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“Shes such a smart person.

Unless its someone extremely close to her, why would she fall for the trap and die in the end!”

Shangguan Wan laughed maniacally.

Due to anger and vengeance, her five features distorted in a terrifying manner, and her eyes were so red and sharp that she looked like a vicious ghost.

“Dont forget that you are also part of the reason why she suffered before she died!”

Her sharp voice broke through the air, and it made everyones heart turn cold.

Once she said this, everyone present looked stunned. What… did Shangguan Wan just say She said Jiang Yucheng was the one who personally harmed the Princess back then and that he had even planned it for three years! Also, the Princess didnt die because ofgoing crazy from cultivation, but she was driven to her death and finally chose to commit suicide!

These few short sentences revealed an alarming secret!

Even if they had already guessed that Jiang Yucheng and the rest had harmed the Princess and the others, they were still shocked when they heard this.

Shangguan Yous heart suffered agina, and he staggered backward.

Yuwen Wei and Jian Fengchi immediately went forward to help him up.

“Your Majesty, y-you must take care!” Yuwen Wei wanted to advise him even more, but he didnt know what else to say when the words reached his mouth.

The Princess had always been the child His Majesty doted on the most.

Ever since she was young, His Majesty had spent a lot of effort cultivating her.

Usually, if the Princess suffered even a minor injury, his heart would already ache.

No matter if it were her coming-of-age ceremony, the grand court meeting, or the later wedding… His Majesty would always want to give the Princess the best of everything related to her.

And the child that he doted on so dearly, terrified that she would get any form of grievance, actually died in such a despicable scheme! How could he tolerate it

Jian Fengchi looked on from the side, and his smile had already faded away. Even when His Majesty knew that Shangguan Wan and the others set himself up, he hadnt revealed such an expression.

Its clear how much Shangguan Yues death impacted him.

“Your Majesty…”

Shangguan You waved his hands and gradually got rid of the two peoples help, but his entire person had aged at that moment as his face seemed to be covered by a layer of gray.

He looked at Shangguan Wan and Jiang Yucheng.

Suppressing the immense sorrow and anger in his heart, he said carefully, “I just want to ask… Has Yueer ever done anything wrong to you Why must you harm her in this way!”

Once he thought about how Yueer was harmed by someone in secret and later discovered that the culprits werent anyone else but the two people she trusted the most… His heart ached even more! When they talked about it now, it was just an incident that could be summarized in two sentences.

However, it contained the immeasurable pain Yueer had suffered! It buried the torture she had to undergo! Even if these people die 10,000 times, they cant be relieved of their crimes!

When Shangguan Wan heard this, her sensitive mind was stabbed again! Then, she shrieked.

“I knew it! I knew it! After so long, everyone will only say this! Its as if I did something so terribly wrong to her, but all that shes done was just her taking pity on me! Who cares for it! Father, Im also your daughter, but have you ever properly looked at me since I was young! When I dont have enough to eat or wear or when Im being bullied in the palace, have you ever thought of this daughter of yours! In your eyes, theres only that Shangguan Yue!”

Shangguan Wans voice trembled as if she wanted to release all her accumulated grievances from all these years!

“She just needs to wave her hands, and she can have everything she wants easily—a magnificent and spacious palace and an imperious status! She can even easily steal the man Ive liked for so many years! What do I have! If I dont flatter her and depend on her, I wont have anything! Ill be nothing!”

I am done with the despicable days of needing to live by her words! Hence, I want to snatch her Huayang Palace, her status, and even Jiang Yucheng!

Shangguan You looked at the maniacal Shangguan Wan as his expression turned cold and solemn.

His gaze was deep and painful.

“If I neglected you, you can come and find me! Why must you blame everything on Yueer! You said that she took pity on you… If you didnt want it, you could just say that! But while you enjoyed all the benefits she gave you, you were envious and jealous of her! What wrong did she do!”

At the end of the day, she just had too much hatred and jealousy toward Shangguan Yue.

Due to this, she didnt want to see the latter have a good life and thought of all sorts of ways to harm her! After doing so many wrong things, she still eventually blamed everything on Shangguan Yue, who was betrayed and harmed.

How ridiculous!

Shangguan Wan was stumped and couldnt say a word.

Her chest heaved up and down heavily; then, she suddenly laughed.

“See! Even at this point, you still miss her the most.

Its a pity—shes already dead! Completely dead! Hah!”

No matter how heartbroken these people are, Shangguan Yue will never come back alive! Even if everything has failed today, nothing we did before can be salvaged!

She looked at Jiang Yucheng, a hint of craziness in her eyes.

“Yucheng, Ive already admitted it.

You should too! Anyway, we did all of those things together, right Look, so many people like her and protect her.

Even though she has died for so long, there will still be people who will spend so much effort to get an answer for her.

And I—us—we dont have anything.

Only I like you, you know Only me!”

As she spoke, she stretched out her hand and wanted to pull Jiang Yucheng.

Jiang Yucheng silently moved a step back, avoided her hand, and expressionlessly said, “Shangguan Wan, youre really crazy.

AYue treated you like her biological sister, yet you treated her like this! I trusted the wrong person!”

Shangguan Wan was stunned and then realized that he still refused to admit it.

After staring at him for quite a while, she laughed mockingly at herself.

“…Im really stupid… I actually believed you… You thought about her for ten years, but you still dealt with her without hesitation in the end.

What am I”

Jiang Yucheng could even attack the woman he had liked for so many years, let alone the rest.

I, Shangguan Wan, am just his chess piece! Thinking back on everything the past few years, it was all just a joke!

Jiang Yucheng cupped his fists toward Shangguan You and said, “Your Majesty, I know that my explanations are very weak, but I really dont know—”

“Jiang Yucheng, are you still not going to admit it even at this stage” asked Chu Liuyue suddenly.

Jiang Yucheng paused for a moment and looked straight at her.

“If I didnt do it, why must I admit it Shangguan Wan isnt sane now, and her words arent trustable.”

“Oh” Chu Liuyue suddenly laughed.

“If her words arent trustable, then… What about mine”

Jiang Yucheng was dazed.

Following this, he saw Chu Liuyue take a step forward suddenly, and there seemed to be a strong fire burning in her eyes.


The Tianling Power Staff was lifted up high, and the dragon eyes glowed straight to the front when it landed.

It was very majestic!

“I forgot to introduce myself.

Im—Shangguan Yue!”


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