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The dark clouds quickly gathered in the bright sky and formed a gigantic black spiral above the crowds heads!

The winds howled, and the clouds covered the sky!

At that moment, the world was completely dark! Then, a ferocious and tremendous aura suddenly landed!

The Tianling Power Staff in Chu Liuyues hands seemed to feel something as it suddenly moved.

Chu Liuyue raised her wrist, and the Tianling Power Staff quickly flew forward, landing on the black Xuan stone once again!

The golden light shining out from the dragons eyes poured everywhere—it was brilliant!

Hong long long—

Accompanied by this low, powerful, and shocking sound, everyones heart shook, and they looked up in unison.

A gigantic black figure broke through the clouds that were crazily tumbling around and gradually landed!

It was a sword!

It was entirely dark and black, looking very ancient.

There was only a tiny silver dent in the center, and one could vaguely see the ice-blue lightning swimming across it! The thunder suppression was formidable!

The hilt was also black with a dragon carving on it; it could be clearly seen and was very lively!

As it gradually landed, an opening was immediately ripped apart in the empty space! From top to bottom, it was completely straight!

The sharp and terrifying sword aura—coupled with the immense suppression—shocked the world!

“T-thats the Long Yuan Sword!” Elder Chen Ke was the first to react as he widened his eyes, his old appearance filled with shock and disbelief.

Once he said this, the crowd was stunned. Long Yuan Sword! Its really the Long Yuan Sword! Is this the rumored sword that Shangguan Jing personally made and even used to break open the lands, creating the current Tianling Dynasty!

Shangguan You stared at the sword in midair tightly and lowly said, “Thats right! Its indeed the Long Yuan Sword! I cant believe that… I can see the Long Yuan Sword being invited out of the Tianling God Realm while Im still alive!”

Even Shangguan You—who had seen countless storms—couldnt conceal his excitement and agitation when he saw this scene!

Over the past thousands of years, people in the Tianling Dynasty had always wanted to make the Long Yuan Sword reappear but failed countless times.

No matter who it was and what methods they used, they could never do it.

Gradually, it became a persistent thought in everyones hearts.

After all, it was a precious item that Shangguan Jing had left behind, and it was the Yuan instrument he had thought the most highly of.

Hence, it had extraordinary meaning.

Even if they failed every single time, the people in the Tianling royal family had never given up and kept trying.

In the past few years, many people were once hurt by this and even directly lost their lives.

Even Shangguan You had tried once when he entered the Tianling God Realm, but he returned with injuries in the end.

Nobody expected that the holy object that only existed in rumors would appear in front of the crowd now!

Then, under countless pairs of eyes, that Long Yuan Sword landed in Chu Liuyues hand!

She held the hilt and injected a wave of force!


The sword whirred, like the howl of a dragon!

At the same time, she raised her arm and raised the sword high!

The surrounding Heaven and Earth Force started crazily gathering in the Long Yuan Sword!

The thunder sounds kept coming, and it caused one to almost turn deaf!

“Long Yuan Sword—land!” Chu Liuyue yelled loudly.

The black sword in her hands immediately slashed down! At that moment, it was like an invisible hand tore the space apart!

When the tumbling clouds were suddenly ripped apart in the middle, they quickly rushed to the two sides.

The thunderstorm stopped and later formed into two violent wind waves that kept spiraling downwards like a swimming dragon!

The winds howled, and the sky above Lang Kun Hall started crumbling silently!

Every inch of darkness started swallowing the empty space at an observable speed.

The suppression of the Long Yuan Sword was clear!

Buzz… Buzz!

The Tianling Power Staff immediately glowed brightly! Then, a faint golden light formed a barrier and enveloped Lang Kun Hall!

That black space collapsed, and this collapse finally stopped when it reached the edge of the barrier.

However, the crowd could still feel the tremendous suppression unavoidably!

The crowd was stunned, and their hearts were shocked! So… this is the true suppression of the Long Yuan Sword! Its no wonder the Tianling royal family kept trying to invite it out in the past thousands of years! Once such a legendary weapon is invited out, what else will people be afraid of!

At that moment, a black sword aura flew out of the Long Yuan Sword and went straight to Jiang Yucheng!

Jiang Yuchengs heart harshly sank. Danger!

The moment this thought flashed across his mind, he immediately jumped into the air and rapidly moved backward!

If this attack landed on him, the consequences would be unthinkable.

As a stage-seven warrior, his combat power wasnt considered low.

Jiang Yucheng was still a strong warrior compared to the majority of the crowd, but when he faced the rapid and tremendous sword aura at this moment, deep fear and anxiety crept into his heart!

Hence, he directly used all his force from the start and retreated at the fastest speed possible, showing zero reservations!

In the blink of an eye, he had already moved back by more than ten feet!

Though Jiang Yucheng was fast, the Long Yuan Swords sword aura was faster!

The crowd saw a black sword aura piercing through the air! The next moment, it arrived in front of Jiang Yucheng!

At this point, the harsh winds blew Jiang Yuchengs clothes, and his hair danced crazily with the wind.

He could almost feel the pain of the sharp sword aura cutting through his brows!

He set up a barrier in front of himself without hesitation!


The moment the black sword aura touched his barrier, a crisp sound was heard!

His barrier was broken instantly and cracked!

Jiang Yucheng was even more stunned. The Long Yuan Sword is bent on going after me, and its very formidable! Given my current abilities, its impossible for me to stop it, let alone others!

Jiang Yucheng was alarmed in his heart as he kept moving backward! However, how could he be the Long Yuan Swords opponent at this point

In the blink of an eye, the distance between the two kept shortening! The strong aura almost oppressed Jiang Yucheng from all directions!

Jiang Yucheng felt that the surrounding aura gradually seemed to become stickier as his every move used up much more force than before!

He closely stared at the black sword aura coming after him, and his heart stopped beating!

Suddenly, he felt a sharp pain in his brows.

Then, sticky blood gradually flowed down.

Jiang Yucheng clenched his teeth, and an extremely sinister aura flashed across his eyes.

Just as he was about to take action, the sword aura stopped.

After that, it moved and directly slashed Jiang Yuchengs left arm!


Hearing the very heart-wrenching sound of bones breaking and muscles being shredded, the crowd saw something dropping from the sky and landing on the floor!

When they focussed on it, they realized it was none other than half of Jiang Yuchengs arm!

His arm was directly sliced by Chu Liuyue!


Jiang Yucheng suffered from an immense shock as he collapsed onto the floor! He was dragged along the marble floor for meters, and a long bloodstain was produced!

Chu Liuyue waved her sword, and her lips curled up into a cold smile.

“I can cut your arm once, and I can do it again! Now, do you admit… or not!”


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