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The entire Jiang Residence was decorated and was filled with a celebratory mood.

Jiang Yucheng walked to the door and stood with his hands behind his back.

Even though he didnt look forward to this wedding much, he still felt something tingle in his heart when he saw this scene.

The same scene also appeared here two years ago.

At one moment, he almost thought that he had returned to that time.

“Eldest Young Master.” Sun Qi walked forward and looked at him solemnly.

“Do you have any instructions for me”

Jiang Yucheng recovered his senses and shook his head.

“Im just going to take a casual walk.

You dont have to follow me.”

“Yes.” Sun Qi hurriedly acknowledged the words.

Jiang Yucheng raised his legs and walked forward, but the moment he took two steps, he heard hushed whispers from the side.

“Hey, how much do you think the Eldest Young Master will reward us this time Will it be as much as before At that time, even the lowliest subordinate in our residence was given 100 white crystals.

The superior ones even had red packets worth thousands of white crystals!”

“I dont think its possible… After all, it was the wedding with the Princess back then.

Even though the Third Princesss identity is also distinguished, shes still a little weaker compared to the Princess… I think that itll be good if we even have two-thirds!”

“Hah, youre really positive.

I dont think itll be that good.

Cant you tell that our Eldest Young Masters reaction this time is different from before The wedding is in three days, but I havent even seen Eldest Young Master smile during this period.

Im afraid we wont even get half of what we did!”

“Touch wood! Dont say such negative words! The wedding between Eldest Young Master and the Third Princess is a happy event! You dont even see Eldest Young Master once in a few days, so how would you know if he didnt smile”

“Hmph, you dont know about this, right When Officer Yuwen from the Ceremonial Department brought people over that day to discuss with Eldest Young Master about the wedding affairs, Eldest Young Master directly let Officer Yuwen take charge himself… I remember that Eldest Young Master had even picked the cutlery and tea sets on his own for the previous wedding…”

Though the few of them were speaking softly, strong warriors like Jiang Yucheng could hear them crystal clear.

Sun Qi heard it too, and he secretly cursed in his heart as he hurriedly went forward.

“Eldest Young Master, do you want me to teach them a lesson—”

“No need.” Jiang Yucheng knitted his brows as if he were thinking about something and said after a moment, “Just reward them with half of what we gave the last time.”

Sun Qi hurriedly bowed.


Jiang Yucheng didnt stop.

After he said this, he walked outside.

Sun Qi was dazed as he looked at Jiang Yuchengs back view, not understanding what was going on. According to Eldest Young Masters temper, he definitely wouldnt let them off when he heard these words, especially since it even implicated the Princess…

Even Sun Qi didnt dare to casually mention this in front of Jiang Yucheng.

After thinking for a while, he couldnt figure out why, so he just gave up.

He called his subordinates over and passed on Jiang Yuchengs order before bringing people to follow him in secret.

After Jiang Yucheng left, he casually found an isolated corner and changed into a mask.

When he walked out, he became an ordinary-looking young master.

The streets were bustling.

Even though quite a few clans were still scarred by the missing disciples, this didnt have much to do with the majority of the people in Xi Ling City.

The Third Princesss wedding gave out quite a few benefits.

They didnt even have enough time to be happy, so why would they care about anything else

Jiang Yucheng walked alone on the streets.

At this point, nobody recognized him, and all treated him like a commoner.

They wouldnt even give him an extra gaze.

Jiang Yucheng walked on aimlessly.

The scene in front of him was very similar to two years ago, but his feelings were completely different.

Recalling the servants earlier discussion, he smiled at himself mockingly. Its indeed different.

At that time, I spent all my effort preparing everything, wanting everything to be perfect.

Now, I dont have this energy and will be tired if I hear more than two sentences.

If it werent for those peoples reminders, I would even forget about giving out monetary rewards.

But actually, he only willingly did this because he was happy back then.

If it werent because he was worried that Shangguan Wan would feel embarrassed, he would be too lazy to do it again.

Everyone around was elated and immersed in the commotion.

He was the only one who seemed like a stranger that couldnt fit in.

Even if he was the one getting married, he didnt feel much about it until now.

Jiang Yucheng walked into a restaurant and went up to the second floor to get some alcohol for himself.

The smell of the alcohol was fresh, and it burned his throat when it entered.

Everything related to that person was stuck in his memory.

Jiang Yucheng was quite frustrated, and he wanted to throw all of these memories away as he kept downing cup after cup.

But the more he drank, the hotter he felt, and the clearer he was.

Every single scene played in his mind in a more lively manner.

Her laughter, her cries, her happiness, and her sorrow.

He thought that as long as he did what he should do and became the top amongst these people, he would become her best choice.

However, he didnt expect that everything was just his own wishful thinking.

He only found out at the end that the person he thought would always be high and mighty and always be a person that everyone could only look up to would one day have her eyes filled with stars because of one person.

After that, everything about her was unrelated to him.

Even the wedding he spent so much effort preparing for was just a dream.

When she smiled, her eyes were clean and pure.

But she was very quickly swallowed by a ball of fire, leaving behind that harsh gaze!

Jiang Yucheng suddenly woke up and stood up.

Due to his sudden movements, the chair fell backward and let out a sound.

He harshly shook his head and realized that he seemed to have drunk too much as he settled the bill and went out.

It was time to go back.

The light wind blew over, and it woke Jiang Yucheng up quite a bit.

The many emotions in his eyes gradually faded away like waves subsiding.

But just as he was about to turn and walk away, he saw a familiar figure far away.

Then, he was suddenly dazed.

It was a woman in a red dress, and one could vaguely see her curves.

Her hair was lush, adorned with only one extremely simple peach blossom hairpin.

She stood there quietly with her head slightly tilted, revealing her thin, white neck and her beautiful side view.

The surrounding lights shone brightly.

When they shone on her face, it was like the snow in the night sky—pure and clean, with a tinge of cold elegance.

Jiang Yuchengs heart suddenly started beating wildly! Its her!

Almost uncontrollably, he quickly went forward and walked past the crowd with his eyes and heart filled with that one person.

The closer Jiang Yucheng got, the faster his heartbeat!

He stretched out to hold that womans hands.

“Ah Yue—”


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