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Jian Fengchi waved the mask in his hands and smiled playfully.

“Talking about it, I took care of His Majesty for quite some time.

Even though I did it under Physician Zuo Mingxis name… this was also for His Majestys good.

I believe everyone present is loyal to His Majesty and wont mind it, right”

This crime was too serious, and nobody dared to deny it.

Him standing next to His Majesty and coming out of Lang Kun Hall with the latter proved that His Majesty trusted him very much! How could the others say anything

“Actually, this incident starts with the Third Princess,” said Jian Fengchi with a smile.

“I still remember that I coincidentally met the Third Princess when I entered the palace using Physician Zuos identity for the first time.

I wonder if you still remember what you said back then, Third Princess”

Shangguan Wans face turned scarily white.

I didnt even know when Jian Fengchi pretended to be Zuo Mingxi.

Why would I remember what Ive said But… Ive trusted Zuo Mingxi all along, and I didnt hide much about Fathers condition from him…

“Back then, the Third Princess was very worried about His Majesty not waking up, so she toldme to reduce the dosage and find ways to wake His Majesty up.” Jian Fengchi sincerely clapped.




“The heavens can be the judge to the Third Princesss filial piety! To awaken His Majesty, she couldnt even bear to use those drugs on him anymore.

Just based on this point alone, I believe nobody present can compare to her, right Hm”

Jian Fengchis words were like a sharp knife that directly sliced through Shangguan Wans hypocritical outer surface.

Finally, the calm expression she forced herself to have cracked!

“I-I didnt…” She instinctively retorted, but she looked anxious, and her feet were weak.

She clearly was exposed!

Shangguan Wan finally couldnt take it anymore as she said with much hatred toward Zuo Mingxi, “Zuo Mingxi, to think I trusted you so much! How dare you betray me like this!”

If he didnt join hands with Jian Fengchi, why would this happen”

“I, you… I dont know anything!” Zuo Mingxi wanted to say something, but he felt guilty and didnt know what to say.

He really didnt know that Jian Fengchi had always been secretly using his identity to enter the palace, but it wasnt like he hadnt noticed it.

During this period, he would occasionally feel that he liked to sleep even more than before, and his head became even more muddled.

This feeling would become even more intense when it was his time to do his duties.

He vaguely felt that something was off, but he didnt dare to announce it.

He was terrified that Shangguan Wan and the rest would directly kill him if they found out.

However, he didnt expect that he still couldnt hide the issue! It even ended up in this state today!

Shangguan Wan felt extreme hatred, but she knew that there was no use to say all of this now.

The only way was to try her best to get herself out of the situation and prove her innocence!

But how could it be that easy!

She thought of the many words she previously said in Qingfeng Palace, thinking that her father wasnt awake. If Father has heard all of that…

“Oh right, theres Jiang Yucheng too.” Jian Fengchis gaze turned, and his lips curled up in a sinister manner, his eyes filled with mockery.

“Later on, you also said something similar.

I remember it very clearly.”

Jiang Yuchengs expression seemed to freeze for a moment as his eyes, lips, and nose became scarily stiff!

Various scenes kept flashing through his mind! No wonder… No wonder I felt that Zuo Mingxi was quite weird previously.

So it was someone else instead!

When he saw Jian Fengchi accompanying His Majesty out earlier, he felt very uneasy. Its indeed exposed now! No matter if Jian Fengchi is speaking the truth or not, Shangguan Wan and I have no way of denying it! Who told him to be standing beside His Majesty now! Everything Jian Fengchi is saying now was clearly already approved by His Majesty, and… It even represents His Majestys stance!

“I didnt enter the palace many times, but every time I saw the two of you, you would talk about the usage of drugs back then.

Wasnt Officer Xiahou talking about this just now What, do you deny it”

With the evidence being flung at our faces, we would be very thick-skinned to deny everything!

Dead silence.

Jiang Yucheng and Shangguan Wan fell silent.

They couldnt wash off their suspicions just by denying it now.

After all, there was a very high chance His Majesty knew about all these things!

If he had woken up much earlier on, then… Many things were already confirmed!

But when the crowd thought that the truth was already out and that the duo was about to admit their crimes, Jiang Yucheng suddenly said, “I really didnt know that His Majesty was poisoned back then.

Waner told me that she had used too many drugs back then to cultivate His Majestys body, causing him to fall into a coma.

As for using less medicine, we did discuss it for quite a long time, but I didnt know it was poison.”

Hearing this, Shangguan Wan gradually widened her eyes in shock and looked at Jiang Yucheng in disbelief.

“W-what did you say”

Jiang Yucheng looked apologetic.

“Sorry, Waner.

I only helped you because you lied to me back then.

But now that everything is clear… I cant help you anymore.

You should take responsibility for whatever you did.”

Chu Liuyue found it amazing. If it werent because the atmosphere isnt suitable, I would want to applaud Jiang Yuchengs ability to argue! Ive finally witnessed what it means bydistorting the truth! Seeing that everything is about to fail, he first sacrificed Shangguan Wan to protect himself! However, this harsh and cruel method is indeed his usual style.

How could Shangguan Wan be his match

As expected, Shangguan Wan completely exploded after she heard this and fell into a temporary shock.

“Jiang Yucheng, what exactly are you saying! Are you trying to push all the blame on me! Okay! Since youre heartless, dont blame me for being ruthless!”

Shangguan Wan stepped forward, went to the middle, and screamed, “Whatever Xiahou Rong previously said was right! Everything was commanded by Jiang Yucheng! He was the one who attacked Father and deployed the Thirteen Yue Guards away! He was the one who secretly sent people to attack Chong Xu Cabinet! He was the mastermind behind everything!”

The veins on Jiang Yuchengs forehead throbbed, and he coldly said, “Waner, youre muddle-headed!”

Shangguan Wan didnt care about him.

She was already humiliated today, and her emotions were originally not stable.

With Jian Fengchi and the rests additional blow, she couldnt take it anymore.

Anyway, she already couldnt deny anything.

It would be hard for her to make a comeback in the future.

Not mentioning that she had no fate with the throne, but she might not even be able to keep her status as the Third Princess! After today, her life and death were still unknown!

At this point, Jiang Yucheng actually took the initiative to betray me.

Then, there is no reason for me to care about anything else! She glared straight at Jiang Yucheng with red eyes and laughed coldly.

“Hah! What, do you not want to admit it now Dont forget that you were the one who poisoned Shangguan Yue with the Dispelling Yuan Powder for three years and eventually attacked her on the day before your wedding, trapping her in the royal familys ancestral hall!”


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