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When Xiahou Rong came to the door, it was evening.

Xiahou Tingan was eating with Xiao Die.

Perhaps because she was from Chun Feng Restaurant, but Xiao Die wasnt good at cooking.

The food she made was hard to swallow.

Xiahou Tingan was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and used and ate the best.

How could he be used to all of this

In the beginning, he could still bring Xiao Die to the restaurants outside.

But after some time, he didnt have much money with him.

One had to know that when he left the Xiahou Residence, he left with dignity and didnt bring a single item with him.

And all the money inside the Cosmic Ring that he previously gave Xiao Die was used to redeem her from the brothel, so there wasnt much left.

They had already lived humbly for many days.

Xiahou Tingan was originally very uncomfortable in all sorts of areas.

In addition to the Nine Clouds Yuan Recovery Pill being stolen, he had been very uneasy and anxious during this period.

He had no energy during the day and couldnt sleep at night.

Even if he fell asleep occasionally, he would have constant nightmares.

After much struggle, he became much thinner.

Xiahou Tingan started to regret faintly.

Even though this place was clean and tidy, it couldnt be compared to the Xiahou Residence.

There was also nobody around to serve him.

He was used to the extravagant lifestyle, so it was even worse than killing him for him to experience the commoners life.

Actually, Xiahou Tingan also thought of going back to admit his mistakes.

But on the one hand, he couldnt bring himself to do so and was afraid that he would suffer all sorts of mockery when he went back.

On the other hand, he was also afraid that the Nine Clouds Yuan Recovery Pills disappearance would be exposed.

Rather than that, it would be better for him to just live like this.

However, this peace was quickly broken!


After hearing the sound of the door being kicked open, Xiahou Tingan and Xiao Die were collectively stunned.

The duo exchanged glances and heard Xiahou Rongs enraged voice from outside.

“Rascal! Come out now!”

Xiahou Tingans heart skipped a beat. The matter regarding the Nine Clouds Yuan Recovery Pill going missing mustve been discovered!

He immediately stood up in panic and wanted to escape instinctively.

Xiao Die looked at him in a daze.

“Second Young Master, is the person outside… Officer Xiahou He seems to be here to look for you…”

“Just say that Im not here!” Xiahou Tingan hurriedly threw a sentence behind and was about to jump down from the window.

But a rope tangled around his waist before he could move, and Xiahou Rong pulled with all his might.

Xiahou Tingan instantly fell backward!


He slammed harshly in front of Xiahou Rong.

“Second Young Master—” Seeing this scene, Xiao Die yelled out in panic as she clutched the door tightly and looked very worried.

Xiahou Rong glanced at her with an extremely cold gaze. This lady looks like shes around 15 or 16, and she has a natural look that is very charming and will look even more pitiable when she cries.

Shes greatly different from Jiang Yuzhis arrogant manner.

No wonder this rascal would do this!

“Get lost!” hollered Xiahou Rong.

“Dont let me see you in Xi Ling ever again!”

Xiao Die shuddered, and tears fell like the rain as she glanced at Xiahou Tingan reluctantly.

“I-I can leave, b-but… Please, dont hurt Second Young Master.

Its all my fault…”

Xiahou Rong knitted his brows, and his surrounding aura became colder.

Horror flashed across Xiao Dies face as she hurriedly bid farewell to Xiahou Tingan and ran away while crying.

This father-son duo was left alone in the yard.

Xiahou Rong directly dragged his son into the room and looked down at him from above solemnly.

“Father…” Xiahou Tingan was slightly more awakened.

When he saw this setup, he vaguely guessed something in his heart and guiltily called out.

“Dont call me!” Xiahou Rong interrupted him violently.

“Answer me—wheres the Nine Clouds Yuan Recovery Pill!”

Xiahou Tingan anxiously said, “Father, I dont know! I really dont know!”


A resounding slap was heard.

Xiahou Tingans one slap directly caused Xiahou Tingan to hurl backward and collapse onto the floor.

“Answer me!”

Xiahou Tingan coughed and spat out a mouthful of blood.

Even two of his teeth had fallen out—this showed how much force Xiahou Rong had used!

“I-I really dont know…” Xiahou Tingan also felt very aggrieved.

“Who else can silently steal the thing away other than you!” Xiahou Rong clenched his teeth.

“Did you find someone to help you!”

Thinking about it now, the item was most likely lost the night when someone overheard my conversation.

The person who ran away mightve even been used as a distraction to let this rascal steal the item more conveniently!

After knowing the incident was exposed, Xiahou Tingan couldnt deny it. However… That item really isnt with me!

“Father, please listen to me! I-I did intend to steal the Nine Clouds Yuan Recovery Pill that day, but the moment I opened the box, someone snatched it away from me.

Even now, I still have no idea where it is!” Xiahou Tingan hurriedly explained the incident that day.

“…If its really with me, why havent I used it yet Father, Im speaking the truth!”

Hearing Xiahou Tingans explanation, Xiahou Rongs heart gradually turned cold. If what he says is true, it means that someone purposely followed him when he barged into the study and took the chance to steal the item.

The most terrifying thing is that Xiahou Tingan didnt see what the other party looked like, and there are no clues whatsoever! If we are to look for that person, would it not be akin to finding a needle in a haystack! Jiang Yucheng wants the item sent back within a day in perfect condition!

Xiahou Rongs vision turned black, and he almost collapsed to the floor.

“Father!” Seeing this, Xiahou Tingan hurriedly went to help him up but was pushed away.

“Rascal, do you know how much trouble youve caused!”

If Jiang Yucheng knows that the Nine Clouds Yuan Recovery Pill has gone missing, our entire family wont be able to bear the consequences! I might not even be able to protect myself if word gets out, let alone protecting Xiahou Tingan! The Nine Clouds Yuan Recovery Pill is an heirloom of the Tianling royal family, and it would be a giant threat in whoevers hands it landed in.

The other party had clearly caught onto us a long time ago, and they definitely wanted to use this Nine Clouds Yuan Recovery Pill—

Suddenly, a white light flashed across Xiahou Rongs mind. In this world, who would be so stubborn about this item and even snatch it despite needing to use so much effort One has to know that it was taken from the Princess two years ago!

A ridiculous idea popped up in his mind, which made Xiahou Rongs body shake uncontrollably.

Xiahou Tingan saw his reaction from the side, and his heart hung high. This seems… much more serious than I expected…

But at this point, Xiahou Tingan still thought that his father was worried about Jiang Yucheng.

An idea popped up in his mind as he leaned in nearer, lowered his voice, and said, “Father, arent you just worried about Jiang Yucheng Actually, you dont need to think so much.

Jiang Yucheng also played a part in the Princesss incident back then, and he definitely cant escape it.

With this trump card, he wont really dare to do anything to you!”

Xiahou Rong suddenly looked at his son and was shocked and enraged.

“What else do you know!”


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