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If Im dying, well all die together! At this point, Xiahou Rong had completely lost it. With His Majestys imperial edict, the Xiahou family can never make a comeback! Everyone in the family clan—which amounts to thousands of people—will be implicated, and Shangguan Wan and Jiang Yucheng are the ones who caused all of this! Since I cant live, then… Nobody else will have a good life either!

Jiang Yucheng narrowed his eyes at that, and he stared at Xiahou Rong sinisterly.

“Officer Xiahou, watch what youre saying! Dont drag innocent people down just because you made a mistake and implicated your entire family clan!”

Shangguan Wan also panicked as she hurriedly retorted, “Thats right! I have nothing to do with this.

Xiahou Rong, dont talk nonsense!”

Innocent people! Nonsense! Xiahou Rong laughed out loud in mockery.

“Jiang Yucheng, are you now saying that youre innocent Back then, werent you the one who gave me the drug to be used on His Majesty! Now, youre jumping out and saying that youre innocent, pushing all the blame on me while escaping by yourself.

Dream on!”

Xiahou Rong decisively started a vicious cycle and directly exposed everything back then!

The crowd was stunned! This sentence has too much information! Jiang Yucheng was the one who provided the drug that His Majesty was poisoned with Then, doesnt it mean that Jiang Yucheng had a part to play in this matter

“If you didnt promise to give me the Nine Clouds Yuan Recovery Pill after the deed was done, why would I agree to do such a thing! Now that everything is exposed, dont even think of escaping!”

Since Im bound to die, I will definitely drag a few others down with me!

Jiang Yuchengs temple pounded rapidly, and he really wanted to go forward and stuff Xiahou Rongs mouth!

His face turned green as he clenched his fists tightly and suddenly sneered.

“Officer Xiahou, didnt you say that I gave you the drug back then Do you have any evidence This is just a baseless accusation.

If whatever you say is the truth, then everyone present will be at your disposal!”

Xiahou Rong was stunned and immediately clenched his teeth. We committed those incidents very discreetly back then.

Even the drug was given to me by Jiang Yucheng personally.

Other than the two of them, nobody else can come out and testify! If Jiang Yucheng refuses to admit it, itll be really hard to convict him of his crime.

“Besides, my Jiang family is an aristocratic family.

I was also about to get married to the Princess.

What reasons do I have to spend so much effort and first harm His Majesty before hurting the Princess”

Xiahou Rong was enraged. This Jiang Yucheng is so cunning! He didnt only do this one deed back then, yet hes completely denying everything!

“You gave the Nine Clouds Yuan Recovery Pill to me as a reward back then! Do you dare to deny it! You need to know that after the Princess died, all of her belongings were handled by you and the Third Princess! Only the two of you can get your hands on the Nine Clouds Yuan Recovery Pill!”

“Oh Since you said so, then… Officer Xiahou, can you produce the Nine Clouds Yuan Recovery Pill and prove that youre not lying” asked Jiang Yucheng in return.

Xiahou Rong just lost the item a few days ago, and its impossible for him to produce it now!

As expected, Xiahou Rong was instantly stumped, and his face turned red when he heard this.

“You! You clearly know—”

“It seems like you cant produce it, Officer Xiahou.” Jiang Yucheng interrupted him.

“Since this is so… Officer Xiahou, dont let your mouth run—”

“Its here.” Before he could finish, he heard a clear voice from the side.

Jiang Yuchengs heart skipped a beat.

He turned around and saw Chu Liuyue smiling while taking out a black wooden box.

The moment Jiang Yucheng saw that box, his heart sank! Didnt someone steal it Why is it with Chu Liuyue! Thinking about how the letter was also stolen from the Xiahou Residence… Could all of this have been done by Chu Liuyue alone! But she was clearly at Dahuang Swamp previously.

How can—

“This should be the thing you are looking for, right” Chu Liuyue waved the box in her hands and smiled with deep meaning.

“I can prove that this item was indeed taken from Officer Xiahous study.”

As she had already produced the letter earlier, the crowd was very convinced by her words.

The Nine Clouds Yuan Recovery Pill was the only ninth-grade pill that Shangguan Jing had left behind, and it had always been carefully protected by the Tianling royal family.

Previously, it was His Majesty who gifted it to the Princess and let her keep it.

After the Princess died, all these items were handled by the Third Princess and Jiang Yucheng.

If such a precious item like the Nine Clouds Yuan Recovery Pill appeared in Chu Liuyues hands, it clearly meant that someone had taken it away earlier.

This coincidentally proved what Xiahou Rong said earlier—Jiang Yucheng used this Nine Clouds Yuan Recovery Pill as a reward for helping him drug His Majesty and fabricating the document!

Chu Liuyue presented the wooden box to Yuwen Wei.

“Your Majesty, please check it.”

Yuwen Wei took the item and carefully opened the box.

An intense herbal fragrance permeated throughout the area, and Shangguan Yous expression changed slightly.

“This is indeed the Nine Clouds Yuan Recovery Pill!”

He looked at Jiang Yucheng.

“Jiang Yucheng, what else do you have to say”

Jiang Yucheng clenched his teeth.

“I-I didnt manage to protect it well and let the Nine Clouds Yuan Recovery Pill be stolen.

But whatever Officer Xiahou previously said were all lies! Your Majesty, please investigate properly!”

He was bent on denying everything.

Xiahou Rong felt extreme hatred and started searching through his mind, wanting to bring Jiang Yucheng and Shangguan Wan down with him.

But after thinking for a while, he then realized that he really couldnt produce any strong evidence!

Jiang Yucheng had always been meticulous when doing things and wouldnt leave any traces behind.

Every time they discussed, nobody else was around.

Even if they had taken out the Nine Clouds Yuan Recovery Pill now, he still insisted that it was stolen because he failed in protecting it, not because he gave it out!

Other than the words coming out of his mouth, Xiahou Rong really couldnt do anything to Jiang Yucheng!

He was so angry that his entire body trembled as he pointed at the duo, “Okay, okay, okay! You dont want to admit it, right If you didnt do anything to His Majesty then, why did you guard Qingfeng Palace so strictly for the past two years and even sent three heavenly doctors to take care of him on a routine basis! Isnt this being guilty of something!”

As he spoke, he suddenly looked at the crowd and sharply hollered, “Xiong Yishui! Xia Lang! Do you dare to step forward and tell everyone what exactly is going on with His Majestys body! Right, Zuo Mingxi as well! The three of you were in charge of caring for His Majesty from the start.

You can say a few words now, right”

Ever since Shangguan You came out, Xiong Yishui and the rest were stunned. The three of us did take care of His Majesty on a routine basis, but we never discovered any signs of His Majesty awakening! Thinking about it now, perhaps His Majesty was long awake!

After suddenly being called out, the trio had ugly expressions as they stammered.

Jian Fengchi laughed lightly and said, “Since the three of you dont want to say anything, why dont I tell everyone about it”


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