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“Hahahaha! Brother Chu Ning, congratulations!”

The laughter just broke out when several men entered Phoenix Restaurant.

Chu Ning suppressed his surprise and went up to receive them.

“Brother Xiangtian, why are you all here”

These people were of high status.

By right, they shouldnt have come…

“Brother Chu Ning made a comeback after so many years, and youre now the imperial guards Commander in Chief.

Your beloved daughter got into Tian Lu Academy with stunning talent.

Of course, we have to come and celebrate!” said Ou Xiangtian as he patted Chu Nings shoulder.

The others nodded.

They were clearly there for the same reasons.

However, Chu Nings doubt only deepened.

He did know these people, but they were not close.

After all, they were all outstanding members of their own families, so there was no way they would be particularly close.

He had been down and under all these years, and people rarely paid attention to him.

Based on these peoples status, they didnt have to lower themselves, even if he and Yueer were different now.

He could not help but take a look at Yan Ge.

He clearly heard the words from earlier.

Zhen Bao Pavilions master said to make sure that Yueers party is lively and crowded.

Other than renting out Phoenix Restaurant, could it be that he has even invited guests on our behalf…

“Brother Chu Ning, this has to be your daughter, right” Ou Xiangtian and the others looked towards Chu Liuyue.

Chu Liuyue greeted them one by one.

“The apple doesnt fall far from the tree! Brother Chu Ning, I am envious of you for having such an outstanding daughter!” Ou Xiangtian sighed.

He meant what he said.

Everyone in the Imperial City knew that Chu Liuyue had rare warrior and Xuan Master talent.

The key point was that she was talented in both aspects!

She became her years top warrior and second-best Xuan Master on her first day of school! Who would not be jealous!

Chu Liuyue was rumored to be a good-for-nothing while Chu Ning was downtrodden because of his injury.

Who wouldve expected both of them to be where they are now!

“Were not too late, are we” asked Sun Xia.

Chu Ning shook his head with a smile.

“Youre just on time, please…”

After hearing the commotion downstairs, the youngsters on the second floor were uneasy.

“Why do I feel like I just heard my fathers name” Ou Zhen asked confusedly.

“Did he beat me silly this morning”

“It might be, but… I heard my fathers name as well.” Sun Xiaoxiang walked towards the door, looked down from the corridor, and became stunned.

“My father really is here! Ou Zhen, your father is here too! You were not mistaken!”

Ou Zhens expression froze, and he hugged his head in agony.

“No way! He chased after me all the way here! He refused to agree when I said I was coming in the morning, and I finally managed to sneak out! Im doomed! Doomed, I tell you! Im going to get it from him this time.

No! Ive got to hide first!”

Ou Zhen got to his feet, preparing to jump out of the window.

“Why are you panicking!” Wu Yingying grabbed Ou Zhen by his collar with disdain.

“Look at you! Its just that your father is here.

If he really wanted to come for you, can you really get away”

Ou Zhen had a pained expression on his face because he really could not defeat his father!

Si Ting—who just arrived on the second floor—plainly said, “Your dad is not here to punish you.”

Ou Zhen leaped over as if he had just seen his lifeline.

“Si Ting! Youve got to help me! If anything happens to me…”

“Theyre here to offer their well-wishes too.”

Si Tings words stunned the others into silence and disbelief.

“Ho-how can that be My father called me an idiot when I told him I wanted to come in the morning…” Ou Zhen mumbled.

Sun Xiaoxiang cried out.

“Theyre really coming upstairs! They have smiles on their faces too!”

The students huddled together to look over.

The people heading to the second floor seemed to be having a pleasant conversation with Chu Ning and Chu Liuyue!

At this point, Ou Xiangtian looked up and saw Ou Zhen.

The father-son duos eyes met.

Ou Zhen was ready to leave.

“Comrades, Ill…”

“Haha! Ah Zhen, youre here already!”

Ou Zhen knew that he could not hide, so he could only smile stiffly.


“This child; do you not know to wait for me Did you come without preparing any gifts”

Ou Zhen, who was waiting to be lectured: “”

“However, Father has already brought the gift.

Dont be so careless next time, okay”

Ou Zhen widened his eyes. Who was the one who said it was not appropriate to offend the Chu family Who stopped me Who called me an idiot

From the side, Sun Xia said, “Brother Xiangtian, dont be mad.

The children only wanted to have some fun.

How could they have taken things like this into consideration Look! My Xiaoxiang didnt bring anything either.

As their elders, we have to bear the burden…”

Sun Xiaoxiang, who was implicated: “”

“Sirs, your room is by the side.

Please…” Su Hui was smart, so he arranged for the adults to be placed in a room further away from the children.

Si Yang gave Su Hui a silent thumbs-up.

After the adults left, the youngsters still could not come to their senses.

“This… They were here for Officer Chu, right”

Si Ting stood behind them and quietly watched the young girl downstairs.

Chu Liuyue was slender, calm, and collected, and had let her sleek hair down.

He knew that Ou Xiangtian and the rest did not come for Chu Ning.

No, they were here because of her…

An invisible hand is shielding her from the Imperial Citys chaos.

Who… is that person!


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