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Im—Shangguan Yue!

This sentence was clear and forceful.

The few words were like thunder that suddenly exploded!

Too many things had happened today, and pieces of explosive news came one after another.

Just as the crowd thought that they had become numb from all sorts of secret information being exposed, Chu Liuyues sentence caused ripples in their hearts again!

The words were like a hit to their heads, causing all of them to be stunned again! It was even stronger than the impact the others had caused earlier!

It wasnt only Jiang Yucheng and the rest.

Shangguan You, Jian Fengchi, Weichi Song… Everyone who had agreed to collaborate and go against Jiang Yucheng, Shangguan Wan, and the others today were collectively shocked.

Nobody expected that Chu Liuyue would suddenly pop up with this statement when things were coming to a stalemate!

The venue was terrifyingly silent.

At this point, even breathing became unnecessary!

Everyone looked at Chu Liuyue with eyes widened and mouths agape as they had a hard time digesting her previous sentence.

The mask on Jiang Yuchengs face finally cracked at this moment! He stared at Chu Liuyue in shock and fright as he stammered for once.

“W-what did you say! Who exactly are you!”

Chu Liuyues red lips curled up into a smile—this smile was beautiful and elegant! She was like the sun in the clouds that one could never reach, and she dazzled more than ever like a bright gem.

She was decked in elegance, and it made people respect her unwittingly! Everyone was unknowingly attracted to this woman.

She was slim and tall.

Wearing a red dress, she looked simple and clean with her hair simply tied up!

She clearly didnt do anything, but her bodily aura changed drastically at that moment!

At this moment, she was like a pearl covered in dust that had finally wiped away its last layer of dust to reveal the glory that originally belonged to her.

The same thought almost flashed across everyones minds at the same time.

This is her.

This is Chu Liuyue—no, or should we say… Shangguan Yue!

Her back was straight, and she held the Tianling Power Staff tightly as she pointed at Jiang Yucheng.

Every single sentence was like a holy voice making a judgment.

“Jiang Yucheng, are you very disappointed that I didnt die If you still refuse to admit whatever you did before, Ill be the last witness today!”

Who wouldve thought things would end up like this

The Princess didnt die… She actually didnt die! That woman who had already been declared dead two years ago actually came back today

At that moment, countless thoughts popped up in Jiang Yuchengs head! I-impossible! I specifically sent people to investigate Chu Liuyues background back then, and everything was shown to have no problems.

Why would she suddenly become Shangguan Yue out of nowhere!

“Youre not her!” Jiang Yucheng almost immediately denied it.

“She already died two years ago! There are no other possibilities! Chu Liuyue, dont pretend! Do you know how big of a crime it is to impersonate the Princess!”

Even though he retorted in this manner on the surface, Jiang Yucheng had lost all confidence in his heart. If Chu Liuyue really is Shangguan Yue, then many things can be explained! That similar-looking gaze… That stunning talent and ability… And… the Tianling Power Staff! I was wondering why the Tianling Power Staff was so close to Chu Liuyue.

If she is Shangguan Yue, there is nothing to doubt!

Chu Liuyue raised her chin slightly, her gaze nonchalant.

It was as though she was looking down on an ant.

“Are you questioning my identity”

“Youre clearly just an abandoned girl from a family in a small country outside Heavens Canopy!” Jiang Yucheng immediately argued as he stared at Chu Liuyue closely.

“Your face, figure, age… Everything is right here! Theres no room for mistakes! Youre definitely not Shangguan Yue!”

At the side, Shangguan Wan could not help but yell, “Thats right! That b*tch cant be more dead than she already is! How can she be alive!”

She pointed at Chu Liuyue, and her gaze was filled with vengeance.

“Youre just lying!”

Originally, I already thought that it was very humiliating for me to end up in this state on my wedding day.

But who wouldve expected Chu Liuyue to arrogantly claim that shes Shangguan Yue

Shangguan Wan wasnt afraid that everything she did would be exposed in front of the crowd, and she ignored all these peoples gazes of contempt and disdain! However, I definitely cant allow Shangguan Yue to be alive! Definitely not!

At this very moment, everyone looked at Chu Liuyue with various gazes—shock, doubt, surprise, apprehension…

“Yueer… Youre really Yueer” Shangguan You looked at Chu Liuyue without blinking and couldnt help but ask.

Actually, the moment she spoke, he had already confirmed that this was his Yueer!

In the entire world, only Yueer would have such demeanor! Its no wonder I felt very close to her when I first saw her from afar! It turned out—

But the more he thought of this, the more he desired, and the more terrified he was that all of this was just a dream.

Shangguan You spoke carefully as if he was terrified that he would disturb something and break the dream-like scene in front of him.

There seemed to be something tingling in Chu Liuyues chest.

Her throat went dry, but her lips curled up into a very bright smile.

“Father, its me.”

This sentence was enough!

Shangguan Yous nose turned sour, and his eyes immediately glowed brightly! “I-its Yueer… Its my Yueer!”

“Impossible!” Shangguan Wan felt extreme hatred.

“Shangguan Yue had a Tianjing Yuan meridian, but yours is just a Dijing Yuan meridian.

How can you possibly be her!”

Chu Liuyues gaze turned, and she looked at Shangguan Wan—who was on the verge of losing her sanity—and Jiang Yucheng.

She knew very clearly that these two werent the only people who doubted her.

“You want me to prove my identity Then, Ill satisfy you!” She yelled loudly, “Long Yuan Sword!”


Once she yelled this, heaven and earth shook!


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