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Xiahou Tingan was taken aback by his reaction and instinctively moved backward, but his collar was pulled up.

“Speak! You heard everything that day, right!” asked Xiahou Rong sharply.

“F-father… cough, cough!” Xiahou Tingan grabbed his hand and wanted to push it away as he coughed uncomfortably.

“I-I just… heard a little… cough—”

But Xiahou Rong didnt believe his second son, and his face became super dark like it never had before.

Xiahou Tingan had never seen such an expression on his father, and he couldnt help but swallow his remaining words.

After some time, Xiahou Rong loosened his hands and stood up.

“Follow me to the Jiang Residence.

When were there, you just need to tell Jiang Yucheng whatever you said before.

You must never let him know what you eavesdropped, do you understand”

Xiahou Tingan nodded in panic.

Xiahou Rong took a deep glance at him and sighed in his heart. Very obviously, there are still people in Xi Ling City who want to investigate the truth behind the Princesss death.

And these people could be in the imperial court, but they could also be amongst the commoners.

There is also something else that I have to worry about… Those people might already be back!

Red Moon Desert.

After countless tries, Chu Liuyue finally hit the puppet to the floor within 15 minutes!

Her entire body seemed to be covered in wounds, and there were still some bloodstains by the corner of her mouth, making her entire person look miserable.

She had been bitterly training for a month, and she felt like she had died quite a few times.

Every time she thought that she couldnt continue, she relied on her stubbornness and barely made it past.

However, the effort she put in wasnt for naught! Other than her physical body becoming stronger and her attacks being improved, she surprisingly broke through and became an intermediate stage-six warrior when she fought with this puppet!

She had stayed in the Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seeds God Realm for a year and accumulated quite a bit of force.

Adding on this period of time—where she crazily fought with these puppets and her combat power kept improving—it was very normal for her to ascend to the next grade.

“Big Baby, I won!” Chu Liuyue heavily sighed as she spoke elatedly.

Beside her, that peak stage-seven puppet had already been beaten up rotten.

But when she said this, nobody answered her.

The surroundings were silent.

Chu Liuyue was dazed for a moment and walked closer to the lake.

“Big Baby”

Then, Big Babys voice sounded beside her ear.

“We all saw it.

You did very well.”

After spending a long time here, Chu Liuyue became much more familiar with the few of them. For some reason, Big Babys tone sounds different at this moment…

She blinked and tried to ask, “Big Baby, why do you seem unhappy”

Actually, she shouldnt have saidunhappy. Instead, it seemed like he was suppressing some sort of anger.

Even though he talked very calmly, Chu Liuyue had this feeling for some reason. Could it be… that someone offended him

“Its just some small matter.

Its not important.” Big Baby skipped past it and changed the topic.

“You previously said that you wanted to make a trip back to Xi Ling after you won, right”

Chu Liuyue nodded. Counting the time, I should be able to make it if I go back now.

“Ill send you guys back,” said Big Baby calmly.

Chu Liuyue was first elated and then felt that something was wrong.

She knitted her brows.

“Big Baby, are you really okay”

Big Baby didnt answer, and the yellow sand beneath Chu Liuyues feet started moving suddenly!

The next moment, the scene in front of her changed!

She focused and surveyed her surroundings before realizing that Big Baby directly sent her back to the intersection between the three areas.

Then, she saw another figure coming over from the Red Moon Desert!

She saidcoming over, but that figure was directly sent out.

“Aiyo, my waist—” Mu Hongyu held her waist and bared her teeth in pain.

However, she only said half her sentence when she saw Chu Liuyue in front of her.


She gasped in shock immediately! Then, she rushed toward her friend! “Ah!!! Its really you! Thats great!”

She originally wanted to pounce directly over and hug her friend, but when she arrived right in front of Chu Liuyue, she then recalled that her face was covered in dust and stopped herself.

Chu Liuyue held her arm.

Mu Hongyu widened her eyes and saw that Chu Liuyue seemed to be injured.

But the moment she was about to speak with heartache, she realized that the latters bodily suppression seemed to be heavier than before! She seems… much stronger!

“Liuyue, did you break through to become an intermediate stage-six warrior!” Mu Hongyu was thrilled.

After seeing Chu Liuyue smile and nod, she circled around her in shock a few times.

“Youre amazing! How long has it been Yet, you directly improved by two grades! Let me tell you—”


A sound suddenly landed beside them—it was Ye Ranran.

“Aiyo—” She was still holding onto a cauldron tightly, afraid that it would break.

Chu Liuyue glanced at it from the corner of her eyes and actually saw a pile of pills in the cauldron.

With a rough glance, there were all sorts of pills with varying standards.

Chu Liuyues eyelids twitched.

“Ranran!” Mu Hongyu hurriedly held her up.

Ye Ranran was still quite dazed.

When she saw the duos faces, she looked surprised.

Her chubby face seemed to become thinner as tears welled up in her eyes.

“I-I finally found you!”

For some reason, someone kept pressing me to refine pills, and they had all sorts of rare ingredients.

I was too exhausted, but I couldnt bear to stop! In the end, I became this exhausted.

Then, Qiang Wanzhou, Qin Yi, and Lei Laosi all appeared gradually.

Chu Liuyue sensitively discovered that although they all looked tortured, everyone was much stronger than before.

Perhaps… Big Baby and the rest helped them too Chu Liuyue felt a slight warmth in her heart.

“We can talk when we go back.

Lets go back to Xi Ling first!”

The few of them had no objections.

Qin Yi said, “Coincidentally, were going back to Xi Ling too.

Lets go together.”

Chu Liuyue glanced at him and lightly nodded.


Therefore, the few of them decided to go back together.

Mu Hongyu said, “I remember that we still have to go through a few transportation formations to go back…”

Before she could finish her sentence, a blue barrier enveloped the few of them.

An idea popped up in Chu Liuyues mind. This should be done by Big Baby…

At this moment, Big Babys voice sounded beside her ears.

“Go back and do what you want.”

Even though it was a very childish voice, it sounded stable and secure to Chu Liuyue.

It was filled with comforting strength.

Chu Liuyue seemed to be more confident.

She bowed toward Red Moon Desert and seriously said, “Thank you, Seniors.”

Then, the blue barrier glistened.

The few peoples figures immediately disappeared from the spot.

On the streets of Xi Ling, there were decorations everywhere, and it was very crowded.

This was because the Third Princesss wedding would be held in three days, which was also her coronation ceremony.

Hence, the entire Xi Ling was celebrating for ten days—from three days before the wedding to seven days after.

In the Jiang Residence, the lights shone brightly.

Hearing the commotion outside, an idea popped up in Jiang Yuchengs mind.

“Lets go out and walk.”


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