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Not long after Chu Liuyue walked out of the palace, she met Sun Qi—who was looking for her.


Chu, my Eldest Young Master invites you to Xin Li Garden.” Sun Qis words were brief, and his attitude was polite.

Chu Liuyue was doubtful. Why would Jiang Yucheng look for me at this time and even invite me to Xin Li Garden

Chu Liuyue smiled.

“Eldest Young Master Jiang should be very busy today.

Why would he have the time to look for me Is there something urgent”

Shouldnt Jiang Yucheng be preparing for tomorrows event on the eve of his wedding Was… the ancient zither incident discovered

The moment this idea flashed across her mind, she swiftly rejected it. Impossible.

I did things very discreetly that day and didnt leave any evidence behind.

From that day onward, I have also never used the peach blossom ink on my wrist to transport myself in front of anyone.

Or did he find out about me pretending to be Xia Mu I dont think thats very possible either.

These people dont know about the transparent karmic fire in the square cauldron that day.

Besides, no matter which situation it was, Jiang Yucheng would definitely find me and teach me a lesson personally.

He wouldnt send a very polite and well-mannered Sun Qi over.

“I dont know about this either.” Sun Qi slightly lowered his head.


Chu, I hope youll accede to the request.”

Originally, Chu Liuyue didnt want to agree.

She felt disgusted even taking another glance at Jiang Yucheng, let alone accepting this type of specialized invitation.

Just thinking about it made her feel uneasy.

But after thinking for a moment, she still nodded her head in the end.


As time gradually trickled past and after a long torture, the painful and ticklish feeling on Shangguan Wans face finally dissipated.

At this point, her entire body was covered in sweat, and she felt disconnected from her body.

But after she woke up, the first thing she did was rush to the copper mirror and look at her face.

The copper mirror reflected her own appearance.

The wound that previously kept rotting actually formed scabs on her face, and it even formed a light pink scar! Even though it still looked terrifying, it was indeed much better than before!

Shangguan Wan was extremely surprised as she carefully touched her face. Ive just ingested the blood of a legendary fiend not long ago, and its already this effective.

If I use other medicine, I will definitely fully recover!

The problem of her face had tortured her for a very long time, and now, she could finally heave a sigh of relief.

“I can definitely recover…” muttered Shangguan Wan softly as her gaze was sinisterly and frighteningly stubborn.

“Anyone there!”

Upon hearing this, Chan Yi—who was waiting outside—immediately pushed open the door to enter.

“Your Highness, is there anything you want me to do”

She respectfully bowed, and she immediately spoke in surprise when she unintentionally looked up.

“Your Highness, your face has become much better—”

Even though Shangguan Wan hated other people seeing her disfigured face very much, it was already healing at this time.

Besides, Chan Yi was happy for her, so she didnt care much about it.

“I still need to take care of it.

I want to bathe and change my clothes.

Help me prepare.”

Chan Yi hurriedly said, “Yes! Ill go right away!”

Just as she was about to go out, Shangguan Wan suddenly called her.

Her lips moved twice before she hesitantly asked, “…Has Yucheng come back”

The smile on Chan Yis face instantly froze.

Shangguan Wans heart suddenly turned cold.

“Your Highness, Eldest Young Master—h-he hasnt come back…” Chan Yi lowered her head, and her voice became much softer.

The room instantly fell into dead silence.

Shangguan Wan clenched her silver teeth tightly, and deep vengeance flashed across her eyes. The two of us rarely quarreled in the past, but he has become increasingly irritated toward me in these few months.

He even embarrassed me in front of so many people today.

I initially thought that he would come back and coax me, but it has been so long, and he hasnt done anything at all.

“Your Highness, Eldest Young Master might be busy with work recently, so he couldnt hold himself back and said harsh words to you…” Chan Yi saw that her expression wasnt right and hurriedly explained, “Eldest Young Master is worried about you after all, Your Highness.

Besides, tomorrow is the wedding.

Eldest Young Master definitely wishes for everything in the future to be beautiful and perfect, yet you said such words.

How could Eldest Young Master be happy after that”

Shangguan Wan heard it and finally felt slightly better.

After thinking for a moment, she glanced at the sky outside.

“Forget it.

After Ive washed up, Ill look for him personally.”

She still had him in her heart.

Tomorrow was the wedding, and she had already waited for too long.

She really didnt want the two of them to end off on such a bad note.

At most… Ill lower my head first!

Jiang Residence.

It was already afternoon now, and everyone in the Jiang Residence had been busy the entire day, but the residence was still very lively.

With all sorts of intricate designs around, it looked very blissful.

Shangguan Wan changed into a disguise and silently came over.

As she regularly looked for Jiang Yucheng secretly in the past, the people around the latter would directly let her in and even cover up her tracks when they saw her come over.

But after Shangguan Wan successfully entered Jiang Yuchengs yard, she realized that he wasnt in his residence.

Calculating the time, he shouldve long been back after he left the palace.

Did he go somewhere else halfway Where else can he go at this point Shangguan Wan came here in vain and was very upset.

Just as she planned to wait here, she suddenly thought of Jiang Yucheng hurriedly hiding a painting in the study that day. Now is a good opportunity to find out whats going on!

Hence, Shangguan Wan planned to enter the study.

But the moment she reached the door, the guards stopped her.

“Your Highness, Eldest Young Master said that nobody can casually enter his study without his permission.

Why dont you rest at the house nearby”

Upon hearing this, Shangguan Wan chuckled.

“Im getting married to Yucheng tomorrow.

Can I not even enter this study”

The few guards exchanged glances and were in a difficult position.

After a temporary stalemate, the few of them still decided to give in.

After all, they really couldnt afford to offend Shangguan Wan if her status increased by another level. In the past, she did directly enter the study a few times, so… There shouldnt be a problem.

Shangguan Wan then entered the study as she wished.

Even though it couldnt be said that she knew everything here by heart, she was still rather familiar with it as she had entered this place several times before.

Within the room were many books and paintings, most of which were very precious.

Yet, perhaps it was because he had quite a few good things, but Jiang Yucheng didnt really care about all of these things.

On the study table and the racks, all sorts of treasured items were placed casually.

Shangguan Wan felt even more confused. Considering Jiang Yuchengs sight, what kind of painting is it that can make him store it so dearly

From what she saw that day, she went to the study table and felt around for quite a while before she finally found a mechanism and opened the secret compartment.

A wooden box lay quietly within!


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