a few years older than Chu Ning.

Both of them had some connections before, but Chu Ning got injured later, and Si Ye became the Si familys head.

Thus, they started interacting with each other less and less.

With Si Yes current status, he had no need to come over personally.

It was more than enough that he sent the Si familys Eldest Young Master, Si Ting, over.

This was enough to show the Si familys stance.

Chu Ning was touched.

“… Good! Good!”

“However… I came here today on behalf of my family and also myself,” said Si Ting as he looked at Chu Liuyue.

“Big Chu Missy and I are disciples in the same Xuan Master course, so I should come over to congratulate her.”

The academy was split into the three factions—warrior, Xuan Master, and heavenly doctor.

Originally, few people could be Xuan Masters, so they were more united and bonded.

Thus, Si Tings actions were considered normal.

Chu Liuyue smiled.

“Thank you.”

Si Ting felt that the young girls smile was bedazzling, and he could not look at it directly.

His heart skipped a beat, and the weird feeling from before appeared again.

He nodded lightly and subconsciously looked away.

“There arent many people in the academy as were on a break.

However, Si Yang has already gone to call the others over.

Theyll be here in a bit.”

“Si familys Fifth Young Master, Si Yang; Ou familys Second Young Master, Ou Zhen; Sun familys Fourth Missy, Sun Xiaoxiang; General Zhen Nans daughter, Wu Yingying…”

Chu Liuyue looked up and saw a group of young men and women walking towards her together.

The person leading the pack was Si Yang, and he was filled with excitement.

“Phoenix Restaurant! We must eat until Chu Liuyue becomes poor!”

“Okay!” replied the crowd loudly.

“I didnt expect her to be so powerful.

I cant even eat at Phoenix Restaurant once every three months.”

“Thats right! I came out late for the previous assessment, so I didnt even see how she looks.

I must look at her properly this time.”

“The second place in our Xuan Master assessment got first place in the warrior assessment.

Dont you think those people were driven to their graves Hahaha!”

“Dont fight with me later! I want to be the first to drink with her!”

The lively chatter immediately made the entire Phoenix Restaurant livelier.

Si Yang looked up and winked at Si Ting.

“Big Brother! I called everyone over! More people are still behind!”

Si Ting softly replied with an “Mm,” but the hands in his sleeves gradually formed a tight fist.

Chu Liuyue blinked.

“Si Ting, did you call them over”

Si Ting nodded grimly.

“Not really.

Were all in the same school anyway, and its livelier with more people around.”

Yan Ges brows rose up high. What a lad.

Is he fighting with Master


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