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Inside the room, Thirteen said everything that he had found out recently.

Qi Han added a few sentences from time to time.

Chu Liuyue then knew that the Thirteen Yue Guard members back in Xi Ling werent only the four people in front of her.

Furthermore, the more important thing was that Qi Han actually allied with Jian Fengchi and Shui Liuer!

When she previously sent Mu Hongyu back to Dragon Teeth Mountain, she didnt meet Jian Fengchi and didnt know about this matter.

As she listened on, Chu Liuyue realized that a gigantic trap had already been set up in Xi Ling long ago.

Other than herself making all sorts of preparations, people from all walks of life had prepared secretly and openly as well.

After a long time and Chu Liuyue had finished hearing their arrangement, she sighed deeply and felt very emotional.

At this moment, she then suddenly realized that she wasnt battling alone from start to end!

In the two years after her death, there were always people fighting for her.

Invisibly, there seemed to be someone planning everything for her! Vaguely, there was a large, invisible hand that controlled her everything and gathered all her remaining forces—just for today!

Who exactly is this person

“Your Highness, what do you plan to do next” asked Qin Yi gently. With the evidence we have currently gathered, we can already uncover the truth about the past.

But apart from this, the most important thing is Chu Liuyues identity! We can return Her Highnesss innocence, but its difficult if Her Highness wants to ascend the throne again.

After all, she has changed into a completely different physical body now.

Its not that easy if she wants to get the crowds approval again.

Back then, the news of the Princesss death spread far and wide.

Even if the exact same face appears again, everyone might not believe it.

Besides, she… is indeed Chu Liuyue at the moment! If one cant produce enough evidence to prove her stealing someone elses body with her own soul, its hard to make people believe her.

At this moment, they suddenly heard noises outside.

The few people in the room were very sensitive as they all looked over in unison. Who would come here at this time

Qin Yi half-squinted his eyes.

“It seems to be… people from the palace.”

Chu Liuyues red lips curled up slightly.

“They came really fast…”

She stood up and lifted her chin.

“There—this is my plan.”

The others looked at one another. Her Highness means… She wants to go head-on against them

“You guys stay put first.

Ill go meet Shangguan Wan and give her some appetizers today.

Tomorrow, Ill prepare a big gift for her.”

“Yes!” Upon hearing this, Qin Yi and the rest immediately hid their figures.

Very quickly, only Chu Liuyue and Qiang Wanzhou were left within the room.

Chu Liuyue walked outside.

But the moment she took a step out, Qiang Wanzhou called her back.

“Wait a minute!”

Chu Liuyue turned around.

Qiang Wanzhou looked at her with a complicated gaze, and there seemed to be countless emotions overwhelming in his eyes.

The impact he suffered today was too great, causing him to be unable to digest everything in such a short amount of time.

“Y-youre the Princess”

He said the last word extremely lightly.

Even if he had been living in Nan Jiang since he was born, he had also heard of the legendary Princess.

Everyone said that the Princess died because she went crazy from cultivating two years ago, but everything in front of me has proven that Chu Liuyue is her! Even though this incident sounds very ridiculous…

“Dont you already know the answer” Chu Liuyue was still smiling as if she didnt care much about this incident.

“B-but arent you afraid that Ill expose you” Qiang Wanzhou was dazed for a moment. With such a shocking secret, the entire Tianling Dynasty will definitely descend into chaos once people learn of it! However, she still told me in such an unreserved manner!

Chu Liuyue retorted, “Will you do that”

“Of course, I wont!” replied Qiang Wanzhou almost instinctively.

Chu Liuyue was extremely important to him.

He had once sworn in his heart that if he couldnt find that person, he would follow Chu Liuyue for the rest of his life.

For her, he would go through mountains filled with knives and wouldnt be afraid of death!

Chu Liuyue lightly laughed.

“Then, isnt that enough”

She replied so righteously that it made Qiang Wanzhou not know what to say in such a short period of time.

He then realized that Chu Liuyue intentionally wanted to tell him her identity today.

“I believe you,” said Chu Liuyue lightly and suddenly.

She once thought that she could never trust people the same way again after experiencing a heartbreaking betrayal.

However, this wasnt the case.

Some people did indeed choose to betray her, but similarly, there was another group of people that chose to be loyal to her even until their deaths.

She had lost everything, but she had this group of people that kept accompanying her and waiting for her!

And since Qiang Wanzhou had followed her for so long, he mustve realized that she was different from an average person in many areas.

But as long as she didnt speak about it, he didnt ask as he silently followed her.

No matter if she was dead or alive, he just accompanied her.

Staring into that pair of clear eyes, there seemed to be something rumbling in Qiang Wanzhous chest.

The blood in his entire body seemed to rush rapidly, and it was about to overflow!

“Lets go! The show is about to begin!” Chu Liuyue blinked as she turned around and walked forward.

Qiang Wanzhou clenched his fists tightly and quickly followed her.

Chu Liuyue opened the door and saw a familiar face—Chan Yi.

Her forehead was currently covered in sweat, and her hair was a little messy.

She looked as if she had been rushing around for a long time.

Chu Liuyue looked shocked.


Chan Yi, why are you here You…”

Chan Yi looked at Chu Liuyue in front of her and felt frustrated in her heart.

But she was still someone that was experienced, so her expression was still rather calm.

She bowed, and her voice had a slight coldness to it.


Chu, you made me search for you for a very long time.”

After receiving the Third Princesss command, Chan Yi personally came out to invite Chu Liuyue.

She first went to Chong Xu Cabinet, but the people there said that she wasnt on the mountain.

Then, she turned a huge round and hurried here.

Chu Liuyue didnt seem to hear the dissatisfaction and grumble in her words as she asked, “Ms.

Chan Yi, why are you looking for me And you seem… to be very anxious”

Chan Yi suppressed the fire in her heart and said, “The Third Princess is very happy to hear that youve come back safely, Ms.

Chu, so she specifically told me to invite you to the palace.”

Chu Liuyue wasnt the only one who came back safely.

Even a fool could guess why the Third Princess invited only her.

Chu Liuyue nodded with understanding.

“So its the Third Princesss intentions.

Im really sorry to have troubled you to come so far out.

Coincidentally, I have nothing on, so lets go now.

Its not nice to let the Third Princess wait.”

Chan Yi was dazed for a moment.

She originally thought Chu Liuyue would delay it, but she didnt expect the latter to agree so readily.

But this also saved her quite a bit of trouble, so she didnt think further.


Chu, please—”

Chu Liuyue nodded and turned around to instruct Qiang Wanzhou, “Ill be right back.”

Qiang Wanzhou nodded.

Chu Liuyue smiled and followed Chan Yi.

“Lets go then”


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